ProPresenter 7.3 “ProPresenter Meets Resi”

We’ve joined forces with Resi to offer resilient streaming from ProPresenter. Take your stream to the next level with Resi’s WEB PLATFORM, which uses their Resilient Streaming Protocol instead of RTMP to deliver video to viewers perfectly with no buffering wheels, dropped frames, or glitches, even on inconsistent connections. Using Resi’s platform you can schedule your stream to go to multiple destinations simultaneously or start it manually from within ProPresenter ...

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ProPresenter 7 Introduction

Introducing the All-New ProPresenter

With ProPresenter 7, now more than ever churches and organizations are well equipped to handle the needs of their productions. Built from the ground up for OS parity, ProPresenter 7 provides users the confidence and performance for both Windows 10 and macOS thanks to it's new 64-bit platform. With the all new announcements layer, easy to use user interface, and complete control over your screen outputs, there is no end ...

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