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Esports & Video Game Live Streaming Software



ProPresenter is the streaming app for those looking to simplify controlling and running their eSports streaming software setup while also gaining more flexibility over the design of their streams.

With ProPresenter, your next live stream will be more engaging and better looking, resulting in higher viewership regardless of streaming platform and your audience sticking around longer.

ProPresenter is designed for editing content, displaying that content across any number of screens in-person at eSports events and conferences, and for individuals streaming at home or on the go.

Live Production Software Powered by ProPresenter

ProPresenter enables you to stream or record PC games and other eSports content with powerful, user-friendly tools. With this streaming solution you will be broadcasting live in no time, without the need for standalone products like OBS Studio, Xsplit Broadcaster, or Lightstream Studio. ProPresenter can also send content to and integrate with these or other 3rd party streaming apps.


Stream your PC games content to your platform of choice or gaming site such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live and more using RTMP to stream with ProPresenter.


Save video recordings of your streams to a local drive or local cloud storage folder while live streaming, for easy access afterward for video editing, and content creation.


Use as many or few video and audio inputs as needed. Video inputs can be from multiple sources like capture cards, built-in webcams, directly from USB with many popular cameras, and via screen captures or video inputs over a local network using NDI. Support for an unlimited number of inputs and video sources means your hardware is the only limitation. Bring in remote guests to stream more than just one person’s game at the same time from a scene, with NDI Remote, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and more.


ProPresenter makes a reliable streaming experience a reality even with poor internet connections. For gamers who live in an area with low internet speeds or connection, and would rather use the limited bandwidth for online gameplay, ProPresenter can still make streaming a reality. All without interfering with the multiplayer setup. ProPresenter is the only streaming software to provide resilient streaming even through poor connections or limited bandwidth thanks to built-in integration with *Resi’s Software Encoder.


ProPresenter supports professional broadcast formats like SDI, NDI, and Syphon.

*While streaming with RTMP is free in ProPresenter, making use of resilient streaming with Resi’s encoder requires an extra subscription.

The Professional Choice for Video Game Streaming Apps and eSports

ProPresenter uniquely places itself as the professional live streaming software for live streaming eSports and video game streaming. With a full-blown Photoshop-style editor that’s easy to use and built right in, you can make your stream stand out from the rest.

Being able to control your stream via actions set on your scenes, through devices like an Elgato Stream Deck, or even using the ProRemote app makes running your stream a simple process.

Additional features like displaying your chat, displaying a special message to viewers on the fly, displaying quick video files for intermission, graphics, countdown timers, or even playing music back from any of your ProPresenter audio playlists keeps your audience engaged for longer durations.

All of this makes ProPresenter the professional video streaming solution for your gaming setup, ultimately providing room for higher viewer counts and more engagement from your audience.

Take Control of Your Stream

Creating the perfect live streaming environment takes more than a camera, a graphics card and a green screen. You need powerful presentation and recording software that lets you take complete control of your stream.


ProRemote makes it easy to switch between scenes while you are streaming so you can use your computer to multitask. With ProRemote, you can use your computer to interact with your chat or check your stream on a browser while still keeping full control over ProPresenter.


Hot Keys, also known as key mappings or keyboard shortcuts, make it easy to switch between text overlays during a stream, keeping your stream professional.


Macros take away the long setup process when trying to get into a stream right away. Instead of having to start your music, select your camera input, and make sure everything is working, a macro can do all of that at one time. Macros make running a stream simple by making it possible to trigger multiple different features and actions with ProPresenter or even outside of ProPresenter, using MIDI or other app-to-app communication methods, from a single click. Set a specific macro to start on the launch of ProPresenter and automatically turn on your video input, display your pre-game content, start an audio playlist, and more, saving you time and getting you into your game faster.


ProPresenter's built-in transitions make it easy to transition from one slide or scene to another. Using transitions to change Slides without ever having to download a stinger makes it easy to look professional with minimal effort.

Esports Tournaments & eSports Conferences

Live eSports events have unique needs, such as the ability to create instant replays or instantly pull up previously recorded video. They also rely on real-time live video streaming, both within the venue and over various streaming services (e.g., streaming to Twitch). ProPresenter enhances live eSports tournaments and conferences in the following ways.


Display content such as motion graphics and videos during eSports tournaments and conferences to an online audience and on physical screens for the in-person audience.


Timers and stage displays can be used to let eSports hosts know when their time is up, let players know when a match will end, and help hosts know when transitions are coming up.


Distribute content to as many screens as needed around eSports facilities, in different resolutions and aspect ratios, on TVs, projectors, and LED walls.


Employ other advanced features like resilient streaming with RESI even when an internet connection fails, to create a professional broadcast quality stream.

Professional Level Editor Tools

ProPresenter’s Editor Tools make it easy to customize and build stream scenes, providing a professional design while making it easy to make edits to the stream’s appearance and assets on the fly. The drag and drop editor makes building scenes a breeze.


Gradients, scrolling text, displaying multiple camera inputs at one time, and so much more can take your stream to the next level.


RSS feeds can be used for dynamic live input to a scrolling text ticker.


Create multiple scene layouts to switch between or just stick with your favorite look. Add as many camera inputs and angles as you desire and multiple audio inputs with the ability to adjust audio levels.


Built-in video effects like blur, mosaic, crt, shake, and more can help with creating unique looks to separate you from the competition.


The Web Browser tool makes it easy to import overlays, alerts, chat boxes and more into ProPresenter from sites such as Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements.

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