ProPresenter 7.3 “ProPresenter Meets Resi”

With every feature update that comes to ProPresenter, we spend time investing in conversation with our user community! People like you are the reason we get to keep pushing forward, and innovating. We’ve been listening to your needs and with the release of ProPresenter 7.3 every feature we’ve updated or added is based on these conversations!

We’ve joined forces with Resi to offer resilient streaming from ProPresenter. Take your stream to the next level with Resi’s WEB PLATFORM, which uses their Resilient Streaming Protocol instead of RTMP to deliver video to viewers perfectly with no buffering wheels, dropped frames, or glitches, even on inconsistent connections. Using Resi’s platform you can schedule your stream to go to multiple destinations simultaneously or start it manually from within ProPresenter with 1 click. This keeps your ProPresenter operator’s focus on the room and not on
starting the stream at the last second.

Experience Refined Audio Inputs

Seamlessly control audio inputs with manual audio transitions and audio input actions to change the mode and volume. Use the new input monitoring to listen to an input before making it live.

Trigger Playlists With Ease

Automate the triggering of audio and media bin playlists by attaching the trigger to a slide. Simply drag and drop your playlist to a slide to get started.

Bring Color To Your Arrangements

See group colors in the arrangement editor to make group identification even easier. The group with a currently triggered slide is now highlighted so that you never get lost in a long arrangement.

Explore New and Updated Bibles

We’ve added support for new Bible formats and have a number of updates from publishers. There are 60+ new or updated Bibles including: NIV UK, ESV UK, New Arabic Version, and Chinese Union Version.

Click here to see all new or update Bibles

We can’t wait to see how these new or improved features of ProPresenter will help you to tell the stories that change the world.

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