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Project: Chic

ProVideoPlayer on Chic conference

CHIC, a high school conference produced by the Evangelical Covenant Church, featured 11mm and 25mm LED as well as 12×21 projection screens with 20k projectors. ProPresenter provided all lyric and Scripture support. A ProVideoPlayer network was used–the master driving pixel mapped content to all LED screens, with a network node sending corresponding content to the projection screens. ProPresenter Stage Display was also used to send content to plasmas being used by the band and speakers for confidence monitors.

All LED was on curved truss and the upstage and downstage banners were on high speed motors allowing them to move during the show to achieve different looks.

This event features some other exciting production elements including lasers, Xylobands, and pyrotechnics. Bands during the week included LeCrae, Gungor, Skilet, and Chris Tomlin.

Of note, Renewed Vision served as video producer for this event. If you would like to have RV produce an event, please email [email protected]