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The Definitive Choice in Presentation Software for Government Agencies


Intuitive, Powerful Presentation Software for Government Agencies

Now Anyone Can Present Like a Pro

ProPresenter is the industry-standard presentation software for organizations that want a more professional solution than PowerPoint. ProPresenter is used in a wide array of government settings, including courtrooms, lobbies, military chapels, the U.S. Congress, and NASA.

Start Presenting in Minutes. Easy to Learn and Use.

Government employees and agencies need tools that work quickly and efficiently. That’s why ProPresenter 7 is incredibly easy to use. With drag-and-drop editing solutions, anyone can build compelling, rich presentations in minutes, not hours.

Why ProPresenter for Federal and Local Government?



So, what exactly makes ProPresenter the ideal presentation and video solution for government applications?


Customers say we’ve found the perfect balance between simple, easy-to-use tools and deep, pro-grade functionality.


Advanced, multi-layered architecture for building slides (including support for natural, seamless playback of video files) can help you produce some of the richest visuals imaginable — yet it’s simple enough to get started within just minutes, thanks to a wide selection of pre-built presentation templates.


More flexible and adaptable than what you can do in Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to create dynamic presentations that communicate clearly and impress visually.

What else makes ProPresenter the best choice for government presentations and lecture or meeting spaces? Consider how ProPresenter meets the needs of all parties involved.

For Technicians: Meets Even the Most Demanding Technical Needs

Presentation software for government agencies has to be flexible enough to function well in a wide variety of settings. Technicians need a solution that’s quick and easy enough for semi-informal use with little prep time, but they also need something that will scale up to meet even the most demanding technical scenarios.

ProPresenter is a serious solution with the technical capabilities technicians need. Check out some of the capabilities built into ProPresenter 7:


Broadcast-quality video playback


Robust support for video outputs (including to broadcast camera systems over SDI, NDI, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, or VGA)


Unlimited number of audience outputs and layer assignments


Support for operator-driven non-linear presentations


RSS scrolling text capability

For Speakers and Presenters: More Control, More Information

Speakers and presenters love ProPresenter for the enhanced control and visibility they receive. They can control their own presentations from mobile apps on Android and iOS, gaining far more granular control than via a simple remote. Third-party remotes are also supported, including the popular Logitech R400/R800 and DSAN PerfectCue.

ProPresenter also offers enhanced visibility through multiple stage displays with live previews, countdown timers, operator messages, speaking notes, and more. ProPresenter can power an unlimited number of fully customizable stage displays. No matter how complex the stage setup is, ProPresenter can do what stage personnel need it to do.

A Pro Solution for Kiosks, Foyer Announcements, and More

Building lobbies, waiting areas, and foyers outside larger meeting rooms and auditoriums present unique presentation challenges. These areas might utilize kiosks for rotating presentations with the day’s announcements, the room’s daily schedule, or whatever other information makes sense.

In spaces adjacent to large meeting and presentation rooms, operators may want to keep foyer announcements running even while the main venue transitions to an active presentation.

ProPresenter supports all these uses easily, giving you the tools to create attractive and informative rotating announcement slides — plus the flexibility to run multiple views within a single show, keeping the foyer announcements rolling while the presentation happens inside the hall. You can even pull in live, dynamic text content via RSS.

Professional Video and Presentation Software for the Largest, Most Complex Applications

ProPresenter is great in smaller settings, but it really shines in those larger, complex presentation scenarios. A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation might accomplish a simple setups such as with a small meeting room, but office-oriented tools don’t have the powerful integrations needed in larger venues.


Integrate text, images and video from nearly any source into your presentations, thanks to seven adaptable layers for content.


Incorporate video backgrounds — that don’t reset every time you move to a new slide.


Output at any standard resolution from SD to 16K — plus custom resolutions, and automatically scale to multiple concurrent display types and resolutions.


Apply unique themes to each output (e.g., main screen, IMAG, lower thirds, mirrored alignments).

Stage Screens As Flexible As You Need

The presentation scenarios encountered in various levels and agencies of government are quite varied. So you need a solution that gives you unlimited flexibility in terms of number of screens and number of separate feeds within a presentation.

ProPresenter has no limits on the number of feeds you can push or on what goes in each one. Set up one as a quasi-teleprompter and another as a countdown timer with operator feedback. Set up still others with information for stage managers or other up-front personnel. ProPresenter is as flexible and powerful as you’ll ever need.


ProPresenter is already powering speakers and venues throughout multiple branches of government, in many local and federal offices, transforming boring, static presentations into highly professional and engaging ones.

Is your office or division ready to move to the industry standard?

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