ProPresenter 6 Takes Center Stage At the Passion 2016 Christian Conference

ALPHARETTA, Georgia, January 19, 2016 —At this year’s annual Passion gathering of Christian college students, 40,000 young people ages 18 to 25 filled three arenas to worship, pray and hear inspirational speakers. This 3-day conference, held January 2-4, 2016, featured a multimedia extravaganza—including live music and performances, and big screen displays of video, lyrics and scripture—delivered from ProPresenter 6 media presentation software from Renewed Vision.

While the attendees of this high-energy Christian event were spread out across three simultaneous shows—at the Phillips Arena and the Infinite Energy Centers in Atlanta, and the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas—they were able to coalesce into a unified experience, despite being hundreds of miles apart. Video of each arena’s show was shared by the other two via a dedicated fiber optic network, and streamed globally to over 150,000 viewers.

Passion is a very fast-paced, free-flowing event where intricate planning is subject to many last minute changes,” said Brad Weston, President of Renewed Vision. “So the ability to be flexible was absolutely critical.” Weston served as a hands-on operator during the event along with several other Renewed Vision employees, including Renewed Vision Partner Greg Dolezal, who served as the live producer at Philips Arena.

“Leveraging a unique Stage Display function and other presentation management tools in ProPresenter 6,” Weston added, “We were able to provide a video feed containing a master clock and other vital program information to the speakers and performers on-stage. This kept the three shows synchronized and on schedule.”

The Philips Arena, which served as the hub, sent the master clock and video of the multiviewer monitor—on TNDV’s HDTV truck Aspiration—to the other two arenas so they could pace themselves accordingly. Sending the master clock and multiviewer video was one of many key responsibilities of Nashville truck company, TNDV Television, which also parked its Inspiration HD truck at the Infinite Energy Center and its Elevation HD truck at the Toyota Center.

TNDV replay operators cached the video of each arena show onto EVS servers on the trucks—to provide a time-shift delay—enabling the other two venues to present it at the most opportune time during their shows. TNDV also provided 39 cameras, including nine Hitachi SK-HD1000 broadcast cameras and four Panasonic robotic cameras, as well as a wide array of displays, integrated routing systems and other support gear for each of the venues.

Passion is an exciting event that always strives to break barriers and try new and different things each and every year,” said Rob Devlin, TNDV General Manager who served as Project Manager for Passion 2016. This was TNDV’s sixth consecutive Passion event. “Having our HD trucks at each Passion venue gave us tremendous flexibility in handling last minute program requests and changes on-the-fly.”

While the TNDV trucks switched the multi-camera show for each venue, the ProPresenter 6 units, which reside on TNDV’s trucks, delivered multiple outputs of media to multiple big-screen displays. Operators can plan the media presentation in advance or on the fly using ProPresenter 6’s many features to craft a custom show using any elements they desire. For example, they can synchronize CG lyrics with worship songs, lower third supers over speakers, video playout of all pre-produced videos, and transitional effects and graphics, with an alpha channel for keying and layering. ProPresenter 6 can control all aspects of the live non-camera video elements.

ProPresenter was initially developed to handle the multimedia presentation demands of Passion and other large Christian events, and it’s played a pivotal role at every Passion conference since 2000. “Since our software developers have hands-on experience operating our products at every major Passion conference, and because Passion is such an avant-garde production, we were able to gain valuable insight into new features and capabilities that should be built into our next releases,” said Weston.

He added, “Our close Passion relationship has helped us develop ProPresenter 6 into a proven, full-featured video playout engine robust enough for the most challenging multimedia presentation editing, planning and management.”

About Renewed Vision

Founded in 2000, Renewed Vision’s mission is to offer reliable, purpose-built production software that enables organizations—spanning from churches to corporations—to create dynamic media experiences that enhance worship services, meetings and other special events.

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