Ranking The Best Prezi Video Alternatives

The Best Prezi Video Alternatives for Creative Productions

Prezi is a great tool for creating unique, memorable presentations that break outside the PowerPoint box. And now, with the addition of Prezi Video, the suite of apps gains a ton of additional flexibility.

Prezi Video is a compelling tool for teachers in hybrid classrooms (and similar business settings). 

But is Prezi Video the right choice for creative productions? And if not, what are the alternatives to Prezi Video that might be a better fit?

If you need to go beyond the scope of video calls or classroom lectures, Prezi video alternatives may be the better choice. 

Below, we’ll show you the best Prezi alternatives—options with better video editing tools, access to more professional media libraries, better slide designs and social media integrations, and more.

But first: Prezi still isn’t the most well-known presentation software out there, and its core product has evolved in the last few years. 

Let’s start with a quick explainer of what Prezi and Prezi Video can do.

What Is Prezi?

Prezi logo

Prezi is cloud-based presentation software that takes a different path than the standard presentation apps (like Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides). 

Instead of confining users to linear rectangular slides, Prezi gives them a canvas that can be used in multiple ways. Click, pan, zoom, and move around the presentation in whatever order you choose, complete with fluid animations.

Prezi offers a free plan, but it has become more and more limited and doesn’t include any of the Prezi Video features. 

These days, it functions more like a free trial than a usable tool.

What Is Prezi Video? 

Prezi Video is an interesting new component in the Prezi suite that allows users to create and share unique presentations in a broadcast or talking-head format. 

The feature grew out of the pandemic with a primary use case in the classroom: teachers could share high-quality dynamic classroom content and overlay themselves (via webcam) on top of the presentation for maximum engagement.

The platform works well in some business settings, too. Prezi Video works on its own, or users can implement it with Zoom, Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, or Meet.

Why an Alternative to Prezi Makes Sense for Creative Productions

Prezi is a quick and easy way to make great video presentations, and it’s one of the simplest ways to do screencasting with a “selfie video” overlay. It’s the right tool for many hybrid classroom teachers.

But using a fantastic screwdriver or a contractor-grade bandsaw is still a terrible way to hammer in a nail. 

In other words, no matter how great Prezi is at some things, it’s worth searching for a Prezi alternative designed around your use case if it’s the wrong fit for what you need to do.

Best Alternatives to Prezi

Check out our list of the best alternatives to Prezi. 

Each product listed below offers advantages for users who need creative capabilities beyond screencasting and hybrid classrooms.


ProPresenter Logo

ProPresenter is the best alternative to Prezi because it fills out the feature set creative productions need without losing the ability to design engaging presentation content (thanks to the pro-grade design interface and editor). 

With ProPresenter as your Prezi alternative, you can create professional presentations in minutes and more.

ProPresenter uses a unique seven-layer architecture that gives you ultimate control over what displays where. If you’re operating in a setting where you need multiple unique outputs, ProPresenter handles this naturally. (Prezi can’t.)

Live and prerecorded video, designed graphic assets, prebuilt media library assets (thanks to ProContent), screen recording, and advanced audio routing are all here as well. So is support for lower thirds, user-generated chyrons, graphic bugs, and more.

ProPresenter also offers integration with the tools, hardware, and interfaces common in creative production environments, like MIDI control, DMX lighting control, AMP, and CITP—just to name a few.

ProPresenter is also your central nervous system to power your live stream, and it supports pro-grade formats and hardware that Prezi can’t match.

If high-quality creative production is your goal, ProPresenter delivers performance and features that Prezi can’t match.

View our full breakdown of ProPresenter vs. Prezi for a more in-depth comparison.

Try ProPresenter for Free CTA

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck Logo

Haiku Deck is immensely popular as a streamlined, yet effective, alternative to PowerPoint. It’s not the right choice if you need live video overlays or complex creative functions: there’s no hiding that Haiku Deck started out as a pitch deck builder and stuck to what worked well for them.

But if your real core need is a better way to build slideshow presentations—you just wish PowerPoint or Prezi were both simpler and more beautiful—then Haiku Deck is definitely worth a look.


Powtoon Logo

Powtoon isn’t a full-service platform for creative production, but it fills a specific need and does it very well. Powtoon is an animation tool that can create animated cartoon-style explainer videos and presentations—no motion graphics or actual animation skills required. 

If this is the kind of content your creative productions are missing, Powtoon is a solid way to fill in this gap.


If your video production needs are bigger, more technical, and more comprehensive than what Prezi Video can handle, then vMix could be an attractive solution. 

It’s much more focused on video production than presentations, and it certainly loses Prezi’s “pick up and play” feel. 

vMix is a pro tool that assumes its users have a fairly deep understanding of video production. 

With support for up to 1,000 4K inputs, vMix is a video production juggernaut. But it just might be overkill if you’re looking for a Prezi alternative with a similar feature set to Prezi Video.

Check out our ProPresenter vs. vMix Comparison Guide for a more in-depth look.


Promo logo

Promo (or promo.com) is a cloud-based video creation tool with a focus on advertising—especially mobile and social video advertising. If your main frustration with Prezi Video is a lack of graphic design tools (for overlays and motion graphics and such), Promo could be the solution you’re looking for. 

Unlimited stock images and media from iStock and Getty Images is a big plus. The focus on advertising makes Promo less suitable for the classroom, though. The same is true if your real need includes easy “selfie video” overlays onto other content.

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The apps we’ve covered in this article cover a wide range of capabilities, and each Prezi alternative has a unique focus (from cartoons to pitch decks to high-end video production). 

The best all-around alternative is clear: ProPresenter delivers a robust feature set that covers nearly every capability found in Prezi Video—and so much more.

We know there’s a lot of variety among presentation and creative production apps, and we want you to be you’ve picked the right one before you buy. That’s why we’re offering an unrestricted two-week trial of ProPresenter with no obligation!

You can download today, put ProPresenter through its paces, and find out if it’s the right answer to your needs.

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