ProPresenter Edge Blending Module

This software module enables ProPresenter to create a seamless edge between 2 or 3 projectors, blending them perfectly to create one wide image. A Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go is required for this module to work. Either can be purchased below. For more information, see the product page.

Edge Blending Module
NOTE: Edge Blending works in Pro5/6 for Mac and Pro6 only for Windows.
Add ProPresenter Edge Blending Module for Mac $599
Add ProPresenter Edge Blending Module for Windows (Pro6 ONLY) $599
For 2 or 3 Screen functionality, you MUST have one of the following (in addition to the Edge Blending Module above – see 'Which Matrox is Right for Me' for more details or watch the Multiscreen and Matrox tutorials for ProPresenter here):
TripleHead2Go – DisplayPort with VGA Adaptors   $449
TripleHead2Go – DisplayPort with DVI Adaptors   $394
TripleHead2Go – Digital SE Edition (DisplayPort In/DVI-D Out) $279
TripleHead2Go – Digital Edition (DVI-I NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACS) $349
DualHead2Go – Digital ME Edition $179
DualHead2Go – Digital Edition (DVI-I NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MACS) $249

NOTE: Modules are valid for just one computer and are non-transferrable. ProPresenter license is required to use Modules. Neither web content nor video played directly from DVD can be displayed through the Edge Blending Module.