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Live Streaming

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Resilient Streaming With Resi      

When live streaming, reliability is huge factor in whether your audience stays connected or leaves. Streaming in ProPresenter with Resi provides you with the greatest software encoding in existence. Not only that, but you can stream to multiple destinations at the click of a button or automatically with a schedule.

“Go Live” from within ProPresenter 7

Start streaming today with the click of a button. With support for your favorite streaming platforms, it’s never been this easy to bring your online presence to life.
* Supports RTMP and RTMPS for Facebook, YouTube, & more + RSP using a subscription to Resi.

Create & Display Your Content

Whether you’re a Photoshop expert or technology isn’t your friend, we’ve got you covered. Create beautiful graphics with our built in editor.

Record Your Screen

Don’t throw away those memories. Store your live stream for future playback, or just record your output for further editing!

Switch Your Video Inputs

Bring your video to life by capturing every angle! Switch between your video inputs and apply effects using the inspector.
View a live preview of your video inputs in ProPresenter’s Video Input Preferences.

Capture and Output Audio

With audio routing in ProPresenter, your audience can hear you better than ever. Input audio from any audio or video source, use “Auto On” and “Auto Off” to automate your audio, send audio out over SDI & NDI, and so much more!
* Additional capabilities included like automating with Audio Input Actions and monitoring your input with Audio Input Monitoring.

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Our Guide to Live Streaming

Where Can I Get Free Content For My Live Stream?

We have a free content resource available for all of our ProPresenter users! On our Free Content page you’ll find resources like lower thirds for lyrics, full screen graphics, motion backgrounds, & more. We add new content regularly through partnerships with outside groups as well as through designing content ourselves! Click Here to View Free Content

Which Codec Should I Use For Recording?

If you’re recording full screen content for playback online or in ProPresenter, we’d recommend h.264 or h.265. Both are a great compromise of quality for file size. H.265 has grown in popularity recently and would be a great option to go with. If you want to preserver transparency in your video, for example lower thirds, then HAP Alpha or ProRes4444 will allow you do that. Keep in mind HAP Alpha and ProRes4444 have very large file sizes and we’d recommend only using them if you need to preserve alpha transparency in your video.

How Do I Encode My Stream To Multiple Online Destinations?

Live Streaming Tutorials

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