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* Pro4, Pro5 & Pro6 customers should use this option so any Bibles purchased will work with your Pro7 upgrade


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* Pro4, Pro5, & Pro6 customers should use this option so any

Bibles purchased will work with your Pro7 upgrade

* Each Seat license can be enabled on one computer only, but can easily be moved between computers by deactivating and reactivating as needed.

ProPresenter Upgrades, Additions, or Renewals

Please enter Registration Name and Unlock Code below so we can determine what you are eligible for. Please read the instructions closely for your desired purchase.

Renew ProPresenter+ - Renewal of ProPresenter+, which provides access to support and all updates and upgrades that are released for ProPresenter. Majority of users set up Autorenew so that their ProPresenter experience is never interrupted.

Upgrade a License - Upgrade from ProPresenter 6 or upgrade a ProPresenter 7 Seat to a ProProPresenter 7 Campus license if you're a House of Worship customer. Pro7 Seat to Pro7 Campus upgrade pricing will vary depending on ProPresenter+ expiration date.

Add a License - Add one or more licenses to an existing ProPresenter 7 license. The expiration date of the first ProPresenter+ license will not change when adding another Seat. Pricing will vary depending on ProPresenter+ expiration date.

NOTE: You cannot add a license and renew a license on the same purchase. You must purchase any additional seats first, then renew all seats on a subsequent purchase.


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Download FREE 2-week trial of ProPresenter

To get your free 2-week trial of ProPresenter you need to sign up within the application. Download it below and select “Registration” under
the File menu after it launches. In the panel that appears, click on the “Start Trial” button to start the process.

Pro7 for Mac

7.16.2 (118489613)
macOS 12.0
Last update: April 1, 2024

Pro7 for Windows

7.16.2 (118489613)
Windows 10
Last update: April 1, 2024

Video Tutorials

Looking for ProPresenter 6? Download here… Mac Windows

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7.10 Icon Playlist

Macro Collections & Improvements

Bring order to your macros by sorting them into collections and assigning them unique icons. Toggle between Table and Grid Views so your most important macros are right at your fingertips. Keeping up with macros has never been easier.


No need to worry about converting your iPhone photos any longer. HEIC images are now natively supported in ProPresenter.

ProPresenter Localization
7.10 Icon Playlist

Scale + Blur

Have an image or video that’s a different dimension than your output? Apply the Scale + Blur scale mode to easily display that media over a beautiful blurred background and never have to worry about ugly, black bars again.

Version 7.10
7.10 Icon Playlist

Integrated ProContent Search

Find the perfect media to fit your needs, all without leaving ProPresenter. Using the ProContent Search in the Media Bin, you can explore even more of the thousands of assets ProContent has to offer and efficiently add media right into your presentations.


Seamlessly transition between Audience Looks without any nasty cuts or lags. You can also customize the transition dissolve time for each Look to make sure your show continues as smoothly as possible.

ProPresenter Localization

Enhanced Test Patterns

Display pixel-perfect test patterns on all of your configured screens to more meticulously hone your outputs to be the best they can be. Choose from an array of customizable patterns including Audio Video Sync, Blend Grid, Color Bars, and even a Logo Bounce.

Video Delay

Ensure that audio and video will always be in sync on all of your outputs with the ability to now add a video frame delay in addition to the audio delay functionalities.

7.10 Icon Playlist

Improved In-App Support

Get the most of our renowned Support all without leaving the app. You will now be able to submit a report directly to our team immediately after you experience a crash. Also communicate any feedback straight to Support using the new Submit Feedback option.

Support for macOS 14 Sonoma

Version 7.10
7.10 Icon Playlist

Capture Presets.

Save, name, and recall your unique capture and streaming settings with Capture Presets to seamlessly move between your different capture and stream profiles.

Custom Encoding Options.

Enhance your workflow by customizing the resolution, frame rate, as well as video and audio bit rates of your captures and streams with customized encoding options available for Disk capture and RTMP streaming.

Capture Actions.

Take control by starting or stopping captures or streams using Actions on your slides and macros. Or schedule your capture or stream to always start on time by assigning a Capture Action to a Calendar Event.

