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Worship Extreme vs ProPresenter Comparison Guide

Choosing the best church presentation software solution for your church’s needs can be a complex decision. Feature lists get long and hard to work through, and flashy marketing collateral doesn’t always match real-world results.

Worship Extreme vs ProPresenter

You may have seen ProPresenter or Worship Extreme mentioned or even advertised on social media or even gotten a recommendation from ministry friends or partners, but how do these two worship and presentation software solutions stack up?

We’ll show you the similarities and the differences in this quick comparison guide.

About Worship Extreme (Now called ‘Presenter’)

Worship Extreme has been serving the church market for about 9 years with its cloud-based church presentation software. However, the company recently rebranded their flagship product as “Presenter by WE”.  There are 3 levels to the software, with a price tag between $0 and $25/ per month.

Presenter (Worship Extreme) vs ProPresenter

Platforms and Languages Supported

Both applications are cross-platform, supporting both Mac and Windows users, and both include native language support for 10 languages (though there are a few differences). Both offer support for English, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, German and Norwegian.

ProPresenter adds Russian, Chinese (Simplified) and Czech, while Presenter adds Polish, Italian and Dutch.

Edge: Tied.

Languages supported by ProPresenter


With Presenter by WE, you’ll get email-based support. But with ProPresenter, email is only one of several service offerings. ProPresenter customers enjoy robust support in the following ways:

  • Real-time chat
  • Email
  • Phone calls
  • Scheduled video or audio calls for troubleshooting and training

Edge: ProPresenter

Trial Period / Demo

ProPresenter offers a completely free and unrestricted trial of the full software solution. Try it out for 14 days to see whether it serves your purposes well. After 14 days, it will keep working, but with a watermark on the output.

Presenter by WE doesn’t have a trial at all, however, their lowest tier is free. Though it does have some options limited until you start paying for it.

Edge: Presenter

ProPresenter Trial screen

Slide Capabilities

Slide capabilities are one of the most important attributes for church presentation software. This includes a lot of the basics, like showing lyrics, images, videos, and using bullet points, Scriptures and and other speaking aids. It’s also expected that they look good in the process.

Both apps allow you to display slides with text, graphics, and video, but if you’re looking for an advanced suite of professional editing tools, Presenter by WE starts to fall behind. Presenter lets you work with opacity, shadows, styles, templates, and themes, and it has support for slide transitions.

But check out this long list of features in ProPresenter that Worship Extreme’s solution can’t match:

  • Custom shapes, gradients, and Bezier curves
  • Animated fly-ins
  • Gradient text
  • Dynamic text scaling
  • Linked text boxes
  • Slide notes
  • Data-driven text boxes
  • Guides and rulers
  • Conditional element visibility

Edge: ProPresenter

Screenshot of ProPresenter worship software

Live Video Integration

Churches’ display needs are growing more and more complex, with many relying on live video for live streaming or even internal feeds within a campus. Both software solutions include live video inputs, however ProPresenter has the ability to also stream directly to the Internet, allowing you to run your entire stream through your worship presentation software. As an added bonus, ProPresenter has a direct relationship with the streaming service Resi, who’s proprietary Resilient Streaming Protocol allows the computer to be completely unplugged/replugged into the internet, without any loss of video to end viewers.

Edge: ProPresenter

Screenshot of live performance during worship service

Alternate Views

The free version of Presenter by WE only offers the Audience display. If you want to add one Stage Display, you’ll need to be spending money every month. ProPresenter offers unlimited Stage Displays by default, with unlimited formatting options to create different screens for Producer, Operator, or multiple screens for the people on stage.

Edge: ProPresenter

Screenshot of ProPresenter capabilities

Bible Translations and Languages

Being able to pull in Scripture passages quickly and powerfully is an essential component of worship and presentation software for churches, and both apps offer support for doing so.

ProPresenter supports 125 unique Bible translations spread across 36 languages. Presenter by WE offers 22 translations covering seven languages.

Additionally, ProPresenter has the ability to automatically display multiple Bible translations, such as English and Spanish side by side. If you want to do that in Presenter, you’ll be doing a lot of manual copying and pasting.

Edge: ProPresenter

Worship Extreme vs ProPresenter: ProPresenter Wins

Presenter by WE has a respectable feature set, but ProPresenter goes deeper and further. If you’re looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that’s also full of pro-grade features, ProPresenter is the clear choice.

Visit our dedicated worship page for a more in-depth comparison between ProPresenter and major competitors in the live worship software industry. 

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