Proclaim vs ProPresenter

Proclaim vs ProPresenter Comparison Guide

Choosing the right worship presentation software for your church is a complex process. All the major players offer broad feature sets and will vastly out-perform office-oriented products like PowerPoint. Yet there are clear differences in how the programs operate and how robust they are in various areas.

Proclaim vs ProPresenter

Two options you may have come across already are Faithlife Proclaim and Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter. Both offer compelling features and excel at their central function, but there are significant differences between the two.

Find out the main differences in this quick comparison guide.

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What Is Proclaim?

Proclaim is the worship presentation software component of the Faithlife suite of church tools. Faithlife is the company behind Logos Bible Software, and in fact, one of the biggest draws to Proclaim is its deep integrations with Logos.

The Faithlife suite is wide-ranging, seeking to be an almost one-stop shop for all the tech products a church would need. In addition to Logos and Proclaim, the Faithlife suite includes website development, app development, and church management/giving solutions.

As an entire suite, Faithlife does a good job at integration. For example, if you’ve created your website through Faithlife, calendar events can be automatically synced into your pre-service announcement slides.

Proclaim does a good job of syncing service setups remotely, and it’s a reasonably effective option for presentation software for churches. However, as is often the case with suites or bundles, the advantages tend to be in the integrations and the convenience of having a single provider. Actual feature sets for any piece of the bundle can be limited, and that’s the case here.

What Is ProPresenter?

ProPresenter is standalone modern church presentation software trusted by churches large and small as an intuitive, easy-to-use worship presentation software solution. It has an incredibly deep feature set that gives you just about anything you could want in a worship service presentation — no matter the size or complexity of your church service and media needs.

ProPresenter features an intuitive modern interface that anyone can use effectively, even volunteers with little training. But then just under the surface, you’ll find a wealth of professional-grade presentation features.

ProPresenter has continued to innovate, adding pro-grade audio and video support as well as the best streaming codec in the industry, new for version 7.

Platforms and Languages Supported

Both ProPresenter and Proclaim work cross-platform on both Mac and PC. Both also support English and Spanish as languages natively supported, but on this point, ProPresenter goes further.

ProPresenter offers native language support for these languages, in addition to English and Spanish:

  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Czech
  • Norwegian

Edge: ProPresenter

TL;DR: Both platforms support Mac and PC. In addition to Spanish and English, ProPresenter supports 8 more languages than Proclaim. 

Trial Period

Both worship presentation software programs offer a free unrestricted trial so you can get a feel for whether they will meet the specific needs of your worship service. ProPresenter gives you 14 free trial days, while Proclaim gives you 30.

Edge: Proclaim

Customer Support

Both solutions also offer elevated customer support options—perfect for complex tools running in sometimes complex environments. Proclaim offers real-time chat, email, and phone support. ProPresenter offers all those and also lets you schedule a video call or screen share to troubleshoot more complex issues.

TL;DR: Both platforms offer extensive customer support. However, ProPresenter takes it a step further with video call support for complex issues. 

Edge: ProPresenter

Slide Design Capabilities

Both programs offer the ability to display slides with text, graphics, and video and include something akin to an advanced professional editor. That said, Proclaim’s editor is limited when compared to ProPresenter’s, as you’ll see below.

ProPresenter supports custom shapes, gradients, and Bezier curves for slide design. Proclaim doesn’t. ProPresenter also allows you to add individual transitions for slide objects, allowing for custom build-ins and build-outs. Proclaim doesn’t.

ProPresenter also has richer support for advanced text features that Proclaim can’t match, including these:

  • Linked text boxes
  • Data-driven text boxes (slide text-driven from an external source)
  • Data links within text
  • Conditional element visibility (objects like countdown timers can be made visible or invisible based on contextual triggers)

TL;DR: ProPresenter offers more advanced slide design capabilities than Proclaim. 

Edge: ProPresenter

Video and Display Capabilities

This is an area where one solution offers much more robust capabilities than the other. More and more, churches are incorporating live video and camera inputs into their displays (both on-site and online). Proclaim includes support for just one such input, while ProPresenter offers robust support (as many inputs as your hardware can handle).

ProPresenter also has no limits on the number of independent displays you can use. Send one or multiple feeds to various stage displays while you send yet another to lobby announcement kiosks and another to livestream and video displays. Again, the only limits are your hardware.

Proclaim, on the other hand, limits you to one stage display, and your ability to display different content on various displays or customize your stage display is limited.

TL;DR: ProPresenter offers more robust video and display capabilities than Proclaim. 

Edge: ProPresenter

Final Thoughts

For basic and even moderately advanced worship service presentations, both Proclaim and ProPresenter will drastically outperform legacy or office-oriented alternatives. If your presentation needs aren’t all that advanced and you’re already planning to make use of other parts of the Faithlife suite, Proclaim might be good enough for your needs. But on its own, Proclaim would make the monthly subscription fee hard to justify.

If you’re looking for a more powerful, more robust standalone solution — one with a completely dedicated support team that isn’t split between multiple products — ProPresenter is the better choice. Simply put, it can do more.

View our dedicated worship page for a more in-depth comparison between ProPresenter and major competitors, including Faithlife Proclaim. 

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