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Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter with NDI and PVP3 Power 3-City Passion Powerhouse

Alpharetta, GA, March 5, 2018 — Passion Conferences collegiate ministry held its annual gathering the first week of 2018, bringing together more than 32,000 students from 700 universities and 35 countries to three arenas. The conference, which has been active for over 20 years, consistently sets new standards for high-quality productions and this year was no exception. As in previous years, Renewed Vision’s software solutions played a major role, with ProPresenter6 and its new PVP3 media server – both  now equipped for NDI support – responsible for driving graphics, lyrics and video content across large displays.

“We have been honored to be a part of Passion conferences almost since their inception, and are always interested in hearing their ideas for innovating live worship gatherings,” says Brad Weston of Renewed Vision, who, along with several other Renewed Vision employees worked production on the event. “The 2018 conference brought some really unique challenges, and we were thrilled to be able to provide powerful solutions to those challenges.”

The biggest challenge in each in-the-round venue – Phillips Arena and Infinite Energy Center in Atlanta (the third venue, Washington DC’s Anthem, is a traditional theater venue)– was the use of six large angled trapezoidal shaped screens on which live camera shots, worship lyrics, and pre-produced videos were shown. Trussing was hung over the stage with a central spine and three thrusts 120° apart from each other, with two of the uniquely shaped screens hanging back to back from each of the thrusts. This resulted in two screens being visible from most viewing angles in the arena.

To make the most of the effect, Passion’s requested the text on these screens be angled and aligned to the center. This presented a challenge to Renewed Vision, as the text – typically right or left aligned using ProPresenter – had to be aligned flush to an angle as opposed to a perpendicular line.

“We have a history of doing some special enhancements for Passion for their events, but this year’s challenge was extremely unique,” Weston continues, “The truth is that we have some passionate individuals in our company that love rising to the occasion, particularly when it comes to these kinds of faith-based events. We made some custom modifications to ProPresenter that allowed Passion to achieve the look they had imagined. The results were astounding.”

In addition to the custom work Renewed Vision completed on ProPresenter6, they also made use of the newly implemented NDI playback functionality to power ProPresenter the video streams, including alpha key, to the screen control system that was located approximately 300 meters from the workstations. “The machine they used for screen control didn’t have the necessary number of inputs to handle a separate key/fill, and they were investigating buying more video cards to ingest our lyric feed. Instead, we decided to use NDI and it worked flawlessly, saving both time and money for new expenditures,” Weston adds.

While ProPresenter powered the lyrics and scriptures shown on the screens within the three venues and the graphics on the live web streams (viewed by over 80,000 people), PVP3 made its Passion debut doing video playback simultaneously with multiple aspect ratios and sizes from one location to the other venues. To keep a feeling of cohesiveness across the three gathering locations, it was imperative that elements run on time.

An optical fiber backbone between the two Atlanta-area locations and the Washington DC location allowed for bi-direction communication of audio/video between the hosts in each location. All video packages, however, came from a PVP3 video server at Phillips Arena. Because there was a large variety of produced video content provided for multiple screen sizes and aspect ratios, the flexibility of PVP3 was immediately evident. Some video cues came with separate files for the variety of aspect ratios, while others were only available in a single aspect ratio.

“PVP3’s ability to playback across multiple SDI outputs, and manipulate content on the fly for scaling to other aspect ratios, lended the exact flexibility that Passion needed for this year’s event,” concluded Weston.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

Visitors entering The Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional, in Thibodaux, Louisiana, are immediately engaged by a 17-minute video show that showcases the native beauty of Louisiana. With content powered by Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer2 (PVP2) across three massive 4K video displays, the multi-screen experience, born from VisionQuest Design & Production of Atlanta, features nature scenes, landmarks, plantations, and the Bayou among other local places.


Prominently featured in the spacious lobby of The Wellness Center’s new Education Center, visitors can also activate interactive options via a touchscreen. This includes a wayfinding element with a list of medical services available at The Wellness Center, which is part of the greater Thibodaux Regional Medical Center complex. All the while, PVP2 powers still or moving video images for display across the three screens as one continuous, unified image; or delivers separate images for display on each screen.


To create the unique lobby experience, the Wellness Center hired VisionQuest Design & Production, Inc., an Atlanta-based audio/video producer that specializes in creating innovative, multimedia projects. VisionQuest takes projects from conceptual development through programming and installation.


To deliver reliable, turnkey solutions to their customers, VisionQuest often enlists the services of third-party companies, like Renewed Vision. For this project, Renewed Vision’s PVP2 video playback system was specified due to its unrivaled balance between cost-efficiency and remarkable multi-screen display capabilities, including its limitless ability to work with UHD resolutions.


“While production companies are starting to work with 4K video, few are equipped to handle the challenges associated with ultra-high-definition 12K video,” said Tony Shannon, president of VisionQuest. “Not only is the PVP2’s video engine uniquely capable of processing and playing out resolution independent video, this Mac-based system synchronizes and delivers the imagery across multiple non-standard displays, including the layer of images we required for interactivity.”


Renewed Vision’s PVP2 is the centerpiece of a complete audio-visual experience. Each of three 3X3 video walls is 12-feet wide, with 10 feet of distance between them, and together they span a 56-foot area. Mounted on the walls above the displays are two stereo speakers as well as a sound isolation dome that minimizes noise during interactive use. With HDMI, cable/satellite and Blu-ray inputs, each monitor wall can also be used for events, like video game tournaments, watch-parties for football games, and other live presentations.


