Text " The Top Presentation Software & Features in 2022"

The Top Presentation Software & Features in 2022

Presentation software keeps changing. Has your business or organization kept up?

Modern, pro-grade presentation software solutions offer worlds more in terms of features and functionality than legacy office-oriented or cloud-based tools. Chances are, you’re here because you’re looking for a better way to create presentations and slide decks, a tool with greater visual panache than PowerPoint.

ProPresenter 7 is that pro-grade solution.

Critical Features of Top Presentation Software in 2022

Below, find a list of the top features that a modern presentation software solution needs in 2022 — and how ProPresenter perfectly meets these needs.

Easy to Use (for Staff and Volunteers Alike)

Your organization needs a presentation software solution that offers the powerful features and customization options you need, but in a format and user interface that’s easy to use. Many organizations rely on a combination of dedicated staff and committed volunteers to run presentations, and not everyone who might be called upon to do so is tech-savvy or a trained production professional.

ProPresenter is both powerful and easy to use, allowing novices and experts alike to create stunning presentations thanks to an intuitive drag and drop interface. Your experts will be able to create professionally designed visuals with ease, while your volunteers will be able to create content that’s far better than a PowerPoint presentation.

Feature-Rich Slide Editor

Speaking of Microsoft PowerPoint: it’s had a nice run, but if you’re doing anything more visually important than a college speech or a small team meeting, your audience deserves better. You need a more powerful PowerPoint alternative with a feature-rich slide editor, that’s just as comfortable with video as it is with text and graphics.

ProPresenter 7’s slide editor gives you an astounding array of options for building presentations, pitch decks, and more that go far beyond what you can get out of a Prezi presentation or other common presentation programs. You’ll have access to multiple layers so that you can utilize video, static slides, announcements, and more.

ProPresenter 7 also eliminates unpleasant surprises. There’s a presenter view, called Show, that allows you to preview what you’re presenting, while being able to make edits to text as needed.

Multiple Independent Streams, including Confidence Monitor Output

If you’ve ever done any public speaking yourself, you know how challenging it can be to present in a way that’s natural, compelling, and interesting, all at once. You’ve probably seen a presenter give a TED Talk and marveled at how calm and self-assured the person was.

Well, the truth is, that presenter likely memorized a significant amount of the presentation and had serious coaching help. Your speakers and presenters might not have the same luxury. But what they can get with ProPresenter 7 is a Confidence Monitor, also known as a Stage Display. This innovative feature allows your tech team to send text, graphics, videos, and timers to a screen that only the presenter can see.

And this separate stream runs independently from the main audience-facing presentation stream or streams. Your audience stays engaged, and your speaker stays on point.

Using the same technology, ProPresenter 7 allows businesses to power multiple independent content streams to various parts of a facility. For example, you may want to send live stream video of a live presentation to certain feeds, while an announcement carousel rotates through in the foyer. In complex environments like conferences or eSports tournaments, you might even be juggling multiple simultaneous live streams, routing them online and to specific locations at the event.

With ProPresenter, you can do all of this.

Live Streaming Integration

Speaking of live streaming, the best presentation software solutions for 2022 are more than just presentation apps. Instead, they integrate naturally with major live streaming software solutions — or even take the place of live streaming software entirely!

ProPresenter offers resilient, high-quality streaming via Resi, a pro-grade video encoder compatible with all the top streaming platforms. You can go live directly from within ProPresenter, without the need for a separate third-party application. ProPresenter offers screen recording, support for multiple cameras/angles (with transitions), and audio capture and output.

Of course, some businesses prefer to rely on another tool for producing live video content, and ProPresenter integrates easily with all the top tools in that market, as well.

Wide Operating System Compatibility

You need a presentation solution that is compatible with both Windows OS and macOS. And support for iOS and Android devices (in roles that make sense, that is) wouldn’t hurt, either.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google all have their own proprietary presentation programs (that’s PowerPoint, a part of Microsoft Office, plus Apple Keynote and Google Slides). Of the three, cloud-based Google Slides has the broadest compatibility but the weakest feature set. Keynote is 100% exclusive to Apple, and PowerPoint tends to act differently across varying operating systems and device types. Whether you’re using the web-based, app-based, or desktop this can, unfortunately, make a difference in what your audience sees.

