Renewed Vision ProPresenter Software Drives Digital Scoreboards in Atlanta-Area Sports Venues

Renewed Vision has customized its ProPresenter media presentation software to simplify live scoring on new immersive digital scoreboards at the LakePoint Sports Complex and Norcross High School in suburban Atlanta. As powered by ProPresenter, operators can change scoreboard layouts on the fly during and between various sporting events, and drive multiple simultaneous advertisements, special announcements and interstitial graphics aligned with exciting game action.

The complete architecture as designed and integrated by Formetco—which also manufactured the new scoreboards—leverages wireless communication through a private network and web browser. The customized ProPresenter software displays up to three separate windows on each PC to drive scoring, graphics and interstitials for football, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and other sports from a single platform. This is especially useful at LakePoint Sports Complex, a 1300-acre travel sports destination 30 minutes north of Atlanta with multiple venues on campus.

The visually stunning results produced using ProPresenter have also proven effective at Norcross High School, which boasts the largest digital scoreboard in the state for non-professional sports. For Todd Heller, vice president of digital products at Formetco, the mix of operational, visual, and cost benefits made Renewed Vision the only truly viable scoring solution for each location.

“Renewed Vision is delivering a full-service system for fan engagement while giving LakePoint Sports and Norcross High School a system that is flexible and easy to use,” said Heller. “These venues heavily rely on volunteers or students to operate the systems, so the learning curve has to be quick and there needs to be operational simplicity. Renewed Vision makes it easy for any user to put on a memorable show.”

The Renewed Vision software is deployed slightly differently at each location. The LakePoint Sports project was the more innovative, requiring interoperability between ProPresenter and Perfect Game’s “GameChanger” software. In this configuration, the GameChanger scoring application is controlled through custom websites built using ProPresenter, which ultimately delivers dynamic scoring complex-wide alongside ads and interstitials that ProPresenter drives separately. Since the LakePoint Sports Complex is so enormous, as many as eight operators per day are using the system from 8am to midnight for live scoring—accentuating the importance of learning curve and ongoing ease of use.

Furthermore, operators at both LakePoint Sports and Norcross High School benefit from ProPresenter’s flexibility pre-game, using the software to pre-program shows for different sports. Operators can create rundowns that include the national anthem, ad schedules and graphics built around touchdowns, home runs and other exciting game-changing events.

Heller adds that ProPresenter software has also recently been integrated into digital scoreboard architectures for Jacksonville University in Florida, as well as several additional high schools in Georgia just in time for fall football.

“Formetco specializes in full turnkey systems that represent a huge step up for sports venues transitioning away from analog systems and into the digital world,” said Heller. “There is no other system in the same price range as Renewed Vision that gives us the anywhere near the same quality and comfort level.”

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