“We can sync up any number of displays and PVP composes the layout of the video across the screens,” Shannon said. “The playback is always reliable, smooth and jitter-free.”

This project also features impressive interactive capabilities. By pressing a “touch here” icon at the center of the displays, visitors can bring up additional imagery on a 50- to 60-inch center section of the screen. These images can be whatever is playing on the big screen—only at a smaller scale for easier viewing at close range—as well as a menu of interactive activities and options.


Visitors can choose to display many resources, including maps of the medical center, bios on the doctors, medical services the facility provides, patient success stories, an individual health test and ways to improve one’s health. Custom software gives the interactive layer a modicum of transparency that allows the informational displays to superimpose the beauty shots, so both layers of images can be seen easily from anywhere in the room.


“Much of this project was designed and implemented from the ground up, including our custom development of a three 4K-camera rig to shoot the 12K video. This assembly was operated from a moving jib crane, golf cart, pickup truck, and airboat to capture the range of footage that was needed,” Shannon said. “With respect to this project’s complex multi-screen video wall, Renewed Vision provided us with excellent technical support as we pushed the envelope to give The Wellness Center a truly innovative, visually engaging multimedia experience.”


About Thibodaux Regional Medical Center


Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, a 185-bed acute care facility, provides inpatient and outpatient care for the people of Lafourche, LA, and seven surrounding parishes. Thibodaux Regional is nationally recognized for its quality care, cost efficiency, innovation, safety and outstanding patient experience. For more information, visit


About VisionQuest Design & Production, Inc.

Based in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area, VisionQuest Design & Production, Inc. is a video and multimedia production company that specializes in the creation of innovative, large-scale A/V and multimedia installations. The company offers end-to-end creative services ranging from design and consultation to programming and implementation. Their work fuses video, audio and graphics production with high-tech automation control and presentation solutions. For more information about VisionQuest Design & Production, Inc., and to see a gallery of their recent work, please visit:

Commissioning Event

Every June, The Salvation Army rallies it’s troops from the 13 western United States at an event held at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. Ostensibly, this is to mark the ordination or “commissioning” of new Salvation Army officers (pastors), but it’s also an opportunity to share in fellowship and creative corporate worship. For years we’ve been wanting to do something in the round, but the opportunity (and the technology) has always been just a little out of our reach. But this year we decided to go for it, as our director was wanting an immersive worship experience, centering around Jesus’ journey to the cross, and the people he may have met along the way.

As such, we decided to begin by flying a circular truss. The outer piece was 100′ in diameter, and over 300′ in circumference. There were also two smaller circular trusses inside of that, one for lighting and the smallest in the middle had audio support and twelve 18k projectors. Initially we were going to do a single piece of muslin wrapped around the outer truss to encircle the audience with projection. Video playback was going to happen with a Spyder system and operator, which we’d have to rent. However, once we saw the capabilities of PVP2, our thinking about setup changed dramatically. Because the content of the meeting was going to be drama, song and dance, all set during Jesus’ life, I felt a giant cyclorama would be too overbearing and modern. Instead, we decided to create muslin panels of varying size and shape, and hang them somewhat haphazardly around the outer truss, which we were able to confidently do with the knowledge that PVP2 would make masking the video projected to those pieces fast and easy.

Around this same time, we discovered the power of the new MacPro. In discussions with RenewedVision, we quickly realized we would be able to accomplish our entire setup using a single MacPro and a single license of PVP2. We quickly moved in this direction. By adding a single TripleHead2Go to the three we already owned, we were able to use four of the MacPro’s six Thunderbolt ports to send video signal to our twelve different projectors, and a fifth Thunderbolt port for a control monitor. We had 25 unique pieces of muslin created and hung within our overall projectable space, with the seams between the projectors falling in the gaps left between the muslin panels, making edge blending unnecessary. The largest of these pieces was 25′ wide and 15′ tall, of which there were three to be able to carry more “featured” videos. Once everything was hung and the projectors focused in, PVP2’s masking tool was even easier and more precise than I had hoped, and I was dialed in in a matter of minutes, not hours. Further, I was able to very easily network my MacBookPro running ProPresenter to bring lyrics in to the text layer, as well as add additional layers for playback just to the larger pieces of muslin for “featured” videos.

The overall effect was incredibly stunning, and totally captured the immersive experience my director was wanting. PVP2 performed incredibly well during the show, and I have no doubt this event will be talked about in The Salvation Army for years to come.

Sheraton Waikiki 4D Pool Projection

This is the first permanent architectural projection onto a swimming pool in the world. The system is comprised of 5 x 40K lumen and 2 x 20k lumen projectors and runs on two ProVideoPlayer servers streaming close to 22 million pixels.

  • The five Barco 40k’s are on the roof of the 31 story hotel
  • The two Barco 20k’s on the second floor

The pool is a map of a 4000 x 4000 video cut into five 1920×1080 pieces on the fly by PVP2 and a single MacPro® another MacPro is slaved on the second floor (some 30 stories below) for two 1920×1080 feeds to projectors for the rock imagery. The slaved Mac Pro also plays the soundtrack and PVP changes the input on the Bose PA with a contact closure relay, and changes it back once complete.

The $1.3M project runs nightly at 8pm and 9pm.