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50,000+ Media assets all available under one subscription

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ProContent Subscription

ProContent is only available as an annual subscription. It can be accessed on the web at or directly within ProPresenter via the media bin (Mac or Windows).


Plus $99 initial sign up fee.


Welcome to the all new ProContent Media Resource

Renewed Vision is excited to announce the all new ProContent Media Library.  This is an exciting addition to our catalogue of products that offers users the easiest, most intuitive way to browse and buy stunning content to enhance any presentation.

ProContent Media Examples

Direct integration within ProPresenter

The best thing about ProContent is the direct integration with ProPresenter.  The is accomplished via the media bin, which makes it extremely easy to browse and buy right within the app.  This intuitive approach makes ProContent different than all other media stores allowing quick access without having to leave the app and easy discovery of beautiful content.

With a library of over 50,000 media assets and growing and a very advanced search engine, it’s not hard to find gorgeous content that’s just right for your presentation right within ProPresenter.

In addition, we’ve curated hundreds of assets for you to use for FREE. You can even access your free content from within ProPresenter. Sign up for your account now at ProContent.

If you’re looking for some creative ideas and visuals to add to your presentation…

ProContent has you covered!

ProContent Pricing

ProContent is available as a subscription only product.  It can be accessed on the web at or directly within ProPresenter via the media bin on Mac or Windows.

Annual Subscription


Plus $99 initial sign up fee

Software licenses cannot be transferred (sold or donated) to another organization or individual.