ProPresenter 7, on the other hand, offers wide compatibility, working seamlessly across PC and Mac, allowing you to build workflows and transfer them. This is handier than you might think, as many people will build a presentation at home, then bring it in on a USB key. There’s also app-based control via Android and iOS (more on that in a minute).

Flexible Import and Export (Videos, Files, Presentations, Templates, Themes)

Professional solutions offer flexible import and export options, allowing you to pull in videos, files, whole presentations built in a competitor’s format (e.g., PowerPoint files), templates, and themes with ease. ProPresenter also allows you to export files as needed. You want to be able to bring in any type of video, audio, image, or even a custom font, and know it will work beautifully with the software you’re using. 

ProPresenter works with all common and many uncommon video and image formats, as well as audio. After creating a gorgeous presentation, you can also export it, so you can make the slides available to attendees, or for the people who just like hard copies.

Professional Video Formats

In professional environments like live productions, broadcasting, and eSports, your production team is using SDI or NDI connections, instead of HDMI. ProPresenter has been integrated with Blackmagic Design gear for over 10 years, giving you access to software that ‘just works’. No need to pack Decimators or Datavideo converters for HDMI or VGA outputs – you can assign SDI outputs directly. DeckLink cards are the most common implementation, but ProPresenter also works great with UltraStudio inputs and outputs. 

ProPresenter is also able to generate multiple Key and Fill outputs, enabling alpha keying, instead of just luma or chroma keying. For Professional, easy-to-use video outputs, ProPresenter has what you need. .

App-Based Mobile Control

Today’s presentation environments are more varied than ever before, and they don’t always look like an auditorium or lecture hall. Even if you are managing a presentation in a space with an AV booth, you may not always want to be in that booth just to control the presentation. It can be beneficial to have the speaker control their own presentation, or to control the show from a tablet.

ProPresenter offers a powerful control app for both Android and iOS. Presenters and support staff alike can control a ProPresenter presentation from a dedicated, easy to use, pro-grade app — from the booth, from the floor, or even from another room entirely.

Rearrange Slides in Real-Time

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of sharing a presentation and realizing that something’s missing. And yet, this happens all the time. With a lesser presentation tool, you’re stuck. Your best bet is to freeze the show, exit, and then work as fast as you can to add the missing content or correct the problem. You can only hope to resolve the problem before the presenter is ready for the next slide.

Even worse, you might be exiting the slide presentation mid-show, showing off your desktop or sensitive information as you frantically search for the right file, in full view of the entire audience.

There’s got to be a better way. And with ProPresenter 7, there is. ProPresenter allows you to dynamically rearrange slides within a show, in real-time, and while the show is running. If you’re working with pitch decks (or a haiku deck), maybe you notice too late that you’ve got the wrong client or investor logo on that final slide.

With a traditional presentation solution, this would be a crisis. But with ProPresenter 7, you can edit that slide while the presenter is mid-presentation, and no one has to know. You can even engage in real-time collaboration behind the scenes — all while the show continues up front.

Integrations with Top Third-Party Tools

Whatever industry you’re a part of, there are likely a handful of third-party tools that are simply indispensable. Whether these are streaming or broadcasting tools, tie-ins to an LMS or CMS, hosted content libraries, or something else entirely, you want a presentation software solution that can easily integrate with those tools or quickly pull from their content libraries.

For maximum compatibility, you need a pro-grade presentation solution. ProPresenter 7 features wide integrations with industry tools, including DMX, RossTalk, AMP, CITP, GlobalCache, GVG100, Sony BVS, Sony BVW, VDCP, Resi, Planning Center, CCLI SongSelect, and MIDI. 

Automatic Copyright Information

This feature is relevant mainly for presentation software for houses of worship, live production, and some educational settings, but if you need it, you really need it. ProPresenter can link up with CCLI and SongSelect and automatically pull in copyright information for copyrighted song lyrics. Doing so is essential for maintaining copyright compliance, and doing it manually is a huge time-waster. With ProPresenter, you can take a “set it and forget it” approach to song copyright notices.

Choose ProPresenter for Your Presentation Software Needs

ProPresenter 7 is a professional-grade presentation software suite that’s full of powerful, pro-grade features, yet it remains simple enough to use that beginners and volunteers alike can succeed with it.

We’re trusted by thousands of organizations and businesses across a wide swathe of industries, as well as government, education, nonprofits, eSports and houses of worship. We have the tools you need to take your presentations to the next level.

Ready to learn more? Reach out today, or download ProPresenter now.

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