Project Category: ProVideoPlayer

Salt Nashville

Used ProVideoPlayer and ProPresenter for our conference to drive lyrics on the main wall and the video front projected with two projectors.

Easter- Awake My Soul

Using one of the new Mac Pros, we used 2 DisplayPort to VGA adapters and one TripleHead2Go with three outputs running out of the Mac Pro. Our video guys built the video in After Effects, outputted it as a single .mov file and we played it back on 5 screens in the house. All 5 outputs ran into our Barco FSN Switcher. Our video guys built the video to span all 5 screens. Ran very well. Our setup is a little weird with some screens in portrait mode and some in landscape mode, but it all worked out. The crowd loved it.

Flyover America

The second ever FlyOver America installation is at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP2) is powering playback for FlyOver America’s informative and engaging pre-boarding video experience.

FlyOver America is a fully immersive virtual flight ride that brings guests on an aerial tour of some of the greatest landmarks and regions throughout the United States. Using the latest virtual ride technology and special effects including wind, mist, scents and moving seats, FlyOver America is designed to make visitors feel like they are actually flying. The pre-boarding session combines multiple video and audio clips to build excitement for the flight experience and present safety information to visitors in a fun and entertaining way.

Building on experience from past projects and evaluations of more expensive video playback systems, Soaring Attractions selected PVP2 as the best fit for its needs. “For all of our projects, we try to design a system that runs almost entirely automatically,” said Eric Sambell, director of construction and technology at Soaring Attractions. “We carefully select each component of the system, looking for the simplest and best-value solution that will reliably achieve what we need to accomplish. Renewed Vision’s PVP2 struck the right balance of capabilities, simplicity and price point.”
PVP2 delivers the seamless, precisely-timed playback that FlyOver America needs, while avoiding the complexity and expense of more elaborate solutions that Sambell considered. “In addition to reliable, high-quality playback, we wanted to be able to arbitrarily crossfade between clips and loop them,” he explained. “We previously tried using digital signage players for a similar application, but they weren’t up to the task. There were more expensive solutions that could do the job, but beyond the added cost, they were way more complicated than PVP2 for configuring our shows. Renewed Vision has really simplified the process. I can easily set up my crossfades and dissolves, tell it where to start and when to loop, and it all just works.”

Running on an off-the-shelf Mac Mini system, the initial installation of PVP2 was equally easy. “There was very little set up effort required,” Sambell recounted. “I plugged in a monitor and my projector, and it worked right out of the box. Bringing in our content was just as straightforward – we just copied the files onto the Mac Mini and dragged them into our PVP2 sequence, with no ingest process required. The simplicity of the software lets us focus on getting exactly what we want on the screen for a really nice, crisp presentation.”

Combining the affordable price point of the software with running on a standard Mac Mini, I’d estimate PVP has saved us at least 50 percent compared to alternative systems while giving us the exact right features we needed,” concluded Sambell. “I would definitely choose PVP2 again for similar uses in the future.

World Ventures UNITED

Seven screen staging project utilizing a single Mac Pro. The two big outboard screens were our landscape IMAG screens and were fed by video switcher. The 5 inside portrait screens were 4 13.5′ x 24′ rear projection screens and a center LED wall that measured 16′ x 25′ and was on tracks that moved it forward and backward.

Used a 2014 Mac Pro (8 Core with 32GB RAM, 1TB of Flash Storage, Upgraded D7000 Graphics Cards). Outputs were a 1080 signal for my user monitor, a 1080 signal for video playback to the switcher, and three 1280×720 signals from a TripleHead2Go along with 2 more 1080 outputs. 5 Thunderbolt outputs were used for video and one was for video input from the camera switcher via a Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D (which I was pleasantly surprised to find had roughly 2 frames of latency). So, a total of three 720p outputs and four 1080 outputs.

Individual layers were set up for each screen as well as options to use the 5 inside screens as one canvas at certain cues. IMAG input from the switcher was cropped in PVP for a portrait look for the center wall and a scaled landscape IMAG look that stretched over the whole 5 screen canvas. When running the IMAG feed i experimented a lot with effects sets or manually blending motion loops with IMAG.

