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Project: EWomen Conference Multi Screen Module

For this set-up, I’m using the Matrox TripleHead2Go DP edition to allow me to drive LED walls, a center screen, and lower thirds for IMAG simultaneously with one computer running Propresenter 5.

I set the resolution of the Matrox to 4080 x 768 and send three separate signals of 1360 x 768 to the appropriate places.

The left output on my computer goes to our video switcher which controls the IMAG screens that flank the stage. During times of music, I’ll send lower third lyrics on a black background that can be keyed over LIVE video. For video playback, I send videos to these screens. During talks, I mirror whatever I’m sending to the center screen in case our director wants to take a slide live.

The center screen in this set-up is all me, all the time. I send videos, speaker slides, announcement loops, lyrics and backgrounds, etc to that screen. I run that screen off the center output on my TripleHead. During music, I’ll put backgrounds and lyrics here, during a talk I’ll have either the conference logo or the speaker’s slides, during video playback, it’ll have a video, etc…

My right output is sending signal into a LED Pro and then out to the Barco Mistrips. Basically, the only thing I put on the LED walls are backgrounds. So, during music, the same background I have on the center screen will be sent to the walls without the lyrics. During talks, the LED walls will have a still background to provide color and backlighting for camera shots. During video playback, I black the walls out entirely.

The fun in this set-up has been finding unique ways to take advantage of the multiple layers that Propresenter 5 offers so that I can set up my presentations and have everything go to the screen it needs to go to, when it needs to go there, while maintaining my ability to change things on the fly if need be. The reliability and flexibility of this set-up has meant a world of difference in the way we do things. Simply amazing!