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ProPresenter Scoreboard

6.2.5 (100795683)
macOS 10.14.6
Last update: November 2, 2023


The Scoreboard Software You’ve Been Dreaming About

ProPresenter® Scoreboard software is a full-featured digital scoreboard solution built on the robust ProPresenter® platform. In addition to graphic overlays, video playback and ticker feeds found in ProPresenter®, ProPresenter® Scoreboard includes live scores, player stats, advertising display and tracking, and external device control.








Australian Football




Welcome Fans Everywhere to the Arena

Easy-to-Use Interface

Designed for volunteers / students

Multiple Sports Support

Quickly change between control interfaces and output for multiple live scoreboards across various sports

Device Control

Controllable by Industry Standard Scoreboard Controllers, or by the on- screen interface

Dynamic Advertising Zones

Unlimited ad zones with rotating stills, animations or videos

Ad Tracking

Export comprehensive reports for ads to provide to sponsors

Template Based Layouts

Easily change the look of the entire output

Full or Partial Screen Video Display & Playback

Dynamically trigger interstitials, such as “Great Play”, etc.

Video Input Capabilities

One or more live video feeds can be shown on the scoreboard

Remote Control

Built-in webserver to control the interface remotely via tablet or laptop

Player Profiles

Present XML data from StatCrew

(Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, & Volleyball only)

Dynamic Statistics Display

Display web-based stats dynamically from a variety of services

Template Based Layouts



It’s Easy to Use. We Promise.

One of our primary goals is to make this scoreboard very easy to use so the cost and time of training is almost eliminated. Ideally this is intended for students or volunteers that don’t have a lot of technical expertise or background.

The user interface is very straight forward for operators. We’ll also be creating a series of video tutorials to walk you through how to use the software. We’re very budget conscience so we don’t feel you should have to pay for someone to be certified just to know how to operate your scoreboard.


Multiple Sports and Additional Uses

Easily change between multiple sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, etc. so your board can be used for more than one sport. If there’s a sport you need that we don’t have, please call and let us know.

ProPresenter® Scoreboard is also perfect for:

Movie Night

Graduation Ceremonies

Gaming Events


Device Control

ProPresenter-Scoreboard can easily integrate with existing sports scoring software controllers (listed below) so traditional methods of scorekeeping and clock management can still be used. Just plug the serial connection in and you have access to display the consoles game clock, scores, and any other data it provides.


Hardware Compatibility Matrix
Dak All Sport 5000 Dak TV Feed OES ISC 9000 All American 8000 Fairplay MP-70 Electro-Mech Sportzcast Scorebot Web Remote



Video Scoreboard Graphics with Player Rosters and Profiles

Keep track of players for both sides and put your team members up on the big screen by showing Player Profiles. Scoreboard overlay software allows you to include a picture and description (name, position, etc.) on a dynamic background and have it graphically styled and laid out in any way desired.


Remote Control

For those sports that require ringside score-keeping, we’ve got you covered with our remote scoring ability viewable on any tablet or phone via a web connection (closed network highly recommended).


Ad Stats and Reporting

Export a comprehensive report on the advertising for any event showing ad impressions and time in front of an audience. Share this with your sponsors so they can see exactly what they’re paying for.

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