Version 7.10
7.10 Icon Playlist

Configurable Alpha Type.

Fine-tune your experience by selecting how to render the color of Alpha channels for Media, Video Inputs, and Screen Outputs as either Straight or Premultiplied Alpha.

Multi-Channel Alpha Outputs.

Set separate Key and Fill outputs on hardware that does not natively support alpha.

7.10 Icon Playlist

DirectX Rendering (Beta).

(Windows Only) Take your performance to the next level and opt-into DirectX Rendering for optimized playback of all your ProPresenter media needs. To take advantage of this feature, opt-into DirectX Render Mode in Screen Preferences.


ProContent – a whole new product inside ProPresenter

ProContent introduces an entirely new content service from Renewed Vision that’s also fully integrated into ProPresenter media bin. This makes it easier than ever to find and place stunning content into your presentations for the greatest impact. Discovering beautiful new content has never been more intuitive.

ProContent has over 50,000 media assets all available under one subscription.

Version 7.10
7.10 Icon Playlist

Advanced Text Fills.

Set your text apart with Media Fills, Text Cut Out, and Background Invert and Blur Fills.

Version 7.10
7.10 Playback Markers

Auto-report SongSelect usage directly to CCLI.

7.10 Playback Markers

New API endpoint for Timer Increments.

Allows users to add or remove time from running Timers.

7.10 Icon Playlist

Make your text pop with Background Effects

Create one-of-a-kind Presentations with Background Effects by blurring or inverting the content coming from the background media or video input.

Version 7.10
7.10 Playback Markers

Say Hello to the Fresh New Theme View

With the updated Theme View, get a better glance at all of your Themes and apply them quickly and efficiently for your Presentations all in one convenient tab.

7.10 Playback Markers

Take Action by Adding Media Actions to Theme Slides

Add Media Actions to Theme Slides. Themes can now be made with Background Media in mind and applied with your Theme.

7.10 Icon Playlist

Blueprint Your Shows with Playlist Templates

Save time by creating a Playlist Template for upcoming productions. Build Playlist Templates using existing presentation files–like a consistent intro video, pre-show announcements, headers, placeholder items for songs, and more.

Playlist Templates Sample
Version 7.10
7.10 Playback Markers

Take Control With Playback Markers

Playback Markers empower you to automate changes to your show and keep track of time for establishing important moments within a video. Countdown to a specific marker, change lighting scenes before ending a video, trigger props at critical moments, and more.

Inspector UI Example
Preview Window Example Dropdown
7.10 Timeline

Take Automation Further with a Re-imagined Timeline

Automatically advance through presentation slides, display media, play an audio file, and trigger actions with ProPresenter’s Timeline. Setup your presentation to run smoothly using Timeline whether you are in a 1-person production or a large crew.

Timeline Example
Timeline Example 2
7.10 SMPTE

Stay on Time with Timecode

Receive Timecode in ProPresenter to run your show on time. SMPTE Timecode within ProPresenter’s Timeline keeps ProPresenter in sync with the rest of your Timecode enabled hardware and software. 

Timecode Example

Additional Improvements:

  • Experience efficient video playback with H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) hardware decoding on macOS.
  • Find spelling mistakes with spell-check now enabled by default on both macOS and Windows.
  • ProPresenter will automatically refresh the Inputs preference for visibility of existing and new input connections.
  • Change video settings quickly with a refined Inspector interface.
ProPresenter API icon

Develop with ProPresenter API

Further customize or integrate ProPresenter with your tools and workflows. With the ProPresenter API, organizations and individuals can create their own apps, interfaces, and interactions to help you run your show.

ProPresenter Control logo

Discover “ProPresenter Control”

From within a web browser, remotely control multiple ProPresenter functions and see what’s happening at any time. View what’s coming up next in your show with Playlist view, start a timer, or even cue audio playback. Your command, your control.

ProPresenter Control Login
ProPresenter Control Main
ProPresenter StreamDeck Logo

Get Flexible with Stream Deck

With our native ProPresenter Plugin you can control multiple pieces of software & hardware at one time from an Elgato Stream Deck. Trigger ProPresenter content like Previous or Next slides, Messages, Macros, start & stop capture, plus more.

