ProPresenter 7.9

More Control with your Setup

ProPresenter 7.9 brings new functionality to give you more control over ProPresenter. The first one is an API, allowing developers to create custom applications that interact with ProPresenter. On top of this, we’ve also added control via web browser, and an official plugin for Elgato’s lineup of Stream Decks. There are also several user interface improvements, clarifying which Audience Look is live, letting Easy View display media in thumbnails, giving Clear Groups the ability to clear Next Slide, and clearing Announcements with a MIDI cue.

Develop with ProPresenter API

Further customize or integrate ProPresenter with your tools and workflows. With the ProPresenter API, organizations and individuals can create their own apps, interfaces, and interactions to help you run your show.

ProPresenter Control

From within a web browser, remotely control multiple ProPresenter functions and see what’s happening at any time. View what’s coming up next in your show with Playlist view, start a timer, or even cue audio playback. Your command, your control.

Stream Deck

With our native ProPresenter Plugin you can control multiple pieces of software & hardware at one time from an Elgato Stream Deck. Trigger ProPresenter content like Previous or Next slides, Messages, Macros, start & stop capture, plus more.

Take NDI to the Next Level

Go further with NDI by creating a custom resolution for your screen output. For finer control of Inputs, connect to ProPresenter through additional static NDI IPs and NDI Receive Groups.

User Experience Enhancements

Use Clear Groups to clear the “Next Slide” on Stage Screens. See which Audience Look is enabled from the Toolbar. Experience a refined context menu for media. Display media thumbnails in EasyView for greater control over slide visibility.

Clear Announcements with MIDI

Use a MIDI note to clear the Announcements Layer.

Read the full Release Notes.

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