Nissan Pao Car

Environmental Projection With PVP3: Nissan Pao

Environmental projection can be used for so many unique productions. We've seen businesses, churches, & schools use the projection mapping capabilities of PVP3 to provide ...

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To 4K or not to 4K?

4K is largely well-suited for broadcast or film productions because they usually have viewers either positioned closer to the screen or looking at a larger ...

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Mac Video Editing

What type of compression is recommended for best video playback performance?

In the world of live production there is always a battle of how do I share the best version of my content while also ensuring ...

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Old Computer

Purchasing the Right Computer for ProPresenter

Making capital expenditures for production machines can be a laborious process.  There is tremendous pressure to make the right decision and maximize your investment.  For ...

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Acronyms in Production: What do they mean and when would I use them?

Getting started in a new field can be daunting as those who are “in the know” use acronyms that make perfect sense to them but ...

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Renewed Vision Scoreboard, PVP3 Media Server Software Boost Fan Engagement at University of Kentucky

A new dual-LED display solution powered by Renewed Vision software is now driving all scores, player statistics, live video, and instant replays for women’s sports ...

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