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Only upgrades from Pro6 receive a discounted price.

* Pro4 & Pro5 customers should use this option so any Bibles purchased will work with your Pro7 upgrade


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Add Seat(s) to an existing Pro7 License

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Only upgrades from Pro6 receive a discounted price.

* Pro4 & Pro5 customers should use this option so any Bibles purchased will work with your Pro7 upgrade

* Each Seat license can be enabled on one computer only, but can easily be moved between computers by deactivating and reactivating as needed.

ProPresenter Upgrades, Additions, or Renewals

In order to qualify for any discounted upgrades, additions, or renewals, we must verify your existing license. Please provide the information below so we can determine what you are eligible for. Please read the following instructions closely to understand how our pricing is calculated.

  • Upgrade - this selection allows you to upgrade from Pro6 for a discount or upgrade from Pro7 Seat to Pro7 Campus license if you're a House of Worship customer (i.e. church). Earlier versions of ProPresenter are not eligible for any discounts and must be bought new. You should upgrade through this mechanism, however, in order to preserve use of your purchased Bibles.Enter your unlock code to see your specific pricing, but as a starting point…
    ProPresenter 6 Single to Pro7 Seat $275
    ProPresenter 6 Campus to Pro7 Campus $675
    ProPresenter 6 Single to Pro7 Campus $875
    ProPresenter 7 Seat to Pro7 Campus * Price will vary depending on Pro+ expiration date
  • Add - this selection allows you to add one or more licenses to an existing Pro7 license. New licenses get 12 months of free upgrades and support included in the purchase. The expiration date of the first Pro7 license will not change when adding another Seat. Expiration dates only change with renewals. To offset any loss of ProPresenter+ maintenance for a license added months after the first one, a credit will be applied per license purchased for the prorated number of months you're not getting. This is based on a prorated amount of the annual renewal price (see example here).
  • Renew - this selection allows renewal of ProPresenter+, which provides access to support and all updates and upgrades that are released for ProPresenter.

NOTE: You cannot add a license and renew a license on the same purchase. You must purchase any additional seats first, then renew all seats on a subsequent purchase.

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Pro7 for Mac

7.5.1 (117768465)
macOS 10.14
Last update: May 12, 2021

Pro7 for Windows

7.5.1 (117768465)
Windows 10
Last update: May 12, 2021

Video Tutorials

Looking for ProPresenter 6? Download here… Mac Windows

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Present Like a Pro

ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation & production application for live events. It seamlessly displays lyrics, slides, and media, making high-quality live productions easy. It is the indispensable tool for worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, and studio broadcasts.

ProPresenter operators control presentations on one screen, while dynamically presenting to an audience on one or more additional screens.


No separate edit and present modes

Outputs are always live

Completely non-linear flexibility

On demand Scripture lookup
Separate Outputs, for lobby, auditorium, and stage displays

Volunteer friendly


On the fly run-of-show changes


Tell Your Story. Extraordinarily

Whatever the story you want to tell, ProPresenter has the tools to help you tell it in the most engaging way possible. With a completely revamped video engine that is equally suitable for powering presentations in a room of 100 people or 100,000, the quality and professionalism of ProPresenter’s output is unprecedented.

High quality video output

The ability to create high-quality video is becoming increasingly easy, making the use of videos in productions more prevalent than ever. The ProPresenter video engine (the same as is at the heart of PVP3) is the perfect way to  present your final edit.

You can import and play videos instantly in ProPresenter. It also includes the ability to set in and out points dynamically, effect color, brightness, and volume, and crop/scale videos dynamically. Video effects empower you to leverage your video library to create limitless new looks for your pre-produced content.

In addition, these same effects and manipulations can also be used on live video sources.

Slide Flexibility


A multi-layered architecture allows for backgrounds, live video layers, slides, props, and masks to be controlled independently.

  • High-quality transistions
  • Announcements layer to show rolling announcements on one screen while rehearsing on another
  • Individual slide settings for transitions and object builds
  • Scale and cropping of media
  • Data-driven text boxes (such as current time and countdown timers)
  • Dynamically overlaid content
  • Context driven visibility (clear a timer when it reaches the end)

Advanced Features — Now included!

ProPresenter 7 has a number of advanced features previously sold separately in Pro6 as add-on, paid for “modules” that offered additional features and capabilities beyond what your typical church needed.  The typical church these days, however, has grown more sophisticated in their productions. We love seeing this and want to see more of it so Renewed Vision is now including these advanced features in Pro7 at no additional cost (a $2,593 value if all were purchased separately)!


