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Bibles for ProPresenter

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ProPresenter has built-in, dynamic scripture look-up that’s fast and easy to use! Some translations of the Bible are owned by private organizations and require the purchase of a license (a nominal fee). The rest are “Public Domain” which means no one owns them and they can be used freely. These are broken down below and available for purchase on this page.

Please be aware that due to licensing restrictions by the copyright holder, a site/campus license of ProPresenter does NOT constitute a site/campus license for any licensed Bible. Each computer using ProPresenter must have it’s own unique key for every licensed Bible installed on that system. Licenses are not expensive, so please honor this arrangement by purchasing a license for each environment you intend to use them from the publisher who has generously made their product available for use in ProPresenter.

ProPresenter 6 & 7 Bibles are installed in ProPresenter, so you don’t need to download anything after purchasing a Bible from our online store here.  ProPresenter 5 requires you to enter your unlock code here to enable the download buttons of those Bibles that have been purchased and associated to your license. You may also purchase these Bibles directly within the application.

Not all Bibles are available for all versions of ProPresenter.  Please enter your Registration Name and Unlock Code below to see what Bibles your version is eligible to buy or has bought.

Licensed Bibles:

(To add more than one bible to cart, select the check box in front of name and click on the “Add selected Bibles to cart” button at bottom of section)

