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ProPresenter System Requirements

System Requirements


ProPresenter worship software will run on any machine that meets the specifications required to run the operating systems we support.

MacOS: Any Mac that supports MacOS 12 (Monterey) or higher
Windows 10 x64: Version 1809 (build 17763) or newer
Key/Fill: This functionality requires a compatible Blackmagic UltraStudio or Decklink card.

The major factors that effect the performance of your particular production are the number of total pixels that are being output by the machine (meaning the number of screens you are outputting to, both as audience or stage displays), the resolution of both the source content and the output resolution of that content, and the video compression used.



GPU: If you are outputting to more than 4 HD screens, you should have a dedicated (meaning, not integrated) GPU.
Video compression: H264 or H265 (HEVC) at 30mbps or less for HD, 50mbps for 4K; For videos with Alpha channels, ProRes 4444 is recommended.


Sample Configurations

Here are some recommendations for typical outputs As always, you can download the software at no charge to test performance on any computer.


HD (720p or 1080i); 1 Output (with or without Alpha Key), 1 HD Stage Display

  • MacOS: Any Mac that supports MacOS 12 (Monterey) or higher
  • Windows 10: Intel i3 processor (or equivalent AMD processor) or better


One 4k60 (or Four 1080p60) Graphics Outputs:

  • MacOS: Any Mac that supports MacOS 12 (Monterey) or higher, 16 GB of RAM, and a dedicated GPU
  • Windows 10: Intel i7 or i9 processor (or equivalent AMD processor) or better; 16 GB of RAM, a dedicated GPU with 4GB of VRAM


These are the minimum specifications we’d ever suggest running ProPresenter at. We recommend better hardware for the ideal experience based on how you plan to use ProPresenter.

ProPresenter is compatible with and runs natively on Apple Silicon (M1) (from ProPresenter 7.4 and on). However due to the screen limitations of Apple Silicon based computers, we’ve compiled recommendations for those seeking additional outputs.

NOTE: ProPresenter 7 requires a working Internet connection in order to be able to install the software, register, and receive updates. An internet connection is not required to run the software. As projects get more complex with more screens, higher resolutions, or higher compression quality, a powerful computer with more RAM, faster processor, or a faster GPU will definitely help. Please download and try ProPresenter free of charge to test the performance prior to purchasing.