Pros & Cons of Free Presentation Software

If you’re looking for very basic presentation tool, it can make sense to start by looking at free presentation options, or paid options that have a free version. It’s not what we specialize in, but we understand it! While we believe ProPresenter can work in every environment, we want to empower you in whatever your situation even if that means using a free solution. Still, before you get too heavily invested in ...

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Top Church Software Presentation Guide

Top Church Presentation Software Comparison Guide for 2022

Compare the Top Free and Paid Worship Presentation Solutions on the Market Today We know that there are a ton of options out there for church presentation software. Each one offers a unique mix of features, strengths, and weaknesses, and their capabilities naturally overlap quite a bit, too. If you’re looking to make a switch in how your church produces and displays content in the worship service, working through the available options ...

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Text "How to Choose the Best Church Presentation Software" on a black background

How to Choose the Best Church Presentation Software

Selecting and implementing the best church presentation software for your ministry is a big job. Both knowing what you need and learning what’s out there on the market can take significant time and even technical skills. Then combining the two, figuring out which solutions offer which features, can be downright overwhelming. If you’re not quite sure how to get started on choosing the best church presentation software, one that’s designed to meet ...

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Text "Worship Extreme vs ProPresenter" on black background

Worship Extreme vs ProPresenter Comparison Guide

Choosing the best church presentation software solution for your church’s needs can be a complex decision. Feature lists get long and hard to work through, and flashy marketing collateral doesn’t always match real-world results. Worship Extreme vs ProPresenter You may have seen ProPresenter or Worship Extreme mentioned or even advertised on social media or even gotten a recommendation from ministry friends or partners, but how do these two worship and presentation software ...

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Text "PowerPoint vs ProPresenter" on a black background

PowerPoint vs ProPresenter Comparison Guide

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of various presentation tools, there’s no getting around PowerPoint. Because it’s a part of Microsoft 365, the most widely used office suite in the world, PowerPoint is everywhere. It’s familiar too, since most people had to use it to give presentations in school or in the workplace. But is PowerPoint really the best option for your needs? If you’re doing more than basic conference ...

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Text " Keynote vs ProPresenter " on black background

Keynote vs ProPresenter Comparison Guide

If you’re looking for presentation software solutions or even just PowerPoint alternatives, ProPresenter and Keynote are two presentation tools you’re likely to come across. These two tools both have strengths and weaknesses, but only one stands apart as a truly pro-grade solution for serious presentation needs. Keynote vs ProPresenter Find out the differences between Keynote vs ProPresenter in our comparison guide. About Keynote So far, all the comparison guides we’ve put together have taken ...

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