Name Abbrev. Language Price
Amplified Bible - Classic Edition
The Lockman Foundation
AMPC English $15 Purchase
Amplified Bible 2015 Edition
The Lockman Foundation
AMP2015 English $15 Purchase
Christian Standard Bible
Holman Bible Publishers
CSB English $15 Purchase
Common English Bible
Common English Bible
CEB English $15 Purchase
Contemporary English Version
American Bible Society
CEV English $15 Purchase
Easy-to-Read Version
Bible League International
ERV English $15 Purchase
English Standard Version
ESV English $15 Purchase
English Standard Version Anglicised
ESVUK English $15 Purchase
God’s Word to the Nations Mission Society, Inc.
GW English $15 Purchase
Good News Translation
American Bible Society
GNT English $15 Purchase
NET Bible
Biblical Studies Press, L.L.C.
NET English $15 Purchase
New American Standard Bible 1995
The Lockman Foundation
NASB-1995 English $15 Purchase
New American Standard Bible 2020
The Lockman Foundation
NASB-2020 English $15 Purchase
New Century Version
Thomas Nelson, Inc.
NCV English $15 Purchase
New International Reader's Version
Biblica, Inc.
NIrV English $15 Purchase
New International Version
Biblica, Inc.
NIV English $15 Purchase
New International Version (Anglicised) 2011
Biblica, Inc.
NIVUK English $15 Purchase
New King James Version
Thomas Nelson
NKJV English $15 Purchase
New Living Translation
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
NLT English $15 Purchase
New Revised Standard Version
Harper Collins Publishers
NRSV English $15 Purchase
Revised Standard Version
Harper Collins Publishers
RSV English $15 Purchase
The Living Bible
Tyndale House Publishers Inc.
TLB English $15 Purchase
The Message
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
MSG English $15 Purchase
The Passion Translation
BroadStreet Publishing Group
TPT English $15 Purchase
Biblia Reina Valera 1995
United Bible Societies
RVR95 Spanish $15 Purchase
La Biblia de las Américas
The Lockman Foundation
LBLA Spanish $15 Purchase
La Palabra de Dios para Todos
Bible League International
PDT Spanish $15 Purchase
Nueva Biblia de las Américas
The Lockman Foundation
NBLA Spanish $15 Purchase
Nueva Traducción Viviente
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
NTV Spanish $15 Purchase
Nueva Versión Internacional - Castellano
Biblica, Inc.
NVI Spanish $15 Purchase
Nueva Versión Internacional - Español
Biblica, Inc.
NVI Spanish $15 Purchase
Reina Valera Contemporánea
United Bible Societies
RVC Spanish $15 Purchase
Reina-Valera 1960
United Bible Societies
RVR1960 Spanish $15 Purchase
Traducción en Lenguaje Actual
United Bible Societies
TLA Spanish $15 Purchase
Almeida Revista e Atualizada
Bible Society of Brazil
ARA Portuguese $15 Purchase
Almeida Revista e Corrigida 1969
Bible Society of Brazil
RC69 Portuguese $15 Purchase
Almeida Revista e Corrigida 2009
Bible Society of Brazil
ARC Portuguese $15 Purchase
Nova Almeida Atualizada 2017
Bible Society of Brazil
NAA Portuguese $15 Purchase
Nova Tradução na Linguagem de Hoje
Bible Society of Brazil
NTLH Portuguese $15 Purchase
Nova Versão Internacional - Português
Biblica, Inc.
PNVI Portuguese $15 Purchase
Nova Versão Transformadora
Editora Mundo Cristao
NVT Portuguese $15 Purchase
BasisBibel. Neues Testament und Psalmen
German Bible Society
BB German $15 Purchase
Gute Nachricht Bibel
German Bible Society
GNB German $15 Purchase
Hoffnung für alle (Hope for all)
Biblica, Inc.
HFA German $15 Purchase
Lutherbibel 2017
German Bible Society
LU17 German $15 Purchase
Neue Genfer Ubersetzung (New Testament & Psalms)
Genfer Bibelgesellschaft
NGU2011 German $15 Purchase
Schlachter 2000
Genfer Bibelgesellschaft
SCH2000 German $15 Purchase
De Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling
Netherlands Bible Society
NBV Dutch $15 Purchase
Herziene Statenvertaling
Royal Jongbloed
HSV Dutch $15 Purchase
Het Boek (The Book)
Biblica, Inc.
HTB Dutch $15 Purchase
NBG-vertaling 1951
