Video: Record & Live Stream Features in ProPresenter 7

Video Transcription:

In ProPresenter 7, not only can you create and control dynamic presentations, you can now record and stream those live. And in this tutorial, I’m going to help you set up your settings and preferences to get started quickly.

To get started, let’s go over by the preview area and click on the brand new live button. You’ll see options for Start Capture and Capture Settings. Our first setting is the source of our stream, because you can stream any Audience or Stage Screen that you set up in your Screen Configuration. So I’ve set up a couple different Audience Screens. I have my main output, I made a new one called stream that is just a Placeholder, as well as I have a Stage Screen. So I’m going to use this stream screen.

And then below there, you can see what our destination is. Do we want to record this to a local disc or do we want to stream it using RTMP or RTMPS? Next, if we’re recording to local disc, where do you want to save that to? What codec do you want to use? Now H.264 is a great codec if you’re simply just recording this to immediately upload, but if you’re wanting to record a file to edit in a video editor, and maybe you want to have a transparent background so that you can overlay your lyrics over top of video, you’ll want to use HAP alpha or ProRes 4444 or 4444XQ. Now the XQ is just a much higher quality and much larger video file size version of the 4444. Now if you’re on a PC, you won’t see these two options, so you’re going to want to use HAP alpha. Next we have our resolution, which can be different than the screen when it was originally set up, it’s just going to scale it up or down. And finally, the frame rate of that recording.

Now let’s switch this over to RTMP and see the other settings we have available. Here you would insert your streaming address that you would get from YouTube or Facebook or any other streaming provider. And you would also typically insert a streaming key. Below there, you have options for your encoding settings, everything from a low quality, 360p 30 stream to a very high quality 1080p 60 frames per second stream. And you have an option to save a copy to our local disc, and it’s going to save it using these settings to this location. Now we could hit Start Capture, but I’m going to go back here, switch this to disc, and show you a couple things that I have set up. The first thing and the best part about using multiple screens to do your stream or record is that you can send different content or different versions of your content to your stream than you do on your main output.

So if I go to Screens > Edit Looks, you’ll see that I’ve set up a custom Theme for my lyrics on my streaming screen. So that’s going to use that lower third Look for our stream, versus our main Look here that we would have on our main output. So let’s just preview that by clicking on stream here so you can see that. And now let’s just go over to live and hit Start Capture. Now, once this starts recording or streaming, you’ll see a timer telling you how long you’ve been recording or capturing. If you click on the button again, you’ll see different information about your recording. So this is the file name of where it’s recording to. Here’s how many frames that it’s maybe dropped and the bit rate of that recording, as well as a button to stop your capture.

Now let’s take this one step further and go down here and click on video input. I have a few different video inputs in here. I’m going to click on ATEM, which is my video switcher that has my main camera. And you’ll see here I am, and we have our lyrics going underneath here. And all I would need to do to stream this live or to show my lyrics during my stream is just to click through stuff. And again, we could click on this button and hit Start Capture and it would either stream or record with whatever settings you have set up.

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