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If you know the email address used to make a purchase, please enter that below and we'll send the information back to that address. If you do NOT know this address or it has changed, then please complete the form in the next section.

Please print and store this information safely. Renewed Vision is NOT responsible for keeping track of an organization's codes.

Email address no longer valid?

Renewed Vision does not create accounts for any organizations or purchases so there's no manner in which we could send out lost logins or passwords. When an order for our software is placed, an email address is required to which the order confirmation is sent. This is what associates an unlock code to a purchase and allows us to send them back out again upon request (to that address only). If that email address has changed for any reason, then obviously it will not go where you may want it so it will need to be updated.

We do NOT issue codes or updates over the phone or chat. Any requests to do so will be redirected to this page to initiate this process, so please start here. To help us find your order and get your email updated quickly, please complete the form below.

1) What is your name? *
2) What is your phone number? *
3) What is your organization-specific email address? *

NOTE: We cannot email unlock codes to a generic @gmail, @hotmail email account unless it matches the original order. If you do not have an organization-specific email account (i.e. [email protected]), we cannot provide you with an unlock code directly.

We can update the prefix of an email address quickly without further validation (i.e. "[email protected]" to "[email protected]"), but if you're attempting to change the root domain of the email address we need authorization from the original account sent directly to "[email protected]" requesting this change to facilitate this process (i.e. "[email protected]" to "[email protected]").

4) Which Renewed Vision product (and version) are you missing an unlock code for? *
5) If you have it loaded on a computer already, please provide the first five and/or last five characters of the code shown in the registration window (example below). First 5: Last 5:
Pro7 Registration Panel
6) What is the name of the organization that registered the software?
7) Has there ever been a different name for your organization?
8) Please provide the complete mailing address for your organization
9) What is your organization's website address?
10) If you did not make this software purchase, can you tell us the name of the person that did?
11) If this is not the email address used to make this purchase, can you tell us the one that was used?
12) Do you have any idea when this software was purchased?  
13) Is there any other information you can provide that may help us track down your Unlock Code?