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The Definitive Choice in Video Broadcasting Software


Intuitive, Powerful Video Broadcasting Software

The Presentation Solution for Video Broadcasting Pros

Designed for live events, video mixing, live broadcasting, instant replay, and more, ProPresenter is the top solution for pro-grade video broadcasting needs. ProPresenter 7, doubles down on pro-grade video and streaming features, making it one of the most powerful tools in the video broadcasting software market.

User-Friendly Interface with Industry-Leading Functionality

ProPresenter 7 provides an intuitive user interface and boasts powerful yet user-friendly features. Getting started with ProPresenter 7 is fast and easy. With a large user community, official support, and both written and video-based tutorials, even complex or advanced functions can be made simple.



Seamless Communication with Professional Software and Hardware

ProPresenter 7 was built with an emphasis on professional software and hardware integration capability. Support for pro-grade solutions is core to the app.

ProPresenter enables broadcasting main content simultaneously with lower thirds, overlays, user-generated chyrons, graphic bugs, audio, and more. ProProsenter handles inputs and outputs over SDI with internal and external keying, NDI, and Syphon. In addition, it also supports other standard system display formats, including HDMI and DisplayPort.

ProPresenter pulls in content from webcams and virtual inputs, so you can pull live video streaming into your video productions.

Hardware Encoder Support & Formats

ProPresenter supports Blackmagic hardware encoders in a wide range of formats:






ATEM series


External PCIe cards in Thunderbolt enclosures

Check out the full list of supported Blackmagic devices here.

ProPresenter is compatible with Bitfocus Companion for control and automation, and many other software you’d use in video broadcast environments like Ableton, Lightkey, and lighting board controls.

Additional industry-standard protocols that ProPresenter supports:

  • MIDI control*
  • DMX lighting control
  • AMP
  • CITP
  • GlobalCache
  • RossTalk
  • GVG100
  • Sony BVS
  • Sony BVW
  • VDCP

Interested in Chroma keying? Send ProPresenter’s video content output to a Chroma Key on a video switcher.

ProVideoPlayer, a Mac-based multi-screen media server application, offers advanced built-in screen control functionality for multi-camera setups or screen control systems. 

* MIDI supported by both Mac and Windows; other communications methods only available on Mac.

Built for Video Environments of Any Level of Complexity

Built for Video Environements of Any Level of Complexity

ProPresenter is the versatile, user-friendly option that’s built for video broadcast environments of any size or complexity—from small and simple to massive and complex. 

This is how ProPresenter handles everything you might need related to presentations in video broadcasts.


Unlimited video outputs: your hardware is the only limitation.


Each output can use any combination of seven layers of content.


Mix and match video input and output resolutions, from SD to 8K and higher, including double and triple-wide screen setups. ProPresenter handles screen scaling and aspect ratio conversions automatically.


Projector edge blending, corner pinning, and sub-pixel accuracy drive highly accurate visuals across a wide range of potential output sizes and resolutions.

ProPresenter is flexible in how and where it sources content. 


Sync slides, media, and show setup repositories up or down both locally and via your choice of cloud service.


Imports audio, images, video files in many formats, and media with alpha transparency. You can even import PowerPoint files as jpegs.


Create macros to simplify show setups, and save and toggle between stage display layouts with just a click or automation.

Advanced Audio Routing

For professionals looking for a solution that supports advanced audio routing, ProPresenter offers up to 16 busses (Pro Channels), independently configurable with whatever inputs and outputs you need. Audio outputs can also be assigned separately for each piece of content or media.

Consider this scenario: You’re running a live broadcast and obviously need your current audio to route for broadcast. However, you need to cue up an audio file for later in the show, and you need to preview it to be sure you’ve grabbed the right one. You can set an audio output for previewing to go to the Headphones Output, while all live audio goes out through the Mains Output.

In ProPresenter, you can output audio over nearly anything, including standard and pro output formats, USB audio interfaces, and virtual devices like Dante Virtual Soundcard.

If your computer can see an audio device, so can ProPresenter — and it can send or receive audio from that device.

