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ProPresenter 7.10

More Control with your Setup

ProPresenter 7.10 enables you to run your shows on time while also saving time in setting up. Blueprint your shows with Playlist Templates. Take control with video & audio Playback Markers. Take automation further with a re-imagined Timeline. Stay on time with SMPTE Timecode. On top of this, we’ve introduced new performance improvements, user interface refinements, automatic spell-check, and more!

Blueprint Your Shows with Playlist Templates

Save time by creating a Playlist Template for upcoming productions. Build Playlist Templates using existing presentation files–like a consistent intro video, pre-show announcements, headers, placeholder items for songs, and more.

Take Control With Video & Audio Playback Markers

Playback Markers empower you to automate changes to your show and keep track of time for establishing important moments within a video or audio cue. Countdown to a specific marker, change lighting scenes before ending a video, trigger props at critical moments, and more.

Take Automation Further with a Re-imagined Timeline

Automatically advance through presentation slides, display media, play an audio file, and trigger actions with ProPresenter’s Timeline. Set up your presentation to run smoothly using Timeline whether you are in a 1-person production or a large crew.

Stay on Time with Timecode

Receive Timecode in ProPresenter to run your show on time. SMPTE Timecode within ProPresenter’s Timeline keeps ProPresenter in sync with the rest of your Timecode-enabled hardware and software.

Additional Enhancements

✅ Experience efficient video playback with H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) hardware decoding on macOS.

✅ Find spelling mistakes with spell-check now enabled by default on both macOS and Windows.

✅ ProPresenter will automatically refresh the Inputs preference for visibility of existing and new input connections.

✅ Change video settings quickly with a refined Inspector interface.

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