Netherlands Bible Society
NBG Dutch $15 Purchase
Chinese (Simplified)
中文标准译本 (Chinese Standard Bible (Simplified Script))
Global Bible Initiative
CSBS Chinese (Simplified) $15 Purchase
和合本2010 (和合本修訂版) 。上帝版。簡體 (Chinese Union 2010 (Simplified Chinese) Shangti Edition)
Hong Kong Bible Society
和修上帝版繁體 Chinese (Simplified) $15 Purchase
和合本2010 (和合本修訂版) 。神版。簡體 (Chinese Union 2010 (Simplified Chinese) Shen Edition)
Hong Kong Bible Society
和修神版簡體 Chinese (Simplified) $15 Purchase
圣经当代译本修订版 (Chinese Contemporary Bible (Simplified))
Biblica, Inc.
CCB Chinese (Simplified) $15 Purchase
Chinese (Traditional)
中文標準譯本 (繁體) (Chinese Standard Bible (Traditional Script))
Global Bible Initiative
CSBT Chinese (Traditional) $15 Purchase
和合本2010 (和合本修訂版) 。上帝版。繁體 (Chinese Union 2010 (Traditional Chinese) Shangti Edition)
Hong Kong Bible Society
和修上帝版簡體 Chinese (Traditional) $15 Purchase
和合本2010 (和合本修訂版) 。神版。繁體 (Chinese Union 2010 (Traditional Chinese) Shen Edition)
Hong Kong Bible Society
和修神版繁體 Chinese (Traditional) $15 Purchase
聖經當代譯本修訂版 (Chinese Contemporary Bible (Traditional))
Biblica, Inc.
CCB Chinese (Traditional) $15 Purchase
New Korean Revised Version
Korean Bible Society
NKRV Korean $15 Purchase
Revised New Korean Standard Version
Korean Bible Society
RNKSV Korean $15 Purchase
La Bible du Semeur (The Bible of the Sower)
Biblica, Inc.
BDS French $15 Purchase
Nouvelle Edition de Geneve
Société Biblique de Genève
NEG1979 French $15 Purchase
Nouvelle Français courant
Société biblique française
NFC French $15 Purchase
Parole de Vie
Société biblique française
PDV2017 French $15 Purchase
Segond 21
Société Biblique de Genève
S21 French $15 Purchase
Новый Русский Перевод (New Russian Translation)
Biblica, Inc.
НРП Russian $15 Purchase
Свята Біблія: Сучасною мовою (Ukrainian Holy Bible: Easy-to-Read Translation)
Bible League International
УСП Ukrainian $15 Purchase
Bibel 2000 (Protestant Version)
Swedish Bible Society
B2000 Swedish $15 Purchase
Norwegian Nynorsk
Bibelen 1978/85 nynorsk
Norwegian Bible Society
N78NN Norwegian Nynorsk $15 Purchase
Bibelen 2011 nynorsk
Norwegian Bible Society
N11NN Norwegian Nynorsk $15 Purchase
Thailand Bible Society
THSV11 Thai $15 Purchase
พระคัมภีร์ไทย ฉบับ 1971
Thailand Bible Society
TH1971 Thai $15 Purchase
መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ፥ አዲሱ መደበኛ ትርጒም (Amharic Bible: New Amharic Standard Version)
Biblica, Inc.
NASV Amharic $15 Purchase
Slovenský ekumenický preklad
Slovak Bible Society
SEB Slovak $15 Purchase
Kirkkoraamattu 1992
Finnish Bible Society
KR92 Finnish $15 Purchase
RÚF 2014 (Hungarian Protestant New Translation Revised 2014)
Hungarian Bible Society
RÚF Hungarian $15 Purchase
Új fordítású Biblia 1990 (Hungarian Protestant New Translation 1990)
Hungarian Bible Society
HUNB Hungarian $15 Purchase
Nuova Riveduta 1994
NR94 Italian $15 Purchase
Nuova Riveduta 2006
NR06 Italian $15 Purchase
Afrikaans 1933/1953
Bible Society of South Africa
AFR53 Afrikaans $15 Purchase
Afrikaans 1983/1992
Bible Society of South Africa
AFR83 Afrikaans $15 Purchase
Bybel vir almal 2007
Bible Society of South Africa
ABA Afrikaans $15 Purchase
IsiZulu 1959/1997 (New Orthography)
Bible Society of South Africa
ZUL59 Zulu $15 Purchase
Setswana 1970/1987
Bible Society of South Africa
TSW70 Tswana $15 Purchase
Xitsonga 1989
Bible Society of South Africa
TSO89 Tsonga $15 Purchase
Lahu Bible Edited
Thailand Bible Society and Bible Society of Myanmar
LHBE Lahu $15 Purchase
Norwegian Bokmål
Bibelen 1978/85 bokmål
Norwegian Bible Society
N78BM Norwegian Bokmål $15 Purchase
Bibelen 2011 bokmål
Norwegian Bible Society
N11BM Norwegian Bokmål $15 Purchase
Arabic (Standard)
كتاب الحياة (New Arabic Version)
Biblica, Inc.
KEH Arabic (Standard) $15 Purchase
Bíbélì Mímọ́ Yorùbá Òde Òn (Yoruba Contemporary Bible)
Biblica, Inc.
YCB Yoruba $15 Purchase
リビングバイブル (Japanese Contemporary Bible)
Biblica, Inc.
JCB Japanese $15 Purchase

