Best Church Media Software

Tips for Choosing the Best Church Media Software

Selecting the best church media presentation software is an important part of building a high-quality AV ministry. This software powers the visuals you use each week to focus people’s hearts and minds, communicate important information, display song lyrics and Scripture texts, and more— so it has an outsized influence on the feel of your worship services. In this guide, we’ll walk you through 5 tips that will help you choose the ...

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Video Project Software for Churches

Top 6 Benefits of Video Projection Software for Churches

Churches are investing more heavily in video today than ever before, since the pandemic has moved so much online. Some churches have full-featured projection software already, but other churches are still using general presentation solutions like PowerPoint.  However, PowerPoint and Keynote can struggle with simple embedded videos, let alone anything more complicated like pulling in a remote speaker from Zoom over NDI, or scaling a video to look good when it’s ...

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Best Presentation Software

Ranking the Best Digital Presentation Software Tools

Looking for the best digital presentation software tools on the market today? There’s plenty to choose from, but which one is the best, or which one is right for your needs? Below, we’ll rank the top 6 presentation tools based on their core abilities as digital presentation software—including recommendations for the top use cases for each software or app on our list. Quick note: Our rankings here are for general-market digital presentation ...

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Church Visual Software: Your Guide to Enhanced Services

Could your church’s weekly visuals use a little updating? Your visual approach does a lot each week: it helps to shape an environment, cues your congregation about what’s happening, and reinforces the sung and spoken word. Churches looking for a better visual experience during services will find it in professional-grade church visual software (like ProPresenter). But what specifically should be on your checklist in terms of features and capabilities? We recommend looking for ...

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The Best PowerPoint Alternatives in 2022

Credit given where it’s due: Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful, long-lasting presentation tool that offers a lot to some users. It’s been around since 1990, and it enjoys a large user base thanks to Microsoft’s OS and Office productivity dominance in the workplace. However, PowerPoint has its limits. And it wasn’t designed for many scenarios where it ends up being used. Live productions and events, broadcasting, live streaming, weekly worship services, and ...

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Choosing Church Lyrics Software

10 Tips for Choosing New Church Lyric Software

How well is your church’s current solution for displaying lyrics holding up? Does it perform well? Is it easy to use? Are the developers still adding new features and content? Can you create designs or find templates that look current and fresh, or does every Sunday look like 2008? You may be surprised just how much has changed in worship projection software in the last decade, as presentation softwares have expanded way ...

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Best Resolution to Stream in & Tips for Reliable Streaming

Streaming your live presentations is a powerful way to reach a larger, global audience. Over the past few years, it has become a necessity for organizations of all types, from businesses and corporate events, to worship gatherings, weddings, or funerals. Today, it isn’t hard to get a basic live stream going - anyone with a smartphone and Internet connection can stream to Facebook or YouTube. But there’s a difference between streaming to ...

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Top 10 Benefits of High-End Presentation Software

If you frequently give keynote presentations, you know how important it is to get those presentations right. They need to look fantastic, and they need to run reliably— and this is true whether you’re using a simple slide deck or a complex, interactive presentation. The market for presentation software is largely broken up into two categories: basic office-style apps, and high-end presentation software. Basic office apps often have a free version and ...

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