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3 Things to Consider When Upgrading Software

Upgrading Software

Upgrading software can be an exciting experience. It can also be a headache at times. It’s exciting finding out that your favorite companies and the software they make are releasing something new, providing new features, or even fixing bugs! It’s just so easy to get caught up in being excited to update. Where we run into problems is when we ignore everything else that comes with upgrading. Make sure to keep these 3 things in mind:

1. Compatibility

There are many things to consider when dealing with compatibility. For one, your software may rely on hardware that isn’t compatible with the new update. With all of the devices, you use making sure they all will work together after an update is important. For example, our software is typically used in high production environments that rely on third-party hardware. Just because our software supports a new Operating System does not mean that the hardware you are using supports that new Operating System. You may need to change the hardware you use or stay on an older OS that supports both your software & your hardware. You may be relying on more external hardware than you know, here are some examples: display adapters, graphics cards, communication devices like the Elgato Stream Deck, etc.

Compatibility also comes into play with your computer manufacturer’s end of the operating system upgrade support. An example is with macOS. Apple supports macOS on devices for a specific amount of time, once that time runs out you can no longer update your OS. If your operating system is too far behind what the software you use supports you may not be able to upgrade your software without first investing in a newer more modern computer. If your computer supports up to version 10.14.5 and the software you are updating supports 10.14.4 through 10.14.6, you’d want to make sure your computer is updated to 10.14.5 to stay up to date.

2. Community

When upgrading your software there any many things to consider. Although, despite thinking through all these things, what if you were a part of a larger community that can come beside you and offer solutions and ideas? We love the communities that have been built around our software like ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer. Joining a community helps you invest in others and allows you to learn new things and find answers to your questions. It even allows you to provide input to our future software development. Being a part of our online community allows you to have a deeper connection with new updates. Consider joining our online community to let your voice be heard and to see what others are saying.

3. Support

A company providing an update is one thing, but providing support for that update is entirely different. when updating your software make sure to take into consideration where you can find support. When we release new software at Renewed Vision we support our software in multiple ways. You can find official support from our staff at We offer easy to watch training videos on YouTube and inside our apps. On our Instagram and Facebook we offer tips and tricks and we share what other people are doing to give our customers creative ideas. We also release updates consistently to maintain our software and ensure the best support for our customers. It’s best practice to know where your support option are. It’s also good to know what type of support is available to you!

So what now?

Make sure to keep these thing in mind when you plan your next software upgrade! We as a company are here for you! We love being able to create new software like the all-new ProPresenter so that you can create like never before. Make sure to consider your software compatibility. Don’t forget to be a part of our community. Discover the best place to find support. Okay, now you can upgrade!

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