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Project: Cherry Hills Community Church Easter 2019

1 iMac + 4 Surfaces + PVP = Stunning Design

Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado utilized PVP to drive video to four separate surfaces for a stunning stage set for their Easter services.

Technical Arts Director, Chris Thomas, utilized StreamDeck controllers to send keystrokes to PVP while simultaneously sending MIDI triggers over a network to two Mac Minis running Ableton (primary and backup). PVP was set to “trigger” cues via SMPTE timecode coming from Ableton, keeping audio and video in sync.

The video surfaces were two edge-blended 20k projectors, 5.9mm LED tiles for the “exploded tiles”, 5.9mm LED for the center three LED strips, and LED tape. The LED tape was routed from PVP to Mad Mapper via the Syphon output.

Check out the videos below to learn more about this setup and see the final results. Great work, Chris and CHCC team!

PVP media server and screen mapping installationPVP media server and screen mapping installation