Worship Songs for your Christmas Setlist

20 Songs for Your Christmas Worship Setlist – 2023

All of the best Christmas Worship Songs to be released recently ready for your Christmas Setlist!

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ProContent The #1 Free Church Media Resource

The #1 Church & Worship Media Resource: What to Know About ProContent

Visual media plays a pivotal role in magnifying the essence of church services, invigorating business presentations, and enhancing the quality of video productions.  Enter ProContent, the ...

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The Best Free Resources for Church Worship Backgrounds

If you’re building worship slides for your church, you need high-quality worship backgrounds that enhance the message you’re delivering (and that don’t distract from it). That ...

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Blog Image - 8 Tips to Improve Church PowerPoint Slides

8 Ways to Improve Presentation Software for Churches

Are your church’s PowerPoint slides looking a little less than cutting-edge? Try these tips if you’re looking for ways to make your church’s worship slides ...

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7 Tips for Choosing Streaming Church Presentation Software

Live streaming for churches has become a near necessity in recent years. Basic live streaming doesn’t take much effort or gear to get running: an ...

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The Best Resources for Visual Church Media

In our fast-paced, technology-immersed world, visual communication options abound and are growing year after year. Church visual media is no exception.  Many churches have moved on ...

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Black background white text that reads "ProContent: The Best Resource for Church Motion Graphics"

Introducing ProContent: The Best Resource for Church Motion Graphics

Today we’re excited to announce ProContent: Renewed Vision’s approach to church motion graphics.

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Video Game Streaming with ProPresenter

Content Creation and Video Game Streaming has become more popular than ever.

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Black background with white text that reads: "2023 guide to the best presentation platforms"

2024 Guide to the Best Presentation Platforms

Find the perfect option for your specific use cases, whether you’re creating stunning video-heavy presentations, highly interactive non-linear shows, or even basic, informative slide decks.

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Comparing the Best Bible Presentation Software in 2024

We’re comparing the best Bible presentation software solutions, running the gamut from free cloud-based products to high-end professional software suites that go far beyond simple ...

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Top Church Software Presentation Guide

Compare The Best Presentation Software for Churches: Free & Paid Versions

Comparing The Best Worship Presentation Software in 2023 Are you looking to enhance how your church produces and displays content during worship services? There are a ton ...

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Using bibles and multi translations in ProPresenter 7

Using Bibles and Multi-Translation Scripture in ProPresenter 7

With Bibles, you can show scripture on the fly or add it to an existing presentation and in ProPresenter 7, you can now show multiple ...

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How to Choose The Best Church Live Streaming Solutions

Navigating the market to get your church to upgrade to live streaming can be tricky, but we can help!

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8 Common Misconceptions About ProPresenter

The only thing standing between you and an amazing presentation for your organization is...nothing.

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ProPresenter 7.10 Blog Graphic

ProPresenter 7.10

ProPresenter 7.10 enables you to run your shows on time while also saving time in setting up.

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Buying a New Computer in 2022? Start Here

Whether it’s understanding the importance of a GPU, CPU, RAM, or SSD, we hope this article provides some relief in your new computer search!

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Renewed Vision Appoints Jonathan Sheehan COO

Renewed Vision Names Jonathan Sheehan Chief Operating Officer

Renewed Vision today announced that Jonathan Sheehan was appointed as Chief Operating Officer, a new position within Renewed Vision. Sheehan arrives from Passion Conferences and ...

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The ProPresenter Guide to Presentation Remotes (Clickers)

A guide to the options for presentation remotes (clickers) to control ProPresenter.

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ProPresenter 7.9

ProPresenter 7.9 brings an API, official support for Elgato's Stream Decks, the ability to control ProPresenter from a web browser, and a host of user ...

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Linear Key or Alpha Key

The Basics of Video Keying

Overview of the common video keyers available: Chroma, Luma, and Alpha keying.

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