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Project: Sheraton Waikiki 4D Pool Projection


This is the first permanent architectural projection onto a swimming pool in the world. The system is comprised of 5 x 40K lumen and 2 x 20k lumen projectors and runs on two ProVideoPlayer servers streaming close to 22 million pixels.

  • The five Barco 40k’s are on the roof of the 31 story hotel
  • The two Barco 20k’s on the second floor

The pool is a map of a 4000 x 4000 video cut into five 1920×1080 pieces on the fly by PVP2 and a single MacPro® another MacPro is slaved on the second floor (some 30 stories below) for two 1920×1080 feeds to projectors for the rock imagery. The slaved Mac Pro also plays the soundtrack and PVP changes the input on the Bose PA with a contact closure relay, and changes it back once complete.

The $1.3M project runs nightly at 8pm and 9pm.