Pro6: Presenting the Future

ProPresenter 6 New Features Overview Video

Editing Tools

Slide Element Transitions

ProPresenter 6 Slide BuildA significant new addition to ProPresenter 6 is the ability to apply transitions to individual objects. ProPresenter 5 offered transitions between slide, but now this is extended to any element on the slide. Each object can use a different transition, and you can specify a “Build In” transition as well as a “Build Out” transition.

This can be extremely useful when you need to bring in a text element and picture element, but want to do this at different times or with different transitions. Each element has the option to be displayed either manually when the slide is clicked, automatically after a certain amount of time, or grouped together with other elements.

This slide build ability provides another level of elegance and professionalism to your slide shows putting ProPresenter on par with any other presentation tool on the market.

ProPresenter 6 Slide Build

HTML5 Support/Web object as slide element

ProPresenter’s Web View is a great tool for showing a live website on the ProPresenter Output. Now, in ProPresenter 6 you can add any web element directly to a slide.

ProPresenter 6 HTML5

Bezier Line Tool

A Bezier Line Tool has been added to the slide editing list of tools giving new capabilities to create any kind of shape or curved line in presentations.



ProPresenter 6 now has a scrolling text ticker object available for slides. Adding a ticker object to a slide allows you to display scrolling text from a variety of sources directly on a slide.

ProPresenter 6 Ticker

Reflow 2.0

The Reflow feature in ProPresenter 6 is much more refined occupying the slide window when activated. It now supports Rich Text mode, so you can see more advanced typography in the list view that matches what’s seen in the adjacent slide view.

ProPresenter 6 Reflow

Slide Element Cropping/Zooming

In the slide editor, you can now double click on any video or image added to a slide to easily crop or zoom the element. For example, when you have an image that needs to be cropped, just import it to the slide and then double click on it.

ProPresenter 6: Element Cropping

Notice that the handles at the corners and sides of the image change color to black. This indicates that you are in crop/zoom mode. Now, just drag any one of the handles, and you will see the image move within it’s preset frame and you can adjust the portion of the image that you want to see.

Pro Cropped Element



Editor Alignment Guides

ProPresenter 6 adds custom alignment guides to make it easier than ever to align objects on a slide. The edges of objects gently “snap” to the alignment guides so you can be sure that everything lines up the way you intend.

ProPresenter 6: Alignment Guides

It’s easy to add an unlimited number of alignment guides. Just click on either the horizontal or vertical ruler and drag down or to the right to add a new guide.

Auto Save

In ProPresenter 6, there is no longer the need to save changes as you go. Every change is automatically saved as soon as it is made. This means that no data will be lost if the power goes out or you forget to save before closing ProPresenter.

Auto Save works in the background, quickly and efficiently, so it won’t get in the way of your workflow.


Copy/Paste Graphics from other apps

ProPresenter 6 now supports images being copied directly from other applications. For example, if you have an image in another application like an internet browser or a word processor, you can just copy it and paste it directly to ProPresenter in the Slide Editor.

Slide Object Opacity

Pro OpacityIn the Slide Editor, you can now specify a level of opacity for every object on a slide. For example, you could add a slightly opaque rectangle behind a text box to make it easier to see lyrics against a background.


Pro6 Opacity

Keep Styles when Refactoring

Templates in ProPresenter make it easy to keep consistent formatting and positioning of slide objects on multiple slides at once. One side effect of this, however, can be that individual text formatting on slides is lost when applying a template. The “Preserve Text Attributes” function in ProPresenter 6 allows you to apply a template while keeping formatting that you’ve already done on your text. For example, if you have text styled with underlines and italics, when you select to “Preserve” the attributes, the text formatting will change but the underlines and italics will remain.

Pro Preserve Text

Soft Loop

Have you ever needed to loop a video that wasn’t designed as a looping video? The new “Soft Loop” for videos allows you to use any video in a looping scenario. When the video nears the end, it will crossfade to the beginning of the same video, creating a clean loop on a video that otherwise wouldn’t loop.


Pro Soft Loop

Resize Font to Fit Text Box

ProPresenter Templates have always made it easy to apply text formatting to multiple slides at once. In ProPresenter 6, there is now an option to automatically adjust the size of text when applying a Template so that the text will fit in the text box.

Pro resize font to fit

If this checkbox is checked when applying a template, the font size will be set to the size specified in the template, unless the text can not fit in the text box. If the text doesn’t fit, the size is automatically scaled down so that it fits.

Operation Tools


Telestrator allows you to draw on top of your live output in real time. Using the pen tool, you can sketch any freehand drawing or you can use the circle tool to draw quick circles. The spot tool draws focus to a particular part of the screen inside of a circle, and the laser tool functions like a laser pointer, allowing you to virtually point to anything on the screen.

The tools, size, and color, can be quickly selected from the menu bar at the top of the window.

