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The Definitive Choice in Education Presentation Software for Teachers



Now Anyone Student, Teacher, or Faculty can Present Like a Pro

ProPresenter is the growing leader in academic presentation software for teachers and educational institutions. With ProPresenter 7, the presentation suite you may already know is more powerful than ever before, with a video engine capable of rendering and presenting videos and presentations, and even professional-level video outputs.

Start Presenting In Minutes. Easy to Learn and Use.

Educators are busy people and don’t have time for complex, hard-to-learn tools. So we made ProPresenter 7 easy to use. Create impressive educational presentations in minutes, not hours. And if you want to go deeper, ProPresenter has a rich feature set powerful enough to build nearly anything you can imagine including outputting to Zoom, live streaming online, or outputting to multiple different screens at one time.




So, what exactly makes ProPresenter the ideal presentation and video solution for teachers, K-12 schools or colleges, and universities?


Customers say we’ve found the perfect balance between simple, easy-to-use tools, and deep, pro-grade functionality.


Advanced, multi-layered architecture for building slides (including support for natural, seamless playback of video files) can help you produce some of the richest visuals imaginable — yet it’s simple enough to get started within just minutes.


ProPresenter is more flexible and adaptable than what you can do in Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentations, allowing you to create educational presentations that engage student learning and inspire imagination.

What else makes ProPresenter right for your classroom or educational institution? Check out these ideal use cases.


Classroom presentations go from boring to engaging with ProPresenter. Keep your students focused with an interactive presentation, or use pre-designed templates and your favorite content library to build engaging presentations perfectly customized to your course content.

ProPresenter is trusted by districts world wide, including in every school in the largest school district in Georgia.

ProPresenter is the ultimate tool for teachers, with powerful support for pulling in video clips and animated videos from any number of sources. Whether you want to create simple presentation slides or complex shows full of images and video, ProPresenter is the presentation app of choice.


AV teams in all kinds of educational settings need the right presentation tools so they can quickly create presentation files for morning announcements or other rotating informational kiosks. While you could use a haiku deck or similar solution, you’ll get more professional results by turning to a professional, and easy to edit solution. Enjoy gorgeous, professional animations and transitions and support for up to 7 layers of content.


ProPresenter isn’t just for creating interactive presentations for the classroom. It was built first and foremost for live stage presentations, making it the perfect presentation app for use in your school’s larger venues, such as auditoriums or lecture halls. Don’t settle for an outdated PowerPoint presentation for that next large assembly. Step up to a more engaging solution.


Integrate text, images, and video from nearly any source into your presentations thanks to seven adaptable layers for content.


Support for pro video formats (SDI, NDI, Syphon) means you can use ProPresenter in AV setups where PowerPoint and other office-grade tools won’t work.


ProPresenter allows for displaying different content across multiple different screens, so you can send separate layers or combinations of layers to main screens, secondary screens, stage displays, lobby displays, and more.


In academic environments, teachers and speakers often don’t have the luxury of a dedicated AV team running presentations for them. Give them the power to control their own presentations — from anywhere with local internet access including the school’s wifi — with ProPresenter’s remote apps.

ProPresenter has apps for iOS and Android apps for Remote Control so you can control presentations from your phone.


Stage Display apps for Android, iOS, tvOS, and iPadOS, are available so that you can send text or images via Apple TV or to an iPad or Android tablet on the stage.

Stage Screens Countdowns & Timers

School and university lectures and special events often rely on timers or countdown clocks to keep events running according to the academic schedule.

ProPresenter makes this simple, including via a stage display, which allows the speaker to see both speaking notes and a clock or countdown timer simultaneously — and running completely independently of the Whatever your presenter or lecturer needs to see to the Stage Display, no matter how different it is from the main display, ProPresenter has the flexibility to make it happen.

