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Stage Display on iPhone ProPresenter Stage 2 App

For iOS (v.9.1 and higher) and Android (v.4.2, Jellybean and higher).

ProPresenter Stage Display App is an exciting enhancement to ProPresenter that allows it to broadcast the Stage Display data stream via a WiFi network (text only, no images) to any device running the Stage Display App.

Stage Display panel in Pro

Stage Display on iPad

Mobile Interface

Upon logging in, all layouts defined on that system will be downloaded to the device. The user can choose which ever layout they prefer, regardless of what the main system has selected. Now the Pastor can be looking at one layout on his/her iPhone while the band can be seeing another. Everyone can have their own layout using this system simultaneously.

Stage Display on iPhone

Display Output

Since iOS allows you to connect most iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch devices using Apple's specialized HDMI output connector, you can feed the content of the Stage Display App to any flat panel or projector within range of the WiFi signal. Imagine wanting to put a Stage Display anywhere in a sanctuary and not having to worry about the effort, cost, and difficulty of running a line to it! This feature can eliminate the need for 100 foot plus cables, signal boosters, or Cat5 converters to feed the display, which can really add up in costs.

iOS HDMI cable

Stage Display App for Apple TV OS

iOS HDMI cableWe've also created a version for the AppleTV. This makes it easy to power a flat panel display or projector wirelessly by purhcasing an inexpensive Apple TV. Just connect the AppleTV to the display via HDMI, download and launch the app, connect to ProPresenter, choose the layout, and you're on in no time with no wires to this station!

Note: ProPresenter Stage 2 is for version 6 of ProPresenter only.

Download for Android

Android Remote works with Propresenter 6 only!