Public Domain Bibles (FREE):

For ProPresenter 6 and ProPresenter 7 users Public Domain Bibles are only available in the App itself

Name Abbrev. Language Download
21st Century King James Version
Deuel Enterprises
KJ21 English Mac Win
A Conservative Version
Public Domain
ACV English Mac Win
American Standard Version
Public Domain
ASV English Mac Win
Bible in Basic English
Public Domain
BBE English Mac Win
Darby's Translation 1890
British & Foreign Bible Society
DARBY English Mac Win
Douay-Rheims Challoner Revision 1752
British and Foreign Bible Society
DRC1752 English Mac Win
Geneva Bible (1599)
Public Domain
Geneva English Mac Win
King James Version
Public Domain
KJV English Mac Win
Revised Webster Version (1833)
Public Domain
RWB English Mac Win
Tree of Life Bible
The Messianic Jewish Family Bible Project
TLV English Mac Win
Weymouth New Testament (1912)
Public Domain
WEY English Mac Win
World English Bible
Public Domain
WEB English Mac Win
Young's Literal Translation
Public Domain
YLT English Mac Win
Reina-Valera Antigua
Public Domain
RVES Spanish Mac Win
Darby Unrevidierte Elberfelder (1905)
Public Domain
ELB German Mac Win
Elberfelder Übersetzung (Version von
Verbreitung des christlichen Glaubens e.V.
ELBBK German Mac Win
German Elberfelder 1871
Public Domain
ELB1871 German Mac Win
German Unrevidierte Luther Ubersetzung von 1545
Public Domain
LUT German Mac Win
Stichting BasisBijbel
BB Dutch Mac Win
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese Union Version Simplified
Public Domain
CUVs Chinese (Simplified) Mac Win
现代标点和合本(简体)(Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Simplified Script))
Global Bible Initiative
CUVMPS Chinese (Simplified) Mac Win
Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese Union Version Traditional
Public Domain
CUV Chinese (Traditional) Mac Win
現代標點和和本(繁體)(Chinese Union Version Modern Punctuation (Traditional Script))
Global Bible Initiative
CUVMPT Chinese (Traditional) Mac Win
Korean Revised Version
Korean Bible Society
KRV Korean Mac Win
Bible Darby en français
Public Domain
FRDBY French Mac Win
Louis Segond
Public Domain
LSG French Mac Win
Public Domain
OST French Mac Win
Russian Synodal Translation
Public Domain
RST Russian Mac Win
Ukrainian Bible
Public Domain
UK Ukrainian Mac Win
Danske Bibel (1931)
The Danish Bible Society/Public Domain
DAN Danish Mac Win
Danske Bibel 1871/1907
Public Domain
DA1871 Danish Mac Win
2015 Svenska Folkbibeln
Stiftelsen Svenska Folkbibeln
SFB Swedish Mac Win
Swedish Bible 1917
Public Domain
SWE Swedish Mac Win
Det Norsk Bibelselskap
Public Domain
DNB Norwegian Mac Win
Finnish Biblia (1776)
Public Domain
Fin Finnish Mac Win
Finnish Pyha Raamattu
Public Domain
FINPR Finnish Mac Win
Revideált Károli Biblia 1908 (Hungarian Károli Translation 1908)
Hungarian Bible Society
HUNK Hungarian Mac Win
Alkitab Versi Borneo
Borneo Sabda Limited
AVB Malay Mac Win
Malagasy Bible
Public Domain
MG1865 Malagasy Mac Win
മലയാളം സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം 1910 പതിപ്പ് (പരിഷ്കരിച്ച ലിപിയിൽ) (Malayalam 1910 Edition)
Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
വേദപുസ്തകം Malayalam Mac Win
Warlpiri Bible
Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
WBP Warlpiri Mac Win
Bible Kralická 1613
BKR Czech Mac Win
Biblia Gdańska
Public Domain
PBG Polish Mac Win
Fundacja Wrota Nadziei
UBG Polish Mac Win
Judson Bible
Bible Society of Myanmar
BJB Burmese Mac Win
Библия, нов превод от оригиналните езици (Contemporary Bulgarian Bible (with Deuterocanon))
Bulgarian Bible Society
НП Bulgarian Mac Win
Ревизирано изднаие (Bulgarian Protestant Bible (Revised))
Bulgarian Bible Society
РИ ББД Bulgarian Mac Win
Синодално издание (1982 г.) (Bulgarian Orthodox Bible)
Bulgarian Bible Society
СИ Bulgarian Mac Win
Iranian Persian
هزارۀ نو (Persian New Millennium Version)
Elam Ministries
NMV Iranian Persian Mac Win
Sveta Biblija
Public Domain
SRP1865 Serbian Mac Win
Bibla Shqip
Public Domain
ALBB Albanian Mac Win
Biblia sau Sfânta Scriptură cu Trimiteri 1924, Dumitru Cornilescu
Societatea Biblică Interconfesională din România
VDC Romanian Mac Win
Romanian Cornilescu 1928
Public Domain
RMN Romanian Mac Win
Haitian Creole
Haitian Creole Version
Public Domain
HCV Haitian Creole Mac Win
Colloquial Japanese Bible (1955)
Public Domain
JA1955 Japanese Mac Win
Bahasa Indonesia Seharihari
Public Domain
BIS Indonesian Mac Win
Terjemahan Baru
Public Domain
TJB Indonesian Mac Win
Vietnamese Bible
Public Domain
VIB Vietnamese Mac Win
Western Armenian
Western Armenian Bible 1853
Bible Society in Lebanon
WARMB Western Armenian Mac Win

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