The Best Resources for Visual Church Media

In our fast-paced, technology-immersed world, visual communication options abound and are growing year after year. Church visual media is no exception. 

Many churches have moved on from basic PowerPoint slideshows and are beginning to use richer visual elements: high-resolution images, video loops and backgrounds, motion graphics, and more. 

To stay relevant while living their mission, churches must prioritize effective visual media in their worship services and communication. 

These visual media elements can be really technical and time-consuming — not to mention expensive — to create from scratch. So most churches turn to one or more media libraries as the foundation for their worship presentations.

There are a plethora of companies offering high-quality visual content to churches. Below we’ll show you the best visual media resources for the typical church — especially those using ProPresenter as their worship presentation software. Using one or more of these providers, you’ll gain access to resources that will help you implement an intentional visual communication strategy that enhances your message and its impact.

ProContent (Formerly Visual Media Church)

ProContent is at the leading edge of the visual church media world. They offer the most eye-catching creative church media on the market today. Now part of the Renewed Vision family, ProContent easily integrates with ProPresenter, enabling you to streamline your creative process. 

Their library of over 50,000 resources is one of the biggest of its kind, but also one of the most affordable. For just $199/year, your church can access ProContent’s entire library of worship packs, sermon packs, motion backgrounds, social media images, announcement slides, multiple resolutions, PSD templates, effects, and effects extras, HEVC, and unlimited downloads. 

ProContent offers bold, modern, relatable designs that set them apart in the church graphic design world. 

There is plenty of lackluster digital content for churches available today. But ProContent is making a name for itself by producing cutting-edge, relevant, and beautiful church visual media. 

GIF of searching capability in ProContent

They are also one of the only church visual media companies to produce all their own content in-house. 

For those just getting started, ProContent offers a free subscription of over 1,000 resources to help your church begin the process of expanding the types of visual media it uses. And ProContent’s media collection is refreshed weekly, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest trends.

WorshipHouse Media

WorshipHouse Media offers an a la carte selection of mini-movies, worship song tracks, church countdowns, worship backgrounds, and small group videos. Where most solutions use a subscription model, WorshipHouse Media lets you buy what you want outright. 

WorshipHouse Media offers a decent selection of engaging, modern content, and their products integrate easily with ProPresenter, making them accessible to many in the church media world. 

WorshipHouse’s visual church media offerings are a good solution for churches with minimal visual media needs, but those a la carte prices add up fast. It doesn’t take long for many ministries to rack up some hefty bills that outpace what they’d pay with a subscription service.

Additionally, WorshipHouse Media would be a good fit for a church that needs more effective visual media but likes the option of paying for each individual product.

Church Motion Graphics

Church Motion Graphics’s easy-to-use website makes exploring their visual church media a breeze. Thanks to the straightforward and seamless interface, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. 

Unfortunately, while their graphics are full of color and fun fonts, some designs look worn and outdated. 

Churches have flexibility to choose exactly what they need with Church Motion Graphics’ two subscription formats: standard and premium. A standard subscription comes with motion backgrounds, countdown timers, still backgrounds, pro layers, tempo match, and more. And at just $249 for the first year, it’s on the affordable end. Their premium subscription adds slide templates, social media graphics, mini movies, and access to a CMG designer at $299 for the first year. 

If you’d like to see CMG in action before committing to a yearly subscription, you can try one of their free worship media sample packs.

Church Media Drop

Church Media Drop takes a different approach to visual church media. Integrating their visual media is totally free. Churches can submit media they have created so that other churches can use it at no cost. 

Church Media Drop is a great way to share with other believers around the globe, and that sense of shared purpose and community is exciting and rewarding.

But as is usually the case with free, volunteer-led services, you get what you pay for.

The organization provides a few visual media tutorials, which is a big help since it relies on churches to essentially create the catalog of resources. But the CMD website is a bit outdated and hard to navigate. 

Because they are a free service, their ability to provide fresh church media is limited, as is customer support. 

Church Media Drop is a great concept, and it could be a great resource for a low-budget ministry, but it likely isn’t appealing to the masses.

ProContent is the Best Visual Media Experience for All Churches & Especially ProPresenter Users

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Churches are busy – and they should be. But about the right things. We’ve laid out some great visual media options for you but I think you’ll agree that one rises to the top – ProContent. 

ProContent is affordable, delivering the best bang for your buck and even offering over 1,000 resources entirely free of charge. It also boasts the most modern designs and the most user-friendly website.

ProContent Visual Media Examples

ProContent is here to elevate your church’s visual media experience to new heights, allowing your church’s creative team to focus on what they do best, not spending hours manually creating visuals or searching through hundreds of lackluster stock options. 

Ready to see ProContent for yourself? Get started now with a free account that gives you access to 1,000+ resources, or better yet, sign up for our full library of over 50,000 modern, cinematic resources today!

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