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What to Look for in Video Presentation Software

Is your organization looking to move beyond PowerPoint and fully embrace creating video presentations? Making the leap to a professional-grade video presentation software solution can be daunting, but it helps to know what to look for.

Key Features of Top Video Presentation Software

As you explore the available options in video presentation software, look for one that offers at least these eight attributes. With them, you’ll be able to create presentations that seamlessly integrate quality video and more.

Easy to Use, Even for Volunteers

Professional environments, like broadcasting, are staffed by trained AV professionals, where a steep learning curve might be just part of an operator’s job.

But many environments are volunteer-driven, and a steep learning curve doesn’t fly when you need to get someone going quickly. If a volunteer or untrained staff member needs to run a presentation in an hour, or do some basic editing, you want a solution that’s simple to get rolling with. If you’re working in areas like education, houses of worship, or public service, for example, you may be called upon to do or help with these tasks.

A great video presentation software solution is easy to use — even for your volunteers or for non-specialist staff members who are just filling in. And it accomplishes this without sacrificing features or functionality.

The perfect balance of rich functionality and ease of use: that’s ProPresenter 7.

Feature-Rich Slide Editor (with Seamless Video Integration)

Professional Presentation Software Editor

Many video presentation scenarios will use slides on top of a video. Maybe the video is a motion loop to match the music, or the moving company logo. This is something most office-oriented presentation software (like Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides) can’t do well.

Looking good while adding life to presentations can be complicated, clunky, and expensive, but not with ProPresenter.

ProPresenter’s unique multilayer approach makes creating video presentations simple, with as many as seven distinct layers of visual content. You can create slides that run over top of live video feeds, complete with slide transitions. And you can use presentation templates to make the process even faster.

Professional Video Outputs that Professional Broadcasters Need

If you’re operating in a pro video context (including live productions, concerts, broadcasting, and eSports), you need video presentation software that natively outputs in professional video formats, including SDI, NDI, and Syphon. Office dwellers don’t need these, but SDI especially is the standard for pro video.

ProPresenter supports all three of these professional video outputs, which sets us apart from office-oriented solutions like PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi.

Confidence Monitor Output

Video presentations with a live speaker or on-stage content create new complexities for your AV team. Less polished situations involve awkward transitions from video to live, or from one content/presentation source to another. You’ve heard the speakers saying “Sorry folks, hang on while I… switch over, um, to my… where did my PowerPoint go?”

A better solution integrates all presentation content into one show and allows for multiple distinct feeds or versions of that content.

ProPresenter’s Confidence Monitor, also known as Stage Display, is a great implementation of this. Send speaking notes, messages, timers, countdowns, music notation to a completely separate stream that only your onstage personnel can see. And this feed runs alongside your main audience outputs.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is more popular than it’s ever been. There are many video editing software applications and dedicated streaming apps on the market, but adding another distinct app to the mix only complicates your situation, especially if you’re tight on machines and manpower.

Better still is a full-featured video presentation software that directly supports live streaming. ProPresenter 7 allows you to stream your presentation directly to top platforms without the need for another set of intervening tools, using the widely popular RTMP. For situations where you need a guaranteed stream, ProPresenter is the only software that can use the Resilient Streaming Protocol for bulletproof streaming that can survive total connection dropouts.

Presentation Software Supported Windows and macOS

When creating presentations, it’s important to have cross-platform compatibility. If you’re building your presentation on Mac, then bring it somewhere that only uses PC, you want to know it will still look and behave the same in both places.

Choosing a presentation tool that’s locked into one or the other OS ecosystem (or that operates wildly differently on the two) leaves you scrambling for a fix when you unexpectedly need to support the unexpected.

The best solution is a presentation software with cross-platform support for both Windows and macOS.

Broad File Capabilities

If you’re a video editor or a video creator, you know that you’ll often be expected to pull in content you didn’t create, and make it work. Sometimes the content is the file format you want, sometimes it’s something weird.

Whether for a video-intensive production workflow or a visually powerful animated presentation, you need quality presentation software that can import a wide range of files and file types. So, you want something that ‘just works’. ProPresenter 7 does exactly that, and shows you in real-time what you’re getting. (Yes, that means no more “broken media” issues like in your PowerPoint Presentations!)

Quick Edit Slides on the Fly

Quickly Edit Presentation Slides

You might have seen the memes of local news coverage with comical typos on screen, like the weather personality talking about “it’s 843 degrees in our town today.”

We get it — mistakes happen. And with most presentation solutions or video overlays, you’re kind of stuck once you go live. Correcting errors on the fly is difficult, risky, or impossible.

But not with ProPresenter 7. We don’t use separate edit and display modes, which means you can dynamically edit content in real-time, including fixing typos, rearranging slides, changing cues, and responding to live changes in the program.

ProPresenter 7: The Best Video Presentation Software Across Multiple Industries

ProPresenter 7 is the ideal solution for all kinds of presentation needs. It’s perfect for live presentations, broadcasting, eSports, and education (including higher ed), and many government offices use it as well. It offers the functions and features you need without adding unnecessary complexity.

Ready to see more? Download for free to start your trial today!

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