Competitive Comparison Chart

Competitive Comparison Chart
FeatureProPresenterPowerPointKeynotePreziGoogle Slides
PlatformsOperating systems supported
LanguagesLanguages natively supported10English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Norwegian3509English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Hungarian77
Free Unrestricted TrialYes14 DaysNoIncluded with MacOSYesYes
Support Options
Version Reviewed7.8210711.1Not RelevantNot Relevant
Display Slides with text, graphics, & videoYesYesYesYesYes
Advanced Slide EditorYesLimitedLimitedLimited
Shapes, gradients, & Bezier curvesAbility to do custom shapes, gradients, and Bezier curves when creating slides.YesYesYesYesYes
Set opacity and shadowsMake the text see-through, or add shadows under it to make it pop out.YesYesYesYesShadows yes, opacity no
Styles, templates, and themesApply 1 template to all slides.YesYesYesYesYes
Build slide objects in and outIndividual transitions for slide objects, allowing custom build-ins and build-outs.YesYesYesYesYes
Animated fly-insYesYesYesYesYes
Slide transitionsVarious options for transitioning slidesYesYesYesYesYes
Gradient textGradient color for slide textYesYesYesNoNo
Scrolling textScrolling text up/down/left/right.YesNoYesNoNo
Dynamic text scalingText size scales bigger or smaller to fit the slide.YesNoNoNoNo
Linked text boxesText can be linked to other text boxes.YesNoNoYesYes
Slide notesYesYesYesYesYes
Data driven text boxesSlide text can be driven by external sources.YesNoNoYesYes
Data LinksDynamic text, to show automatic text, such as countdowns and clocks, lyrics for the next verse, or external RSS feeds.YesNoNoYesYes
Guides and rulersYesNoYesYesYes
Conditional element visibilitySet slide object visibility based on various factors, such as a countdown is running.YesNoNoNoNo
Live video & camera inputsYesNoNoSort ofNo
Stage ScreensAlso known as Foldback Screens or Confidence Monitors. These are screens used by people on stage to see additional info while presenting.YesNoNoNoNo
Maximum number of Stage ScreensUnlimited11No0
Customizable Stage ScreensAbility to have different output options for the different stage displays.YesNoNoNoNo
Customizeable Producer ViewCustom stage screen designed for producers in broadcast environments.YesNoNoNoNo
Customizeable Operator ViewCustom stage screen for ProPresenter operators to see various outputs, timers, and settings.YesYesYesNoYes
Send different content to specific output layersYesNoNoNoNo
Color Triggers based on TimersCountdown color changes at different times, such as Green > Yellow > Red.YesNoNoNoNo
Presentation playlistsYesNoNoNoNo
Reflow EditorSpecial editor to simplify line breaks in slides.YesNoNoNoNo
Arrangements EditorYesNoNoNoNo
Continuous PlaylistThe ability to see the slides from one document to the next, without needing to click on the next document to start seeing what's coming up. This is helpful in running a live show and knowing what's coming next while not have to click away from the main cue area.YesYesYesNoYes
Clocks, timers, and countdownsYesNoNoYesNo
Calendar / SchedulerAbility to schedule media or presentations to play at set times.YesNoNoNoNo
Easy ViewCustom view for operators to see content more clearly.YesNoNoNoNo
Props layerProps layer for logos, bugs, lower thirds, and other overlays.YesNoNoNoNo
Audio layerDedicated layer for playing audio.YesYesNoYesYes
Audio playlistsBuild playlists of audio inputs.YesNoNoNoNo
Free Media & Content IncludedYesNoNoYesNo
Paid Media storeAccess to buy additional media assetsYesNoNoYesNo
Audience Alerts / Nursery CallsAble to post messages on screen, like license plates numbers with lights on, or nursery calls.YesNoNoNoNo
Stage/Confidence Monitor AlertsAble to send messages to the stage screensYesNoNoNoNo
Dark User Interface (Dark Mode)YesNoYesNoNo
Smart PlaylistsAutomatically import media from specific computer folders with a smart playlist.YesNoNoNoNo
Lyrics & Presentation SearchYesNoNoNoNo
Slide labels and groupsYesNoNoYesNo
Import PowerPoint slideshowsYes as ImagesYesYesYesYes
Print presentationsYesYesYesYesYes
Unique audio & video settings per clipYesYesNoNoYes
Facebook Users GroupYes37,000 membersYes51,000 membersNoNoYes
Designed to display Copyright for LyricsShowing copyright is a requirement when displayingYesNoNoNoNo
Maximum number of unique Audience OutputsUnique displays, not splitting a single output signal.Unlimited1111
Edge blendingUsed when overlapping projectors, so the image smoothly transitions across them.YesNoNoNoNo
Live StreamingStream directly from the software to a destination, such as YouTube or Facebook.YesRTMP or ResiNoSort ofYou can share Keynotes online to a live iCloud linkYesNo
Record presentation output to diskYesH.264, H.265, HAP or ProRes up to ProPres 4444 XQYesYesYesNo
NDI outputsNDI is a video standard for sending video over networks.YesInput and outputNoNoNoNo
SDI outputsSDI is a standard cable and protocol for sending video signal over long distance. Some common hardware that uses SDI is video switchers, professional video cameras, and video output cards for makes like Blackmagic Design.YesNoNoNoNo
Announcements or Digital Signage outputsDedicated output for announcements, such as a loop in the lobby, while running a presentation.YesNoNoNoNo
Display masksMasking displays is particularly common in environmental projectioin, or there is some thing partially covering the projecotr to the screen, that you don't want to project on.YesNoNoNoNo
Alpha keyerUsed for sending transparent layers, such as for lower thirds and lyrics overlays.YesNoNoNoNo
MIDI, DMX & other communicationsYesMIDI, DMX, AMP, CITP, GlobalCache, RossTalk, GVG100, Sony BVS, Sony BVW, VDCPNoNoNoNo
Triggerable feature actionsActions that correspond to specific features, able to be added to a slide cue, macro, or other simillar soltion for triggering one feature at a time, or multiple together.YesNoNoNoNo
Audience "Looks" - premade screen layout changesCustomize output layouts for different parts of the presentation, such as one set of themes for the music, and a different set of themes for speaking.YesNoNoNoNo
Apps for remote control iOS No NoNo
Stage screen appsTurn a tablet or other hardware into a stage display. iOS, AppleTV NoNoNoNo
Advanced audio routingMultiple audio channels, routed to different inputs and outputs, to allow for fully customized audio routing.YesNoNoNoNo
Macros for automationMacros can fire multiple triggers at the same time.YesNoNoNoNo
Cloud SyncSync presentations and libraries to the cloud.NoNoYesYesYes
Integration with Streamdeck CompanionStreamdeck Companion is a popular aaccessory for controlling professional equipment from a single device.YesNoNoNoNo
PricingNot including add-ons, such as Bibles.$399-$999$99 USD/Year (For Office 365)With a Mac Purchase$15-$19/moThey also have a free tier, but it's only holds 5 presentations, so isn't sustainable for most clients who want a long-term solution.Free

Live Production & Presentation Software for EDUCATORS AND SCHOOLS

Educators across the globe are stepping up to a better production and presentation software solution, one that helps them turn simple and uninteresting presentation slide designs into dynamic educational presentations that keep students engaged.

ProPresenter is more than just a design tool; it’s a powerful, pro-grade solution for all your presentation and live production needs.

If you’re ready to see what ProPresenter 7 can do for your education setting, download it for free today. Download ProPresenter now to begin a free trial and access all of ProPresenter’s features.