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ProPresenter 6 Cloud Synchronization

(Not available for ProPresenter 7)

ProPresenter Cloud

Cloud Synchronization in ProPresenter 5 & 6 extends the Full Synchronization capability by providing an easy and convenient way to share presentations and content across the Internet.

  • Keep your office and work machines in sync automatically.
  • Share content across multiple computers
  • Ensure all machines have the latest version of a song
  • Works automatically in the background
Note: ProPresenter Cloud Sync is sold as a subscription service for a 12 month interval. Any upgrade to an account extends it out another 12 months from the date of purchase and credits back the unused portion of subscription to that purchase.
Tiers Storage Download Price Choose
ProCloud 5GB 5 GB 15 GB / mo $72 ($6/mo) Buy
ProCloud 10GB 10 GB 30 GB / mo $120 ($10/mo) Buy
ProCloud 25GB 25 GB 75 GB / mo $240 ($20/mo) Buy
ProCloud 50GB 50 GB 150 GB / mo $480 ($40/mo) Buy