What to Look For in Corporate Video Presentation Software

Corporate settings pose unique video presentation challenges.

Businesses already have access to multiple presentation apps geared for the office or small meetings, including some with a free version. Most of these support video to a degree and these tools are completely appropriate for team meetings, department gatherings, and the like. 

But as you scale the meeting or event up in size and importance, you’ll quickly reach a point where these tools just can’t produce the level of polish you need.

If you’re running into this issue, you need a better solution for corporate video presentation software.

As you search for the best solution for your needs and context, here are 6 elements to look for.

Ability to Incorporate Rich, Immersive Media

The corporate world has seen far too many static PowerPoint Presentations — slide decks that usually fail to inspire or truly engage audiences. Today’s corporate presentation software needs to do more. Look for the ability to incorporate a wide range of media types in a seamless, immersive way.

With the right corporate video presentation software, you’ll have full control over video content: play it in a frame, full screen, in the foreground, or in the background. Look for looping capability as well.

screenshot of ProPresenter church presentation software

Professional Grade Content Creation Tools

Look for a solution that includes professional-grade content creation tools that allow you to create powerful, beautiful graphics without opening another complicated app like Photoshop or Illustrator.

In ProPresenter, these tools are a part of the advanced professional slide editor.

If you’re looking for a solution that allows for creating video presentations and displaying marketing videos, a slide editor might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Video creation is more than simply displaying raw video footage, though: as you start creating corporate videos, you’ll need a way to produce visually engaging overlay content, lower thirds, and more.

ProPresenter’s slide editing capabilities are impressive and wide-ranging, going far beyond what you could produce in Google Slides or other corporate solutions. The application is known as a slide production and presentation tool more than just as video presentation software.

ProPresenter is deeply capable at both: you’ll have no trouble importing, editing, and displaying video content, and you’ll gain access to industry-leading slide design tools, too.

ProPresenter used as a content creation tool for presentations

Robust Video and Audio Output Capabilities

Next, you’ll need robust video output capabilities. It’s one thing to create a video presentation, and it’s another to output that presentation to the right screens, with no technical errors or compatibility issues.

Depending on your corporate venues and display environments, you may need much more output control and flexibility than office-grade tools can produce.

Consider these questions and whether your current presentation tool can accommodate everything you need:

  • Will you need to output to multiple screens or locations?
  • Will you need to customize the content that routes to each screen?
  • Are you displaying corporate video content in large venues with professional equipment and formats (e.g., SDI, NDI, and Syphon)?
  • Do you need advanced audio routing or the ability to interface with pro audio hardware?

Doing these and other advanced audio and video output tasks in typical business apps like PowerPoint will be difficult — even impossible — in typical business apps.

Only a professional-caliber solution like ProPresenter can handle this level of complexity.

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Built-In Live Streaming Support

In the new world of work, nearly every video presentation needs to be live streamed to off-site or remote workers or teams. Even sales-oriented presentations are far more virtual than they used to be.

For hybrid events — some of the audience attends in person, while others tune in online — you need to be able to present videos in a physical space while also live streaming that content in real-time over your platform of choice.

It’s possible to use multiple apps and even pieces of hardware to make this happen, but every layer of complexity you add is a new way that your event or presentation can go off the rails.

ProPresenter offers a better approach: with native support for live streaming, ProPresenter can handle both your in-person show and your live stream — no separate apps required.

ProPresenter streams in the industry standard protocol, RTMP, plus ProPresenter supports the most resilient protocol on the market, Resi. Whether you favor maximum reliability and resiliency or maximum compatibility, ProPresenter has what you need.

ProPresenter Used as a Live Streaming Platform

Simple Operating Interface

Video presentation software is a bit of a paradox: to get the best results, your corporate video presentation solution must be highly capable, full of complex options and granular control. But you also need a simple operating interface so that starting shows and playing videos doesn’t require a master’s degree.

Some solutions are heavy on the options, and others on the simplicity, but you need both in one.

ProPresenter finds the right mix here, giving you the deep, granular video creation tools you need along with a simple operating interface when it’s time to run shows and videos.

Remote Control

When you’re showing a corporate video in a venue with a dedicated AV booth, it’s easy to get the show going professionally. But sometimes, you might need to control your video presentation remotely, whether for logistical reasons, convenience, or even smoothness.

Look for a presentation solution offering mobile controls via Android and iOS apps.

ProPresenter’s remote apps perform beautifully and aren’t reliant on cellular or internet connectivity: they form a local Wi-Fi connection with the host device, which increases reliability over other methods.

ProPresenter also works well with popular third-party remotes, like the Logitech R400 and R800 and the DSAN PerfectCue.

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Across all 6 elements we’ve covered today, ProPresenter matches and usually outperforms the competition. It’s the most robust corporate video presentation software solution, plus a whole lot more.

See for yourself by starting your unrestricted two-week free trial today!

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