Very cool stuff!

Dirt Conference Outdoor Mapping

Using a laptop, a TripleHead2Go, ProVideoPlayer HD, and three 5000 lumen projectors, we were able to create a dynamic evening display on the front of New Life Church in Little Rock, AR.

American Bible Society Atrium

The American Bible Society recently remodeled their Atrium at the New York City based headquarters. The project was unveiled at a special event for the History Channel’s The Bible series.

The Atrium project used ProVideoPlayer HD with PVP Network Nodes to provide content for a 4×2 Barco video wall. Each monitor had a dedicated Apple MacMini. In addition, ProPresenter 5 (using the remote app) was used to playback content on 10 additional Barco monitors throughout the space.

Commissioning Event

Every June, The Salvation Army rallies it’s troops from the 13 western United States at an event held at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. Ostensibly, this is to mark the ordination or “commissioning” of new Salvation Army officers (pastors), but it’s also an opportunity to share in fellowship and creative corporate worship. For years we’ve been wanting to do something in the round, but the opportunity (and the technology) has always been just a little out of our reach. But this year we decided to go for it, as our director was wanting an immersive worship experience, centering around Jesus’ journey to the cross, and the people he may have met along the way.

As such, we decided to begin by flying a circular truss. The outer piece was 100′ in diameter, and over 300′ in circumference. There were also two smaller circular trusses inside of that, one for lighting and the smallest in the middle had audio support and twelve 18k projectors. Initially we were going to do a single piece of muslin wrapped around the outer truss to encircle the audience with projection. Video playback was going to happen with a Spyder system and operator, which we’d have to rent. However, once we saw the capabilities of PVP2, our thinking about setup changed dramatically. Because the content of the meeting was going to be drama, song and dance, all set during Jesus’ life, I felt a giant cyclorama would be too overbearing and modern. Instead, we decided to create muslin panels of varying size and shape, and hang them somewhat haphazardly around the outer truss, which we were able to confidently do with the knowledge that PVP2 would make masking the video projected to those pieces fast and easy.

Around this same time, we discovered the power of the new MacPro. In discussions with RenewedVision, we quickly realized we would be able to accomplish our entire setup using a single MacPro and a single license of PVP2. We quickly moved in this direction. By adding a single TripleHead2Go to the three we already owned, we were able to use four of the MacPro’s six Thunderbolt ports to send video signal to our twelve different projectors, and a fifth Thunderbolt port for a control monitor. We had 25 unique pieces of muslin created and hung within our overall projectable space, with the seams between the projectors falling in the gaps left between the muslin panels, making edge blending unnecessary. The largest of these pieces was 25′ wide and 15′ tall, of which there were three to be able to carry more “featured” videos. Once everything was hung and the projectors focused in, PVP2’s masking tool was even easier and more precise than I had hoped, and I was dialed in in a matter of minutes, not hours. Further, I was able to very easily network my MacBookPro running ProPresenter to bring lyrics in to the text layer, as well as add additional layers for playback just to the larger pieces of muslin for “featured” videos.

The overall effect was incredibly stunning, and totally captured the immersive experience my director was wanting. PVP2 performed incredibly well during the show, and I have no doubt this event will be talked about in The Salvation Army for years to come.

Sheraton Waikiki 4D Pool Projection

This is the first permanent architectural projection onto a swimming pool in the world. The system is comprised of 5 x 40K lumen and 2 x 20k lumen projectors and runs on two ProVideoPlayer servers streaming close to 22 million pixels.

  • The five Barco 40k’s are on the roof of the 31 story hotel
  • The two Barco 20k’s on the second floor

The pool is a map of a 4000 x 4000 video cut into five 1920×1080 pieces on the fly by PVP2 and a single MacPro® another MacPro is slaved on the second floor (some 30 stories below) for two 1920×1080 feeds to projectors for the rock imagery. The slaved Mac Pro also plays the soundtrack and PVP changes the input on the Bose PA with a contact closure relay, and changes it back once complete.

The $1.3M project runs nightly at 8pm and 9pm.