ProPresenter Multi-Screen Module

The Multi-Screen Module enables ProPresenter to control 2 or 3 screens, depending on which Matrox unit you have (DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go). These products are sold separately below and are required for this solution. For more information about this module, see the product page.

Multi-Screen Module
NOTE: All module codes (Pro3 & Pro4) are compatable with ProPresenter 5 & 6 provided the machine and registration name stays the same. If either has changed, you need to have your modules re-keyed to your current, registered system.
Add ProPresenter Multi-Screen Module for Mac $199
Add ProPresenter Multi-Screen Module for Windows $199
NOTE: For 2 or 3 Screen functionality, you MUST have one of the following (in addition to the Multi-Screen Module above -- see 'Which Matrox is Right for Me' for more details or watch the Multi-Screen and Matrox tutorials for ProPresenter here):
TripleHead2Go – DisplayPort with VGA Adaptors   $449
TripleHead2Go – DisplayPort with DVI Adaptors   $394
TripleHead2Go – Digital SE Edition (DisplayPort In/DVI-D Out) $279
TripleHead2Go – Digital Edition (DVI-I outputs NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACS!) $349
DualHead2Go – Digital ME Edition $179
DualHead2Go – Digital Edition (DVI-I Outputs - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACS) $249

NOTE: The Multi-Screen Module used to be known as the Advanced Module for ProPresenter 4. It has been renamed and the SDI output capability has been split out into the SDI Module. The network control as a slave via ProVideoPlayer (PVP) is now free for any license of Pro. The Modules are valid for just one computer and are non-transferrable unless switching to a new machine. A ProPresenter license is required to use any module.