Multi-Screen – Output to multiple displays with different combinations of content all at once, including multiple stage displays


Alpha Keyer – Output Broadcast-quality key and fill channels


Edge Blending – Project onto wide screens with multiple projectors and blend their edges to create one seemless, extra wide image


Communications – Control ProPresenter’s functions from MIDI, DMX, or broadcast video protocols (Midi is the only external communication method available on Windows currently)


SDI / NDI – Send video out over SDI (coaxial cable) or over your network (Ethernet).


Modernized Interface

The all new ProPresenter 7 interface represents one of our biggest updates to the UI that’s inline with today’s production environments. It’s reorganized, streamlined, and darkened for easier viewing and operation.


In your library you can access all of your presentations, songs, scriptures etc & create playlists that contain a mix of these elements.


The show area of your presentation allows you to see upcoming slides and provides you with the ultimate control.


Use the Preview Window to monitor any of your screens (audience screens or stage displays), clear any layers, and control video playback.

Media Bin

Organize your media how you want with the Media Bin. You can create playlists of media and folders for your playlists.

Audio Bin

The Audio Bin allows you to create playlists of songs to control on demand or with cues.

Know everything that is happening

Select any output to view, clear any content, control any media.

Organize the way you want

Create Libraries for your presentations. Arrange playlists to fit your workflow. Organize content that makes sense to you.

Clear each layer independently,
or clear all layers with one click

Select each output
to change your view

Select transport controls
for each layer of media

Select each output to change your view

Select transport controls for each layer of media

Organize the way you want

Create Libraries for your presentations. Arrange playlists to fit your workflow. Organize content that makes sense to you.

Create libraries to organize
your presentations

Optimized Search

Search in ProPresenter 7 has been optimized to find songs in your library or Song Select with a quick keystroke or menu button.

Multiple Bible Display

ProPresenter 7 now allows you to display multiple Bible translations simultaneously so you can compare different versions of the same verse(s), whether they’re in the same language or different languages. This is particularly useful for multi-lingual services.

Search anything, anywhere
including Song Select

Multiple Bible Display

ProPresenter 7 now allows you to display multiple Bible translations simultaneously so you can compare different versions of the same verse(s), whether they’re in the same language or different languages. This is particularly useful for multi-lingual services.

Multiple Bible translations
displayed simultaneously

Easy View

ProPresenter 7 allows for some pretty complicated slide layouts that can be difficult to read while following the band with lyrics if the text is small or has lots of graphics on the slide.  So we created a feature called “Easy View” to solve this problem.  With the click of a button you can easily switch off the graphics and magnify the words making it much easier to follow along.

Easy View Off

Easy View On


There’s a new Editor in town

ProPresenter 7 has an all new editor with many more tools to make your presentations pop.  It may look rather similar, which is by design for ease-of-use, but you’ll see the differences and feel the power in no time.

Slide Notes

Slide notes have been redesigned and moved to a better, more natural location at the bottom of the screen and they can be formatted now too.

Shapes and Gradients

A whole new set of shapes and ability to manipulate them is now available. So now you can let your inner star come out and you can even fill it with a gradient of colors.

Color Triggers

Easily define what the color of the text in a particular text box needs to be at different countdown time intervals.

Dynamic Text Scaling

As illustrated above, text is dynamically scaled whether you’re changing the size of the text box or adding more text into a fix size text box.

Linked Text Boxes

Link one text box to another so you can have two boxes with the same exact content, but formatted differently for other outputs.

Guides and Rulers

Pro7 offers more guides now to help you get things just right much faster. The enhanced rulers and coordinates help even more in achieving zen.

 Visibility Links

Dynamically set the conditions of when an object is displayed based on the specific criteria that you choose.

All Caps and Line Fill for Windows

Now Windows has all the features that Mac does, including Capitalization offer.

Data-driven text boxes

Use Linked Text to link any slide object or timer to a text box on a slide. This allows you to create visible countdowns or to have duplicated text formatted in different ways on one slide.

Powerful Stage Display

The Stage Display in ProPresenter is in a class of it’s own. Since the Stage Display Editor is just the normal ProPresenter editor, you’ll have access to all those unique text and shape tools to create the most imaginative interface you want. With this creativity at your fingertips, your stage talent can rely on quality timers, accurate text, and even notes.


We didn’t stop there.  You can also now output stage display through SDI or NDI as well as have more than one stage display.  Want a lyrics display AND a separate display just for clocks/timers?  No problem, Pro7 can do that!

Wait, there’s still more.  Want to see ALL your multiple outputs in one view?  We did too.  Now you can set up your own multi-viewer showing all display outputs with the all new ProPresenter 7 Stage Display.


