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House of Worship

– Church, Temple, Synagogue, etc. –

Starting at $399

(or $199.50 for upgrades)

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Starting at $399

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ProPresenter Licensing

ProPresenter has three different types of licenses you can buy according to your market and number of uses. Our licensing is based on the delineation between single use vs. concurrent use as well as Mac vs. PC.

Single License (House of Worship only - $399)

You may load the software on as many machines of the same platform as you want (all Macs or all PCs), but you can only use one copy of it at a time in a live environment (in front of an audience). All other copies using the same single license will run with the watermark as depicted below. This is best termed a non-concurrent use license and platform specific.

ProPresenter Single License

NOTE: A Single License is platform specific (Mac or Windows - not both) and good for only one campus. Software licenses cannot be transferred (sold or donated) to another organization or individual.

Campus License (House of Worship only - $799)

A Campus License may be used in as many live environments as needed on a single campus simultaneously (multiple buildings is fine). Essentially, our campus license is priced as a "Buy 2 get unlimited free" of our single license pricing. It's also platform independent. So if you want maximum flexibility to operate ProPresenter on any platform in as many rooms as you like, the Campus License is a great value.

ProPresenter Campus License

NOTE: A Campus License works on both Mac and Windows. If you have multiple campuses, then EACH campus must have its own single or campus license.

Seat License (Business, School, Individual - $399)

A Seat License is good for only one computer at a time, but will unlock either Mac or Windows. If you need to use your Seat License on another machine, you can de-register it on one computer and re-register it on another, making the transfer of the license very easy.

NOTE: A Seat License works on both Mac and Windows. Requires Internet access to move between different systems.