ProPresenter 7.1 “The Live Stream Update”

We are excited to introduce The Live Stream Update for ProPresenter.

Now more than ever organizations and people are staying connected online. During the Spring of 2020 nations around the world came to a halt as people embraced the idea of social distancing. With this, we’ve seen employees for many companies working from home, churches switching to live streaming, and the growth of industries like eSports and even communications software.

While we’ve been planning to introduce Live Streaming to ProPresenter for some time, we knew that we wanted to get this functionality out as soon as possible to assist with the setups that could make use of these new features.

Edit Present Record Go Live

“Go Live” from within ProPresenter

Start streaming today with the click of a button. With support for your favorite streaming platforms, it’s never been this easy to bring your online presence to life.

*Supports RTMP and RTMP Secure for Facebook, Youtube, & more!

Record Your Screen

Don’t throw away those memories. Store your live stream for future playback, or just record your ProPresenter screen for further editing!

*Supports multiple video encoding formats including alpha recording, dependent upon available hardware & OS.

Go Live & Record

Not only does ProPresenter 7.1 add the ability to go live and to record, but now you can do both at the same time! Record a quality video for playback or for editing with post-production software, while also going live to your audience.

With the addition of Live Streaming and reliable Recording in ProPresenter we are excited to see all of the churches, businesses, schools, and individuals that will be able to use these new features to make staying connected easier and more flexible than ever.

ProPresenter 7.1: “The Live streaming Update” takes ProPresenter from a content creation and presentation software and turns it into software that can be used as an all-in-one production studio.

Visit our Live Streaming Resource Page!

Renewed Vision

Renewed Vision was established in 2000 as an endeavor to create world class production tools for ministries. Since then, we have served organizations around the world and our passion for excellent software for live events is burning just as bright today as it did when we began.

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