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ProPresenter Master Control Module

The Master Control Module for ProPresenter 5 & 6 allows the computer it's loaded on (the Master) to remotely control other instances of ProPresenter on the network. There is no limit to the number of Slave computers you can have and every ProPresenter 5 & 6 license comes standard with the ability to be controlled by a Master. For more information, see the product page.

Master Control Module
NOTE: The Master Control Module ONLY works with ProPresenter 5 & 6. This capability is NOT implemented in ProPresenter 3 or 4.
Add ProPresenter Master Control Module for Mac $299
Add ProPresenter Master Control Module for Windows $299

NOTE: The Network Node or Slave capability is a standard feature in all versions of ProPresenter 5 & 6. Modules are valid for just one computer and are non-transferrable unless switching to a new machine. A ProPresenter license is required to use any module and a Campus License is generally required for this module since it requires multiple copies of ProPresenter to be running at the same time.