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ProPresenter has been used at all Catalyst conferences since its inception. In this particular set up, a round LED cylinder was used for IMAG to provide video support to the venue, which was in the round. ProPresenter was used for all lyric and Scripture support. Below the LED is a cylinder of Barco MiStrips, driven by PVP. In front of the stage on each side was a series of 6 plasma displays, powered by two Mac Minis and two copies… continue reading »

The Journey Multi-Screen

When we decided to transition from one center screen to three screens on stage, we knew that choosing the correct software would be an integral part of the transition. We chose ProPresenter due to its ability to handle multiple screens with ease. We use a 27 inch iMac with an upgraded video card in the tech booth, which runs ProPresenter 5 and the Multi-Screen Module. The iMac feeds a Matrox TripleHead2Go, which splits the signal into three separate outputs. Since… continue reading »

Edge Blending Module with Double Stacked Projection

Edge Blending Module with Double Stacked Projection 4to Informe de labores del TSJEZ proyectado en una sola pantalla de 8 x 2.6 mts con el sistema de ProPresenter y el plug in Edge Blending + Triple Head 2 Go de matrox , se utilizaron 6 proyectores de 6000 lums cada uno haciendo una proyeccion total de 12 mil lumens. Using ProPresenter 5 we created a TripeWide Projection with 6 NEC projectors (12K lumens) and the Edge Blending Module for ProPresenter.… continue reading »

Environmental Projection in 3 Irish Churches

I wanted to test out Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter 5 in different church environments where the architecture presented alternative challenges due to shape and size, plus where the brick work verses plastered white walls might impact on projection Images. CHURCH 1: Christ the Redeemer Church in West Belfast, based in Northern Ireland. It was a very wide church and I use 3 projectors, ProPresenter 5 and Matrox TripleHead2Go to fill its expanse. The effect was very effective. It took a churches… continue reading »

Salt Nashville

Used ProVideoPlayer and ProPresenter for our conference to drive lyrics on the main wall and the video front projected with two projectors.