7 Reasons Your Church Needs Worship Band Software

As technology has evolved over the decades, so too have worship services. Presentation software has allowed worship services to become more inclusive and immersive by displaying song lyrics, accompanying videos, graphics, and more. However, most of the basic software solutions out there are not powerful enough for churches looking to meet the needs of their congregation.

Many churches invest in powerful church band software solutions to fill the gap. Some of these solutions go far beyond the basics, too, delivering live streaming capabilities that help churches reach even more people. 

If your church is considering an investment in worship band software, review these common reasons why churches take the next step with presentation software and see if any resonate with your situation.

1. Your Current Free Software Isn’t Powerful Enough

Most free or cheap church presentation software can display song lyrics and support some video files… and that’s it. These programs are bare-bones and have a do-it-yourself editing style. You’re also often stuck to one computer while the presentation is running. But as your church grows and expands, you need software that can keep up with your needs. 

Professional church presentation software can keep up with the dynamic needs of a worship service. Accurately import Scripture from a wide variety of translations and song lyrics from popular databases such as CCLI SongSelect so your congregation always gets accurate information. 

The best solutions also provide mobile controls via Android or iOS so you can take control remotely if needed. Cross-platform capabilities are also a must so that you can support guest speakers with whatever operating system they use. 

2. You Need Live Stream Support

View of crowd watching worship band perform on stage

Worship band streaming has become the new norm for most worship services. It’s convenient for those who are traveling, sick, or on the fence about joining in person. 

But many churches rely on a handful of disconnected applications to build presentations, handle live video, and stream to their audiences. While this strategy does work, it’s not an efficient or practical solution.

You can eliminate the need for three separate systems by investing in professional worship band streaming software that allows you to do everything in one program. No more switching between applications or trying to figure out which software is giving you trouble.

In ProPresenter, you can easily control all your output sources, monitor input sources, and customize your presentation based on which audience you’re streaming to.

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3. You Need a Volunteer-Friendly Operating Interface

Dog sitting at computer wearing a headset while using ProPresenter

Churches often stick with free or basic software because of how easy these programs are to use, especially for volunteers who might not have experience using this type of software. The problem is, these solutions are only easy to use because they stick to limited capabilities and even fewer customization options, so you end up sacrificing quality along the way.

A good presentation software should be robust enough to do everything you need it to do while being easy and intuitive for untrained volunteers to use. 

Look for worship band software that offers a wide variety of editing and customization options without being overly complex. A drag-and-drop interface, for example, is incredibly simple to use while still allowing you to create high-quality presentations. 

4. You Need the Ability to Make Edits on the Fly

ProPresenter in use at North Point

Typos can be frustrating, embarrassing, and confusing; they can derail a song or sermon if not caught ahead of time. Basic worship band software won’t let you make edits on the fly, locking you out of editing mode while the presentation is running—which means you either need to conspicuously stop the presentation to fix the error or let it roll as-is.

Professional presentation software doesn’t have this limitation. You can easily make edits on the fly without disrupting your presentation, whether that means fixing a typo or adding an entirely new section to the presentation. For dynamic, responsive worship services, this capability is a must.

Take ProPresenter for example. Its unique, powerful architecture doesn’t separate “edit” and “show” modes, so there’s nothing to exit or enter before you can make those on-the-fly edits.

5. You Need Multiple Input and Output Solutions

Audio Inputs & Advanced Routing in ProPresenter (7.2+)

Whether your congregation is growing or you need to support multiple simultaneous gatherings, you need software that allows you to have multiple input and output sources. Most free-to-use streaming software allows for a few input sources and one output source. 

While this is fine for smaller churches or those not worried about streaming worship services, many churches find these capabilities to be too limiting. Larger worship services often need to cast to a main display, lobby displays, remote displays, and more to reach the entirety of their audience. 

Professional worship band software can support this need and then some.

6. You Need Redundancy

Worship band on stage using worship band software to live stream the show

As congregation members have become accustomed to having the option of watching a live stream of the worship service, churches need to ensure redundancy for their presentations. Unfortunately, basic worship band software can only do so much. Reliable presentation software has redundancy built in so that your worship service live streams keeps rolling even if your primary system goes down.

Explore how ProPresenter leverages Resi, the world’s most resilient streaming protocol, to keep your service up and running even in a total internet outage.

7. You Want More Creative Capabilities

slide design options in worship band software

Sloppy or bland presentations can inadvertently communicate a lack of effort and seem at odds with the care you put into worship services. Basic church presentation software can only do so much when it comes to formatting and style, and though there are graphic design tools out there you can use to create richer visuals, doing so means yet another program to learn and import from. 

High-quality worship band software supports content creation capabilities within the application, making it easy to create beautiful and professional presentations. These creative capabilities also allow for consistency across various media outlets, from live feeds to social media and more.

ProPresenter is the Best Available Streaming Software for Worship Bands

ProPresenter logo on orange gradient background

When choosing the best presentation and production software for your worship gatherings, choose ProPresenter

ProPresenter was made with churches and worship services in mind. It makes high-quality live productions simple to achieve, displaying song lyrics, sermon notes, graphics, videos, and more. ProPresenter is designed to be volunteer-friendly while delivering the power to output professional video and graphic presentations, making it the best choice for worship presentation software. 

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If you want to expand your presentation capabilities while also simplifying your workflow, ProPresenter is the best option available. Ready to see for yourself? 

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