With Telestrator functionality in ProRemote for iOS and Android you can use this functionality remotely as well.


Ever want your service to begin at exactly the right moment? Pro6 can help make that happen automatically with multiple start times and dates in it’s new Scheduler tool.


Pro Scheduler

A calendar icon will be added to the right of any playlist that has a schedule assigned to it for easy identification.

Pro Scheduler Playlist

Nursery Calls from Web/iOS/Android

Pro Nursery Web ViewProPresenter’s Messages function has always made it quick and easy to display messages on screen, especially “Nursery” calls or alerts. In ProPresenter 6, remote users (for example, in the Nursery) can now remotely enter a Message and have it submitted to the ProPresenter operator to be displayed.

A notification is displayed on the operator’s screen indicating that a Message is ready to be displayed. Clicking the notification immediately displays the message, with no further work required by the operator.


If this checkbox is checked when applying a template, the font size will be set to the size specified in the template, unless the text can not fit in the text box. If the text doesn’t fit, the size is automatically scaled down so that it fits.

Pro Nursery Alert Panel

Any Message can be made available for remote entry by clicking the “Visible on Network” checkbox in the Messages window.

Pro Nursery Message Window

Notes in Contiguous View

ProPresenter’s Contiguous View makes it easy to view all of the documents in a playlist without having to switch between documents. In ProPresenter 6, we’ve added notes to the Contiguous View, so any notes that you have added to a document can be viewed right within the Contiguous View.

Pro Notes in Contiguous View

Timer Cues/Cue Palette

Pro Timer CuesWith the new Cue Palette in ProPresenter 6, adding a cue to a slide is easier than ever. You can assign a cue to any slide with drag and drop functionality. Cues can start or stop a timer, change Stage Display or Multiscreen layouts, trigger audio, video, or live video, or clear any layer ProPresenter is outputting.

Pro Timer Cues

Apply Transition to multiple Clips at the same time

ProPresenter 6 now saves you lots of time by adding the ability to apply transitions to multiple Video/Image Bin items at the same time. Just hold down command to select all of the items you would like to apply a transition to, right click on one of the items and select “Transitions…”. The transition you select will be applied to each of the items.

Pro Apply Transitions


Go to “X” after Clip

In ProPresenter 6’s Video/Image Bin, you can now specify that a particular media cue should be played after a previous media cue is finished. Simply right click on any video cue and select “Go to Cue”. You will see a list of all other videos and you can select one to automatically be played when the previous cue is finished playing.

Pro Go To Cue

Go to Next for Media Bin

When playing videos directly from the Video/Image Bin, you can now specify that a video should immediately go to the next clip in the bin when it is finished playing. Right click on any video and select “Next”. Now when that video is played, it will advance to your selected video after it is finished.

Pro Go To Next in Media Bin

Media Bin Keyword Tagging

Sorting the Video/Image Bin is easier than ever with Tags. You can create keyword tags, each with it’s own color, and assign these tags to Videos or Images. All videos or images that are tagged with any tag are shown by selecting the tag from the left bar of the Video/Image Bin.

Pro Video Image Tagging

Pro Video Image Tagging Menu

Each Video or Image can have multiple tags. For example, you could create a tag called “Blue Videos” and a tag called “Slow Videos”, and apply it to a video that fits both of those descriptions. Then, when you select either of those Tags in the Video/Image bin, you’ll see that video, along with any others in that tag.

Audio Bin Enhancements

Pro Audio Bin Shuffle

An often requested feature before or between events is a random audio “shuffle” capability in the Audio Bin, so we listened and added it for those of you who asked.

We also added search functionality in the Pro6 Audio Bin because finding a specific audio file in a large library of music and sound effects can be challenging. You can quickly filter the Audio Bin by any search term, including title, artist and album.


Send MIDI Cue

The MIDI module in ProPresenter allows external control of ProPresenter through MIDI notes. In ProPresenter 6, you can now send a MIDI note directly from any slide. For example, when you click to display a particular slide, you could have a MIDI note sent to your lighting console to trigger a particular lighting scene.

Pro Send Midi DMX

Syphon Output (Mac)

ProPresenter 6 now has the ability to send its output to applications that support the Syphon protocol. Syphon is an open-source protocol that allows us to share our graphics output with other programs that can take these images and manipulate them directly… all on the same computer.


Pro Syphon

Show Media Bin Transition When Collapsed

ProPresenter 6, like it’s predecessors, has transition options for the Video/Image Bin and separate transition options for Documents and Slides. It’s now even easier to access the Video/Image Bin transition, even when the Video/Image Bin is collapsed.

Pro Video Image Transition

The Video/Image Bin’s green transition options will appear next to the global slide transitions when the Video/Image Bin is collapsed.