ProPresenter StreamDeck Integration
ProPresenter StreamDeck Up Close
ProPresenter NDI Icon

Take NDI to the Next Level

Go further with NDI by creating a custom resolution for your screen output. For finer control of Inputs, connect to ProPresenter through additional static NDI IPs and NDI Receive Groups.

NDI Discovery and Receive Groups
Custom NDI Screen Resolutions
ProPresenter 7.9 User Interface Enhancements

Experience User Interface Enhancements

Go further with NDI by creating a custom resolution for your screen output. For finer control of Inputs, connect to ProPresenter through additional static NDI IPs and NDI Receive Groups.

Use Clear Groups to clear the “Next Slide” on Stage Screens. See which Audience Look is enabled from the Toolbar. Experience a refined context menu for media. Display media thumbnails in EasyView for greater control over slide visibility.

Additional Features:

  • New MIDI note available for clearing the Announcement layer.
  • Icons can show when the Library/Playlist view is collapsed to aide with quick identification
  • Double-click the tilde key (~) to lock toggle between Slide View and Easy View.
Show Media Actions in Easy View
refined context menu for media
Audience Looks On Toolbar
Clear Next Slide on Stage Screens
ProPresenter 7.9 Icon
search icon


Search and import lyrics from the song library. Import chords for displaying above the corresponding word on a Stage Screen. Automatically control imported lyrics and chords from backing tracks using pre-made midi cues with the Playback app for iOS, iPadOS, & macOS.


*Requires ChartPro Subscription


*Requires ChartPro Subscription with ProPresenter Add-on


*Requires ChartPro Subscription with ProPresenter Add-on & Cloud Pro Plus

Pro Version Graphic 7.6

See Network Link in Action

Pro Editor icon


Improvements to the Planning Center workflow make show setup fast and functional. Create place holders within playlists for future presentation documents, view attachments for plans to download and attach to any presentation, hide unneeded plan items, add your own presentations, add audio directly to an audio playlist, and more. With Planning Center, collaboration is easier than ever.

Add Headers, Placeholders for NON-PCO plan items, and Hide unneeded items.

Download and Attach Plan Files

Pro Version Graphic 7.6


ProPresenter’s local library search now includes a preview of your text and content. Switch between text or thumbnail view to see exactly which presentation you’re looking for. We’ve even included a new button on the search results to quickly add a presentation to a selected playlist.

ProPresenter Localization

Search for specific Presentation and song names or lyrics from within a song for matching results.

Need to search fast in spontaneous moments? Use CMD-F to search, type a few lyrics, arrow down to preview and select a presentation, use CMD-Return to add to the selected playlist and start presenting.

*CTRL-F and CTRL-Enter on Windows

Pro Editor icon


Special attributes, like bold and underline, as well as object or text builds, now stay maintained as intended when applied with a theme or used in an alternate theme. Edit text how you’d like to emphasize it, and the text will stay that way for your audience, regardless of whether it’s going through a lower third theme, or a different audience look or screen output.


Custom Clear Groups allow you to clear as many or few layers as you’d like. Your volunteer and staff operators now have control over which group of layers they are clearing.

ProPresenter Localization
Pro Editor icon


Custom Key Mappings let you add keyboard shortcuts for accessing your favorite features. Designate key combinations to access different Props, Macros, Menu items, Edit shortcuts, and more. You can even change up previous hot key assignments for new key mappings.

Scrolling Text & Macros

Pro Editor icon

Scrolling Text

Left, right, up, or down, scrolling text gives your presentation a visual element that will draw in your audience. Scroll worship lyrics on your screens to add a fresh look, pull-in weather or news from RSS for a live stream ticker, display a message to parents, or even scroll announcements during pre-show. With Scrolling Text, your options just keep rolling.

