The Best Live Web Streaming Platform

So you’re looking for the best live web streaming platform? We know our ProPresenter and PVP users need the BEST live web streaming platform for their broadcasts. Everyone wants a reliable and easy to use streaming platform that “just works”. So we set out to find the best of the best. That search and previous encounters we had led us to develop a relationship with Resi (Formerly Living As One). We know you need the best streaming solution and so here’s a little bit behind why we are partnering with and recommending Resi!

Your Viewers Matter

Statistically, 27% of viewers will abandon a stream after the first buffering wheel and another 40% after the second.1 Resi’s technology is the first to be able to handle the problems of the public internet and result in exponentially more people being able to watch.

Statistics represent people, and people matter! If you’re looking to make sure your stream stays away from buffers and thus keeps people watching longer, then Resi is the streaming service to go with!

People Care About Quality

High Quality Live Stream with the best live web streaming platform. Meet Resi.

Resi was built by broadcast professionals who demand the best. Resi encodes video up to 12Mbps and audio up to 320Kbps, much higher than other streaming platforms. You’ll see and hear the difference.

We all know that people care about quality. We go out of our way to make sure our in-person events are high quality and invested in. Today and forevermore, the online world is JUST as important as any in-person audience. Investing in a service that is built for high-quality should be a priority if you’re trying to reach your online audience well.

Automation Makes Life Easier

Schedule Live Streams Easily with the best live web streaming platform. Meet Resi.

All of Resi’s platforms are made with ease of use and automation in mind. Schedule your live streams or simulated live events to go live at fixed or recurring times, and relax knowing that your content will be streamed perfectly every time.

Our staff and volunteer’s time is precious right? We all want them to be set up for success and to make their tasks easier to accomplish during live events. That’s where Resi’s automation comes in. Schedule events ahead of time to take the stress off of your operator having to focus on starting a stream at the right time.

Resi Works Perfectly With ProPresenter

ProPresenter’s legendary software now features the most trusted live streaming protocol ever. With powerful tools like live video input switching, keyed stream lyrics, and multi-destination encoding packed inside a simple, user-friendly interface, Resi ProPresenter Stream is the only thing you need to start streaming with confidence, every time.

ProPresenter has the MOST reliable live streaming encoder built to work right inside of it with no extra 3rd party software needed. That means you don’t need to mess with slow or resource-hogging software encoders when you can stream right from ProPresenter! Interested in using Resi with ProPresenter? Check out Resi ProPresenter Stream!

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