Playlist Headers

Pro Playlist HeadersIn ProPresenter 6, you can now manually add Headers to playlists. For playlists with many documents and media elements, it can be helpful to add Headers as an organizational element.

Each Header can be assigned it’s own color and timer. For example, you could put one header at the beginning of a set of songs, and another header at the beginning of announcement slides. In the Contiguous slide view, you are able to quickly start the timer assigned to the Header.Pro Playlist Headers Look




Unlimited Clocks

ProPresenter 6 enhances the clocks function that users have come to know and love. Instead of the 3 clocks that ProPresenter has previously had, you can now add an unlimited number of clocks.

Pro Unlimited Clocks

Planning Center Enhancements

PCO Live Integration

ProPresenter 6 now incorporates PCO Live into our Stage Display feature so you can see each step of your plan and the time associated to these steps.


Pro Planning Center Online Clock

PCO Sequences matched to Pro Arrangements


When you import a Plan from Planning Center Online, ProPresenter matches songs in your ProPresenter library with the songs in your plan. Now, ProPresenter 6 can also correlate PCO Sequences to the corresponding ProPresenter Arrangements so each song will be properly broken up by verses, chorus, etc.

Pro PCO Arrangements

For documents downloaded from PCO, if there is an existing PCO Sequence, that Sequence should be imported as a ProPresenter 6 arrangement and added to the local Pro6 document as “PCO Arrangement”.

Pro PCO MediaPCO Media Downloading

Any media that is a part of a PCO Sequence will be downloaded and included with that item in ProPresenter 6.
The playlist will indicate if any new media is added and needs refreshing or you can do so manually.

Stage Display

Stage Display Layout Cues

ProPresenter’s Stage Display function has the ability to have multiple layouts. Now, in ProPresenter 6, you can add a Stage Display Layout Cue directly to any slide so that the Stage Display Layout can change automatically when needed.

Pro Stage Display Layout

For example, you can cue your “music” layout to load on the first slide of your first song, and cue the “sermon” layout to load on the first slide of the sermon slides.

Video on Stage Display

Pro Stage Display LiveWith the new “Live Slide” feature in ProPresenter 6, the Stage Display can show what the audience is seeing. This allows you to show any content, including video, exactly as it is being displayed. Turning this on is as easy as enabling the Live Slide option for the Current Slide box in the Stage Display Configuration Window.




Pro Stage Display Live Sample

Pro Stage Display Preview

Stage Display/Output Preview Toggle

ProPresenter’s preview window has always provided operators with the peace of mind of seeing a smaller version of the ProPresenter output. Now, in ProPresenter 6, you can also have the preview window display the Stage Display output. Just hovering your mouse over the preview window brings up a button to quickly switch between the two options.

You can also select “Stage Display Preview” from the “Window” menu or press command-3 (on a Mac) or control-3 (on a PC) to access this option.

Social Media Enhancements

Twitter Enhancements

Pro Twitter Search BarIt is also now possible to search for multiple phrases or hashtags at once. Simply separate phrases using a comma in the search box.


Twitter Login UI

With the new Auto Remove on Show option, you can also specify that each post is only shown once. After it is shown, it is removed from the Approved list.

Social Media Moderation from ProRemote

ProPresenter’s Social Media feature allows you to search Twitter for specific phrases and display it quickly on your screens. With ProPresenter 6 and ProRemote, our iOS/Android app remote, you can now search for and moderate tweets from the remote application. This allows one operator to approve Social Media for display while another operator is working on something else.

As seen above, this update also provides the same filters and features as ProPresenter 6 application.

After searching, just click on a tweet to approve it for display. You can then start the twitter slideshow directly from the remote.

Pro ProRemote Approval Panel

Pro Social MediaPro Social Media 2


Export Slides as JPEG/PNG

ProPresenter has great slide creation and editing features, so we’re making it easier than ever to use slides you’ve already created in ProPresenter elsewhere. In ProPresenter 6, you can export your slides as JPEG files or PNG files. For example, this means that you can create announcement slides directly in ProPresenter and then export them to be uploaded to a website or sent in an email.

Pro Export as JPEG

The JPEG export includes any background colors or image cues added to the slide. The PNG export removes the background colors or image cues and exports a PNG file with transparency.

Record Output

Using the Record Output feature in ProPresenter 6, you can record everything shown on ProPresenter’s Output Window to a video file.

Pro Record Output

This is especially useful if you are using ProPresenter to show words over Live Video. You can capture the entire event and everything you show from ProPresenter for archival or broadcast purposes.

Enhanced Bible Integration

We have worked to improve quality and accuracy within Bible texts, including the ability to maintain font color (such as for translations which include red letters). In addition, the management of Bibles is all done within the software so there are no separate installers to download — you can select the bibles you want or have registered, download them right in the software, and use them right away.

Pro Bible Installer

Pro Bible Options