Scrolling Text Features


Scroll text vertically or horizontally


Add feathering to scrolling text for a unique look


Change the scroll speed to match a tempo


Automatically create delimiters from line returns

Pro Version Graphic 7.6


Building and running your show is simple with Macros. Macros consist of any number of actions and can be automatically triggered at the startup of ProPresenter, from a slide, via a communications device like MIDI or DMX, or even directly in the Macros Show Control. Trigger a stage screen layout change, an audio playlist, and even start a timer, all at the same time with a single macro.

ProPresenter Localization

Macros Features


Select a macro to trigger at startup


Set a color and name for any macro


Trigger a macro from within a macro


Pull actions out of a macro to a slide (Option + Click & Drag Macro to Slide)

Take Control of Your Presentation

Pro Editor icon

Get Creative with Gradient Text

Ready to make your presentation stand out from the rest? Or maybe you are going for the same look as your favorite brand? Now, with Gradient Text Fills, you can make this happen all without needing to use external software.

Introducing Show Controls

Show Controls provide quick access to features for preparing and running a live show. On the right sidebar, you can now access Props, Messages, Stage, Audio, and Timers – all without losing control of your presentation.

ProPresenter Localization
Pro Expanded Layers

Enjoy Greater Flexibility With Expanded Layers

By separating the Props and Messages layers, you’ll now be able to define which screens get props and which get messages.

Discover new Editor Tools

Discover new tools to build your presentation like Custom Underline colors, Text Background Colors, and all new Data Links. New Data Links include: audio countdown time, current presentation name, slide label text & color, and video countdown for announcements.

Pro Editor icon

Use ProPresenter With Ease

ProPresenter has been updated in several key areas to provide a refined user experience. Now your Looks Window presets can be right-clicked for greater control, as well as reordered! Want to quickly edit a slide label? Now you can just right-click that slide to get started!

ProPresenter Localization
Pro Audio Output icon

Define Your Audio Behavior

Want your audio to clear when a video starts playing? Or only when background images are showing in Announcements? Maybe you don’t want audio to clear from any of these scenarios, and it keeps playing throughout! Now you have full-control over which media types or destinations clear your audio.

New Languages Supported

ProPresenter is now localized for two additional languages – Chinese and Czech. This brings us up to a total of 10 languages that we offer localization for making it even easier for our international customers to use ProPresenter!

Pro Chinese Hello
Pro Czech Hello
Mac OS icon

Native NDI Support for Apple M1 Chips

ProPresenter now supports NDI natively on Macs that use the M1 chip from Apple.  Thanks to the folks at NewTek and our developers, ProPresenter can now use NDI on Apple’s new processor line with the Metal rendering engine.

In-app Trial

Signing up for a two week trial of ProPresenter is even easier now.  It’s done inside the application.  An email confirmation follows the sign up to confirm the user.  Reminder that trials start the moment you sign up, so don’t wait to start using it!

ProPresenter Icon
Pro Trial

Hello World

Use ProPresenter in Your Language

Your ProPresenter experience is now in your native language for easier app navigation. Available in more languages than ever before, including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Korean, Russian, and Norwegian.

ProPresenter Localization
Pro Russian Localized SS

ProPresenter localized in Russian

Pro Play icon

Experience Refined Background Videos

Have you ever added a background video to a slide within a group, and then that group repeated multiple times in your arrangement? Now by default, when your operator clicks on a currently active background video, that video will no longer retrigger.

Pro Russian Localized SS

Change up Your Content with Line Fills

Make you lyrics stand out from the rest with this update to the ProPresenter Editor. While you’ve been able to apply a line fill to text, it has always fit to the width of your text box. Now you can set a line fill to fit the width of your text.

Pro Editor icon

Full Width // Fill all Lines to Text Box Width
Line Width // Fill to Each Line’s Individual Width
Max Line Width // Fill all Lines to Widest Line’s

Pro Bibles icon

Enhance Stage Layouts with Linked Objects

Create your own unique Producer View right inside of ProPresenter with all new Stage Screen linked text and objects, including: Current & Next Slide Group Name, Current & Next Playlist Item, Number of Remaining Slides, Go to Next Timer Count (remaining time), & so much more!

Additional Enhancements


Playlist actions will now shuffle upon playing if shuffle is enabled in the audio bin.