All new to ProPresenter 7 is the Announcements Layer. This new functionality adds an additional layer to our output stack so Pro can display two different presentations at the same time on different outputs. This allows you to run your main service as you would normally, but also have another presentation running to your lobby feeds, all from one computer.


The Screen Configuration Panel is where you can add an additional output screen that will designated for announcement presentations.  Output screens can be given custom names for easier identification.

In the Looks Panel, you choose what is shown on each screen.  Here you can turn off the Announcements layer for the main display so it will only show on the screen intended for announcements.

ProPresenter SDI / NDI, Standard

Serial Digital interface

If you aren’t familiar with what SDI is, it’s a professional broadcast quality video interface — you can read more here. It’s a standard that most any broadcast switcher or other equipment will take for sending/receiving a 720 or 1080 video image.

The SDI Output option converts the output of ProPresenter to a native SDI stream when used with a compatible Blackmagic Decklink Card or UltraStudio 4K product (can purchase here from Renewed Vision Store).

Network Device Interface

The NDI output encodes the output of ProPresenter and sends that video stream over Ethernet.  Any device that supports NDI input (i.e. PVP, Tricaster, etc.) is then capable of receiving and decoding that video image as in input source. This makes the transmission of video much easier over inexpensive Cat5/6 cabling.

 NOTE: Supports a wide variety of video formats, but requires a suitable NDI compliant hardware or software device to receive and decode that video transmission (i.e. PVP, NewTek TriCaster, Avid TC 8000, ChyronIP, etc.).


Multi-screen, Built-in

Welcome to a whole new level of native multi-screen capability in ProPresenter 7.  Gone are the days of using an image splitting device to accomplish this, which means less hardware and more savings.  

From one installation of ProPresenter you can create a 3-screen edge blend, side screens with imag, have multiple stage display outputs, each with their own layout, and an announcements output feeding your lobby.


Whether it’s a 3 projector edge blend or a wide screen LED wall you see above that Pro7 has no problem handling complicated layouts.  All outputs can be driven by one machine and one license of Pro7.

Notice the same lyrics can be seen on the center as well as on the side IMAG screens, but they’re displayed very differently by Pro7 on each. This is achieved by the new  linked text boxes feature.


To the left you see varying screen control panels showing the different layouts defined for this scenario.


Below you see two stage display outputs on the back wall with different content and layout.  These can also be driven by the same copy of ProPresenter and output via the onboard video card or SDI.

ProPresenter 7 now automatically detects outputs for easy setup and configuration. You no longer have to quit and restart ProPresenter when connecting displays as it dynamically detects this while running.

Create a 3-screen edge blend, side screens with imag,
multiple stage display outputs, each with their own layout,
and an announcements output feeding your lobby.

Automatically detects outputs
for easy setup and configuration


Keep Track of Time


Now you can programmatically set when text should be visible or hidden based on certain conditions.


Static text boxes are so 2015. Now you can have dynamic data populate a text box, but place them inline for perfect formatting and flow so you know everything will look just right.

The color of the text can even change on-the-fly when certain parameters are set and occur during the presentation.

Best Church Presentation Software

Don’t take our word for it, read over 1,750 customer reviews on Capterra!


You deserve software that’s easy to use

Regardless of how powerful a tool is, its value is determined by how easy it is to access that power. ProPresenter was designed from the beginning to allow beginners to feel confident in running the software with only a few minutes of training. We make all of our training available online via free video tutorials you can access before you even purchase the software. Here are just some of the ways that we make it easy for you to create the presentations that tell your story.


It’s important that presentations have a consistent and uniform look. To this end, ProPresenter makes use of themes with which you can quickly create and transform your content to ensure everything looks right. Use one of our many built in themes or design one for your context!

Creation and Editing

Powerful importing tools including our reflow editor that allows you to edit slides as easily as editing text in a word processor. Build slides with a variety of elements, including: shapes, text, graphics, videos, gradients, live video, & more.

Working with Media

Hot folders facilitate getting content into the software quickly – as files are added to a folder, they automatically appear in ProPresenter.


ProPresenter is localized in more languages than ever so you can better navigate the app in your native language. This includes English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, and Norwegian.



Planning Center Online integration allows for the importing of service plans, automatically linking of service elements to ProPresenter documents, & PCO Live control.


Our scripture engine, which gives you access to dozens of Bible translations in a variety of languages can create slides dynamically with a variety of options. Use our themes to compare multiple translations.


Quickly import lyrics and ensure that the lyrics you present are correct by importing your worship songs from CCLI SongSelect directly within the ProPresenter interface.