Bulletproof Live Streaming

Bulletproof Live Streaming

It’s increasingly common for video broadcasts to go out simultaneously via live streaming (such as on social media) and legacy broadcast formats. Why rely on a separate streaming and recording tool or dedicated live streaming software when you have all the professional-grade streaming tools you need already built into ProPresenter?

ProPresenter 7 is the only software solution on the market today using the powerful proprietary streaming protocol from Resi. 


Resi handles variable Internet speeds with ease and can even accommodate a complete Internet blackout for up to two minutes.


This solution is so effective that you can even recover from somebody physically cutting the Ethernet cable. Simply re-terminate within two minutes, and the audience won’t notice a thing — not even a drop in quality!

Additionally, ProPresenter 7 has built-in output video recording in the following formats:

  • H.264
  • H.265
  • ProRes (up to ProRes 4444 XQ at 60fps)
  • HAP (including HAP Alpha and HAP Q)

Built-in support for multi-camera streaming as well as a wide array of capture cards allows you to stream across one or multiple platforms with a live stream restreaming service, in real-time.

If you’re looking for a streaming solution alternative to OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit Broadcaster, vMix, or Lightstream, look no further than ProPresenter 7.

Control How You Trigger Items for Content Playback

ProPresenter 7 has a built-in calendar for scheduling content playback that allows you to trigger items from a calendar, on startup, or even at the click of a button.

Trigger show cues either on a schedule or simultaneously with content playback, and use macros to combine a large number of individual actions into a single button or trigger.

You can also set specific content, cues, and actions to trigger upon startup.

Control How You Trigger Items for Content Playback

Keep Your Stage Talent and On-Camera Talent Happy and Focused

ProPresenter 7 includes many features geared toward your on-screen talent. 


Turn any screen on the network into a confidence monitor with our iPad and tvOS apps.


Customize stage display streams based on talent needs with the ability to send unlimited unique streams. For example, color and timer-based triggers that automatically communicate to talent when time is running down.


Remote control apps for iOS and Android support speakers who want control of their own show.


Support for industry-standard remote control hardware, including DSAN PerfectCue and Logitech R-series.

No matter how professional your broadcast environment is, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. You may, on occasion, have a guest who brings in a PowerPoint or Keynote show. ProPresenter has you covered there, too, allowing you to import slides from both apps as jpegs for presenting.

Pre-Build Your Shows

Building shows can be complex, and no one wants to wait until the finalized production environment is completely set up to begin.

In ProPresenter, you can set up dummy placeholder outputs so that you can build your show ahead of time. 

  • Eliminate the need to have all the right hardware in place to start building.
  • Preload content layer assignments (or change them automatically, or simultaneously with individual content) with ProPresenter’s Audience Looks.


Pre-Build Your Shows

In professional video environments, every pixel matters and there’s no room for error. 

That’s why ProPresenter includes tools for fine-tuning your prebuilt shows, like linked text, guides, and rulers. 

Now there is no more guessing whether something is aligned consistently from slide to slide or hoping that an overlay is properly placed. With ProPresenter, you’ll know with certainty.

And if you happen to notice a mistake within your presentation—even after you’ve gone live—you can fix it in ProPresenter. With no separate modes for editing and presenting, you can make adjustments on the fly if you need to do so.

Pro-Grade Solutions Supported Across Multiple Languages

ProPresenter is the solution of choice for many in video broadcasting and streaming thanks to its ideal balance of pro-grade features, robust functionality, and ease of use. It’s a globally relevant solution, too, with localizations available in these languages:


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Norwegian
  • Czech
  • Chinese (simplified)

The Top Choice in Live Production Software

The Top Choice In Live Production Software

With its ability to seamlessly customize audio, video, and presentation feeds, ProPresenter is the ideal solution for professional broadcasters who need to augment their presentation and display capabilities.

Experience what ProPresenter has to offer with a fully functional, unlimited two-week trial. Download our full suite and discover its user-friendly functionality before you commit with no credit card required. It’s even watermark-free.

To learn more about rental licensing availability, get in touch with our sales team here.


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