Playlist actions will not retrigger if already active.

Edit Bibles From an Alternate Computer

Using our new in-app licensing, you can define whether the computer is being used specifically for editing or presenting by setting it as “active” or “inactive”. Want to edit Bible slides on an alternate computer? Now you can by using an inactive registration.

Pro Bibles icon
Pro Bibles icon

Mac Users Rejoice 🙌


Now recommended for macOS Big Sur (10.11)


Now made for Apple Silicon including the new M1 Processor


Now built with Apple’s Metal platform for significantly increased graphical performance

ProPresenter Meets Resi

Resi makes live streaming a reliable and easy process. Give your stream a title, choose your destination group, & start capturing!

Discover Resilient Streaming With Resi

We’ve joined forces with Resi to offer resilient streaming from ProPresenter. Take your stream to the next level with Resi’s Web Platform, which uses their Resilient Streaming Protocol instead of RTMP to deliver video to viewers perfectly with no buffering wheels, dropped frames, or glitches, even on inconsistent connections. Using Resi’s platform you can schedule your stream to go to multiple destinations simultaneously or start it manually from within ProPresenter with 1 click. This keeps your ProPresenter operator’s focus on the room and not on starting the stream at the last second.

Experience Refined Audio Inputs

Seamlessly control audio inputs with manual audio transitions and audio input actions to change the mode and volume. Use the new input monitoring to listen to an input before making it live.

Trigger Playlists With Ease

Automate the triggering of audio and media playlists by attaching the trigger to a slide. Simply drag and drop your playlist to a slide to get started.

Bring Color To Your Arrangements

See group colors in the arrangement editor to make group identification even easier. The group with triggered slide is now highlighted so that you never get lost in a long arrangement.

Explore New and Updated Bibles

We’ve added support for new Bible formats and have a number of updates from publishers. There are 60+ new or updated Bibles including: NIV UK, ESV UK, New Arabic Version, and Chinese Union Version

Live Stream Audio Made Easy

Capture Audio Input From Any Source

With ProPresenter 7.2, your options for audio inputs have expanded! You can now globally configure your audio inputs, automate with “Auto On” and “Auto Off”, and even route individual channels to one or more ProPresenter channels!

Pro7 Audio Icon

Select an audio input from any of your audio or video devices

Experience Video Inputs In a New Way

Preview your video inputs live in your preferences, create custom thumbnails, assign audio sources to a specific video input. 

Preview your live video input

Set custom thumbnails for video inputs

Output Audio With SDI & NDI

Embed audio directly in your SDI and NDI video feeds with dynamic routing controls.

Using SDI and NDI with 3rd party software or hardware? Click Enable

Output Audio With SDI & NDI

Embed audio directly in your SDI and NDI video feeds with dynamic routing controls.

“Go Live” from within ProPresenter 7

Start streaming today with the click of a button. With support for your favorite streaming platforms, it’s never been this easy to bring your online presence to life.
* Supports RTMP and RTMPS for Facebook, Youtube, & more!

Live stream status

Record Your Screen

Don’t throw away those memories. Store your live stream for future playback, or just record your output for further editing!

Real-time feedback

Acquired Product Price Expires
1/22/2020 Pro7 Seat upgrade from Pro6 Single or Seat $275 1/22/2021
4/6/2020 Add Pro7 Seat (2 months and 15 days later is rounded up to a 3 month credit)

$399 – $39.75

= $359.25


ProPresenter+ prorated calculation method:

The full price of a Pro7 Seat License is $399, which includes one year of ProPresenter+ (upgrades and support).  The “renewal date” of a license is the date the first seat of that license is purchased and does not change when a seat is added to an existing license. In the example above, a new seat is purchased for an existing license a little over 2 months after the original license was purchased. The annual maintenance contract costs $159 per seat ($13.25 per month). Thus a 3 month credit of $39.75 (3 x $13.25) is applied to the purchase price of the new seat.

Proration is calculated on a monthly basis and partial months are rounded up for the benefit of the customer, thus adding a Seat to an existing license 2 months and 15 days after the original license was purchased is the same as adding it 3 months after.