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Mobile Apps

ProPresenter Remote

ProPresenter RemoteControl ProPresenter from anywhere in the building with the ProPresenter Remote connected to your ProPresenter machine via a Wi-Fi connection. ProRemote works on iOS 8 and higher, and Android 4.1 and higher. This app takes “remote control” to the next level by displaying all playlists, presentations, slides, producer controls (timers, messages, nursery calls), and even offers telestrator capability via an in-app purchase (telestrator feature available in ProPresenter 6 only).

The remote has two different login modes:

  • Controller Mode: Adds the ability to click on specific slides to make them live, go forward or back in the currently selected presentation, and clear the presentation of backgrounds/foregrounds/audio.
  • Observer Mode: Allows users to browse through presentations without affecting what is actually being presented to an audience (useful for band members who want to review song lyrics).

The latest version of the ProPresenter Remote adds some great new features for users running ProPresenter 5 and ProPresenter 6, including:

  • Tools for the person in charge of the event (such as a Producer or Technical Director). It provides quick control of all the timers and messages. You can also send a Stage Display message or choose the layout being used on the Stage Display right from the remote.
  • A simple remote mode with an interface that you can operate without even looking. With large forward and next buttons reminiscent of a traditional presentation remote, it has the added benefit of showing current and next slide contents and current slide notes.
  • Twitter moderation allows a separate individual to moderate and approve tweets for display via ProPresenter. Moderation is often a time consuming task requiring close focus, which does not work well for an operator trying to keep up with songs or a presenter. This separates this activity in an easy and intuitive manner. (ProPresenter 6 Only)

Instructions for connecting and using the ProRemote app are available in this Knowledge Base article.

The ProPresenter Remote Interface is clean and simple, allowing you to monitor or control presentations in your Library or Playlists, as well control Clocks, Messages, moderate Social Media results, and more. The images below show some of the different views in ProRemote. From left to right: Login, Library, Playlist, Slide View, and Timers on iOS; Presenter Remote on Android.

ProPresenter Remote devices

Seen below, from left to right, is the slide view, Remote view, and the Producer controls for Timers.

ProPresenter Remote devices

ProPresenter Stage 2 App (Pro6 and higher)

ProPresenter Stage 2ProPresenter Stage allows you can view a stage display wirelessly. This is a great option for everyone on the stage. Each device can select a different layout, so the lead worshipper can view lyrics only while the band can view notes and chords. The pastor can see the current slide text as well as the next slide text. You can even send a message to the device from the control room! This is also a great option for situations where running a video line is too expensive or challenging because of distance or obstacles.

ProPresenter Stage 2 is designed to run on the following devices:

iOS 9.1 and higher

(iPad & iPhone)


(Apple TV)

Android 4.2 or higher

(tablets & phones)

ProPresenter Stage includes the following features:

  • Display fields for current slide, current slide notes, next slide, and next slide notes
  • Additional fields for clock, 3 timers, elapsed time, and a custom message window
  • Display a countdown timer for the currently playing video
  • Customize the color, size text in each box
  • Incorporate chord charts for musicians

Display Output

Since iOS 4 and higher allows you to connect most iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch devices using Apple’s specialized HDMI output connector, you can feed the content of the Stage Display App to any flat panel or projector within range of the WiFi signal. Imagine wanting to put a Stage Display anywhere in a sanctuary and not having to worry about the effort, cost, and difficulty of running a line to it! This feature can eliminate the need for 100 foot plus cables, signal boosters, or Cat5 converters to feed the display, which can really add up in costs.