The Best Free Resources for Church Worship Backgrounds

If you’re building worship slides for your church, you need high-quality worship backgrounds that enhance the message you’re delivering (and that don’t distract from it).

That means you need background worship images and motion backgrounds that are current, fresh, relevant, and interesting without being visually distracting or confusing.

It’s tough to find the right stock images or video loops from generic stock footage sites, because you have specific parameters and limitations to work around. You need still and motion backgrounds that were actually designed for worship.

Even more important: you need them for free.

We’ve compiled some of the best resources for free motion backgrounds for worship (as well as free worship images), so be sure to check out the resources below.

We’ll get started with our pick for the absolute best: ProContent.


ProContent is hands-down the best resource for free worship motion backgrounds as well as still images, background video, and other church media. 

The varied resources within ProContent are creative, modern, and cinematic—not dated or rehashed like what you’ll find from many of the other sites with free motion backgrounds for worship. 

ProContent offers a robust library of free resources when you sign up for a free account. More than 1,000 of the motion graphics, background videos, loops, and still photos are available within this free plan.

The content here is unique and gorgeous, just as high quality as what you’ll find on high-end stock video sites. The difference is, everything on ProContent is vetted and made specifically for churches around the world! 

Additionally, every single piece of content available under a free ProContent account comes with a streaming license, so you’re cleared to use it in person and on stream.

And we can promise that license isn’t going to expire because every single video, graphic, and asset you see in the ProContent library is something we created ourselves. (Yes, even those stunning aerial shots!)

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So Much More Available in ProContent’s Paid Plan

For ministries looking for even more, ProContent has a massive library of over 50,000 high-quality assets spanning a huge span of categories, styles, and use cases. 

Choose from media in these categories:

  • Intro videos
  • Stock photos and stock videos
  • Motion graphics
  • Worship packs (loops, countdowns, and stills)
  • Announcements (still and animated)
  • Series templates (still)
  • Social graphics
  • ProPresenter themes

You’ll also find seasonal and topical content perfect for various points throughout the church year.

ProContent paid users also gain access to a wide range of display resolutions and formats (4K, HD, triple wide, and double wide), PSD templates, effects and extras, and the more powerful and efficient H.265 (HEVC) video codec. 

If you’re on the fence, start with a free account so you can check out what ProContent has to offer. When you’re ready for more, a premium subscription is just a click or tap away.

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Church Media Drop

Church Media Drop is another source for free worship motion backgrounds and other media. 

Most of the media on this service was created by media teams at large churches and then donated to Church Media Drop. That means you’re getting somewhat professionally created church media that has already been used successfully at least once.

Some resources are freebies from other church media sites: they give away a set or two on Church Media Drop in an attempt to get you to head to their own site and buy more.

One word of warning: those links out to other sites aren’t carefully monitored (this is a completely free service, after all). In our quick testing, we landed on one that linked out to a defunct company whose site had been bought by scammers. Yikes. 

Sketchy links aside, there’s plenty of great content on Church Media Drop, including motion graphics, still backgrounds, audio, bumper video, ProPresenter 7 themes, and more. There’s even a section for youth group games (with both media and instructions on how to play the game).

Church Motion Graphics

Church Motion Graphics is a mostly subscription-based service. 

Free users can access a wide selection of still church backgrounds and ProPresenter themes, but the only free motion backgrounds for worship here is a small “sample pack.” 

All the rest are for subscribers only. 

There’s a lot to like about Church Motion Graphics, but not very much of it is available as a free resource.

Create Your Free ProContent Account Now

ProContent is one of the best options for free worship backgrounds and motion graphics for the church: the library of 100% free content is larger than most, and of course there’s so much more for paid members to explore.

Best of all, ProContent is now a part of the Renewed Vision and ProPresenter family: if you’re already a ProPresenter, then ProContent gives you the closest integration possible, along with a stellar support team. 

With so much available for free, there’s no reason not to check out what ProContent has to offer.

Sign up for your free ProContent account today!

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