EasyWorship vs ProPresenter

If you’re looking for the best worship and presentation software for your church, you’ll likely come across EasyWorship vs ProPresenter as two church presentation software solutions.

Both offer many features that churches depend on for Sunday mornings — but the two programs also have some significant differences to consider.

Find out the biggest differences between EasyWorship vs ProPresenter in this comparison guide.

What Is EasyWorship?

EasyWorship logo

EasyWorship is a church presentation software solution that was designed to be simple and straightforward to use.

It has a number of features that set it apart from simpler solutions like PowerPoint, and it’s clearly designed with Sunday mornings in mind.

EasyWorship supports the use of both an audience and a stage display, and it connects to SongSelect for easy lyric importing.

It’s not as feature-rich as other worship and presentation software options. And, while updates have been slow, the team behind EasyWorship continues to release new features.

What Is ProPresenter?

ProPresenter Logo

ProPresenter is a modern, easy-to-use church presentation software solution loved by large and small churches.

It has a robust, deep feature set that easily supports even the most extensive, most professional AV setups — yet the primary slide editor interface is intuitive and easy enough for your volunteers to learn quickly and use effectively.

The team behind ProPresenter continues to innovate, adding impressive new features like industry-leading streaming support.

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Easy Worship vs. ProPresenter at a Glance

Operating SystemWindows-onlyCross-platform (Windows, macOS, etc.)
Native Language SupportEnglishEnglish, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Czech, Norwegian
Support ChannelsEmail, Phone, Online AppointmentsReal-time chat, Email, Phone calls, Scheduled video/audio calls
Trial Period / DemoStandalone demo (limited in scope)Full, unrestricted two-week trial
Slide CapabilitiesBasic Slide EditorAdvanced Slide Editor with various additional features (like Bezier curves, individual object transitions, etc.)
OutputsMain display, stage display, and one more (limited to 3)Unlimited, customizable (limited only by hardware)
Live Video IntegrationBasic; Assumes external software for streamingAdvanced; Built-in streaming, supports SDI, advanced audio routing, etc.
Bible Translations & Languages92 Bibles in 32 languages125 Bibles in 36 languages; Can display multiple translations simultaneously
Overall Edge (Based on Comparison)Simpler and straightforward interface, suited for basic presentation needsComprehensive feature set, more polished, and versatile for diverse AV setups

Platforms and Languages Supported

Languages supported by ProPresenter

EasyWorship is a Windows-only application, and supports only one native language: English. There are controller apps for iOS and Android, but EasyWorship itself requires Windows.

ProPresenter, on the other hand, is a cross-platform presentation app that performs seamlessly across devices regardless of operating system. ProPresenter also supports 10 languages natively:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Czech
  • Norwegian

Edge: ProPresenter


Dog sitting at computer wearing a headset while using ProPresenter

EasyWorship subscribers get unlimited email or phone support and can book appointments online. ProPresenter offers more support options, including:

  • Real-time chat
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Scheduled video or audio calls for troubleshooting and training

Edge: ProPresenter

Trial Period / Demo

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When looking into different solutions, you want to try before you buy. Both companies have trial options to see how the software would integrate into your worship service, but they take very different approaches.

ProPresenter offers a full, unrestricted two-week trial of the entire church presentation solution. You can download, install, and use the entire program for two weeks without watermarks, and keep using it afterward with a watermark on the outputs.

EasyWorship takes a different approach. The company offers a standalone demo that lets you get a feel for how the program operates. But it’s limited in scope — it’s not the full, unrestricted experience.

Edge: ProPresenter

Slide Capabilities

Both programs offer advanced slide capabilities that go beyond what you can get out of office-oriented apps.

You can create visually rich slides with text and incorporate audio and video, including looping video backgrounds.

However, this is another area where you’ll start to see a significant difference in depth between the two solutions.

ProPresenter has an advanced, pro-grade slide editor, while EasyWorship offers a more basic solution.

What does this mean exactly? Here’s a lengthy list of things you can do with or on slides in ProPresenter, but not EasyWorship.

  • Implement shapes and Bezier curves
  • Build slide objects in and out (individual transitions for objects)
  • Linked text boxes
  • Data-driven text boxes (feed data from external sources like an RSS feed)
  • Conditional element visibility
  • Guides and rulers for precise slide design

To get an even better idea of the significance of these differences, all you need to do is peruse the sample slide imagery on both sites.

Edge: ProPresenter

Additional Outputs

ProPresenter is a powerhouse when it comes to stage displays, lobby displays, or any other display types you could need, such as producer or operator views. There’s no limit to the number of displays with customized outputs you can push through ProPresenter. The only limits are your hardware.

EasyWorship allows for a main display, a stage display feed, and just added the option for a third output. Other than that, you can’t customize or add outputs. If your church has a complex AV setup that needs more than three outputs, then EasyWorship won’t cut it for your needs.

Edge: ProPresenter

Live Video Integration

ProPresenter and EasyWorship support live video integration and some pro video formats. But, once again, there’s a difference in depth here. Both apps support NDI outputs, but only ProPresenter supports SDI

EasyWorship assumes you’re using a second computer and software to do streaming and is designed to send lyrics out to it. ProPresenter has streaming built directly into it, allowing you to stream right to popular live streaming destinations, or record the output to disk. The same goes for many other pro features, like advanced audio routing, macros for automation, and more.

Edge: ProPresenter

Bible Translations and Languages

You need a church presentation software solution that makes it easy for you to pull in Bible verses — no matter which version the speaker is using. Both solutions offer broad support in this area. EasyWorship includes 92 Bibles across 32 languages, while ProPresenter includes 125 Bibles across 36 languages.

One distinction between these two options for software for churches: only ProPresenter allows you to pull in and display multiple Bible translations simultaneously. With EasyWorship, you’ll have to figure out how to do it manually.

Edge: ProPresenter

Final Thoughts on EasyWorship vs ProPresenter

This Case Study was created and published by ChurchFront. For more ProPresenter videos, visit our YouTube Channel for beginner’s guides, use cases, tutorials, and more.

ProPresenter and EasyWorship will easily outperform open-source, freeware, or office-oriented presentation apps. They’re both full of features custom-designed for churches.

But there are some significant differences between the two solutions. ProPresenter offers a wealth of additional functionality and overall higher levels of polish. 

View our dedicated worship page for a more in-depth comparison between ProPresenter, EasyWorship, and more church presentation software.

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