ProPresenter MIDI Module

The ProPresenter MIDI Module allows ProPresenter to be remotely controlled by MIDI devices via the network. For more information see the product page.

MIDI Module for ProPresenter 5 & 6 (Mac only)
NOTE: Each Module purchased can be used on ONE machine only and is keyed to that system. If you move to a new machine, it must be removed from that system and re-keyed to another.
Add ProPresenter MIDI Module (Mac only) $99

DEMO MODULES BEFORE BUYING!: We have done our best to test the MIDI module's capabilities with a variety of devices and are comfortable that, should you have a good connection between the device and your ProPresenter machine, the module will function as expected. However, the establishment of this connection is often tricky. As such, we implore you to demo the module free of charge to ensure it works for you prior to purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Please utilize our manual. There are detailed schematics for creating serial connections available within our ProPresenter 5 Manual or ProPresenter 6 Manual.