The Renewed Vision Media Store within the software helps you easily find content for your services, Partnering with Worship House Media, a leading content aggregator for house of worship, provides a large variety of content suitable for our worship software customers.

Windows Rebuilt

The Windows version of ProPresenter 7 was completely rewritten and is now 64-bit native to greatly improve performance and stability. It shares many common libraries and code with the Mac, so the integration and similarity is extraordinary.


Stay Connected

More and more often, productions are involving their audiences in their content. ProPresenter offers some incredible tools to make this easy and effective.


Using external software and hardware, you can send MIDI signals to ProPresenter to control your interface and outputs. With ProPresenter you can also send MIDI signals out from the software enabling the ability to control lighting software & hardware, audio automation through your DAW, digital mixers, & more.

Dynamic Web Content

If you use third party tools for asking polls or desire to show content on the web, you’ll appreciate the Web presentation tools in ProPresenter, including the ability to show web pages as objects within a slide.

Web Control

We’ve also created a special web-server right within ProPresenter to allow people on your team to send messages directly to ProPresenter from anywhere to make it easy and more timely to create and show parent notifications or other messages.

Like what you see?


Beyond the App

We Play well with others

  • Integration with Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer (PVP) product via NDI let’s you stream video over a local network and be imported by the PVP graphics engine
  • ProPresenter offers Syphon support, which allows you to share ProPresenter’s output with other applications on the same computer dynamically
  • Control or be controlled with industry standard production protocols, including video standards (AMP, VDCP, RossTalk), lighting (DMX over Artnet), and MIDI


  • ProPresenter lets you take the content you create elsewhere with exporting support for text files, JPEGs, and PNGs

Mobile Integration

  • Mobile tools include an iOS/Android remote so you can control ProPresenter from anywhere in the building
  • The Stage Display app let’s you have as many stage display outputs as you have mobile devices (iOS, Android, Apple TV)


  • Stream directly from within ProPresenter using industry standard RTMP directly to YouTube and FaceBook at no extra cost.
  • Sign up with our partner Resi and get industrial strength Cloud based resillient streaming for a more robust and error free streaming experience with your online audience. Do this directly within ProPresenter without the need for expensive and complicated hardware encoders. 

Continuous Improvements… Predictable Expense

The release of ProPresenter 7 is also the start of a new way of delivering value to our customers . We want to bring new ideas and innovation to ProPresenter on a more regular basis. In order to do that, the way we charge for our software needs to be adjusted.  Gone are the days of a major new update every 1-4 years. We want to drop great new features as soon as we finish them vs. waiting for the next product release cycle.  So we’re adopting a maintenance model we call ProPresenter+.  Here’s how it works.

Every ProPresenter license is a perpetual license — it does not expire. All support and software updates (major or minor) to ProPresenter are included for a full year following the date of purchase. For example, if you purchases a license on February 1, 2020, you will be eligible for support and updates to ProPresenter through February 1, 2021. After that date, should you wish to receive additional support and updates, you will need to renew your ProPresenter+ maintenance agreement.

Annual renewals of ProPresenter+ are 60% off the price of a new license ($159 per seat; $399 per House of Worship campus license… significantly less than what a traditional software subscription would cost), and we endeavor to show you so much value (by means of added features) in the first year of ownership that you renew without hesitation. This benefits you with a predictable expense, instead of surprise updates.

Simplified Pricing

  • We’ve simplified our product offerings and pricing. Every license is attached to one or more seats. Each “seat” allows the software to be installed on one computer.
  • Discounted pricing is available for bulk purchases of 5 or more seats.  Additional seats purchased for licenses with 5 or more seats will be discounted by 25% to $299.  If you buy two licenses initially, you’ll pay $399 each.  If you add 3 more to reach 5 seats, each of those will be at the discounted rate of $299 since you achieved the 5 Seat level, but no credit or refund will be given for the first two seats.
  • Campus license (20-seats) are available to Houses of Worship. See our store for details.

Ongoing Support, Updates, and Feature Upgrades

  • With the ProPresenter+ you get all updates while your plan is active. If you allow your plan to expire, you keep the latest version you received while in plan, but will no longer receive updates for bug fixes or new features that are introduced.
  • ProPresenter+ expires on the first year anniversary of the sale of the license. Customers can renew ProPresenter+ at any time within 12 months following that anniversary date. Renewals of ProPresenter+ are extended to the second anniversary date of the original purchase.
  • If ProPresenter+ is not renewed in the 12 months following the first anniversary, any updates or upgrades to the software will require the purchase of a new license.


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