Guide to using Zoom with ProPresenter

Zoom has become incredibly popular, with many organizations using it for meetings, town halls, worship services, funerals, classroom teaching, and more. This will give you some tools you didn't know existed, and walkthrough showing Zoom through ProPresenter to your in-house audience. We'll also walkthrough sending ProPresenter to Zoom, for presenting to your online audience. Finally, we'll end with some audio tips to save you some headaches. Most of the tools use NDI, ...

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How to use Syphon on Mac

Beginner’s Guide to Syphon

Syphon is a powerful technology that enables you to share ProPresenter’s features and functionality with other applications on the same computer, but often the documentation assumes you already know what it is. This is a basic overview of Syphon, and how to use it in ProPresenter. Syphon Syphon Overview Syphon is the best way of sharing live video between software on a macOS computer. It's Mac-only, and similar to NDI in that they ...

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